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  1. Blackhawk Pat in Hospital

    For those who may not have heard, word was released on FB this morning by Pat's daughter, Terry, that he was rushed into the hospital last night and admitted. He had been having difficulty with his lungs and had been started on nebulizer treatments and other meds but apparently they didn't agree with his body. Additional testing is being done today. I'll try to keep everyone informed as soon as we hear more from Terry. You can't ask for a better friend than Pat! John and I had the opportunity to meet his lovely daughters at the 5k Diabetes Walk over the weekend and participate on the team dedicated to him --- Team Black Hawk Pat. Meeting these girls is a testimony to what a great father and role model he is! Please throw a prayer his way and keep him in your thoughts.
  2. Blackhawk Pat in Hospital

    Hi,guys, it's so nice to see you again! Thanks for the warm greetings! I haven't heard much further other than his potassium levels are high so they're monitoring that to protect his kidneys and they're awaiting the results of the stress test. I see MissM already has a thread up so I'll let her take over from here on out. <smile>
  3. The Animal Rescue Site

    I know that several of our members here are dedicated animal lovers (Chris is the first that comes to mind!) The Animal Rescue Site is having difficulty getting enough people to click in each day. Without those clicks, less food is getting donated to shelters for homeless animals. Please give some thought to bookmarking this site and clicking on it each day. It only takes a couple of seconds and it's free. Take a moment to make a difference! http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com
  4. Please Keep Track!

    First, I'd like to thank each of you for your lovely birthday wishes. It was very kind of you and so wonderful to be remembered. I don't post terribly often but I do peek in and keep track of things going on. <smile> Second, I'd like to be greedy and ask for a birthday gift --- or maybe it's offer a gift to you! KEEP TRACK OF YOUR DOCTOR APPTS, PLEASE!!! While on vacation I received a call that my mammogram was 'abnormal'. (My first calls were to Diane (Dianed) and Beth (Bessieboo) to talk me through this and help me research. I spent my birthday getting a repeat mammogram, an ultrasound, a repeat ultrasound, and finally a meeting announcing that they were sending me for a biopsy because the radiologist feels theres a problem. I called Jay (Jay52) who talked to me while I was in the car and gave me the courage to walk in for the appt. I was sent to a breast specialist/surgeon who did her own ultrasound and states there is no problem and no need for a biopsy. I now have conflicting diagnoses. I called the hospital who refused to give me a second opinion so I sought out a different hospital and have an appt for a second opinion with another breast specialist/surgeon. I'm not out of the woods yet so we'll see what she recommends. I was one of the ones closely involved with Diane when she went through her nightmare last year and I know what it cost her. Now I wait to see if I join her ranks. MEN, NOT ONLY WOMEN, NEED TO STAY ON TOP OF ALL OF THEIR APPTS AND TESTS!!! Get what you need to stay safe and healthy! Check your blood pressure, your glucose levels, your cholesterol... All of my other annual tests panned out perfectly but it can be that one that you take for granted that can hurt you. Please, friends, do what you need to do and take care of yourselves!
  5. Condolences to Jay

    Jay (Jay52) has just suffered the loss of his mother, Shirley, this evening. She had been suffering after a long battle with Alzheimer's and various complications. While I did not have the honor of having met her I can only be certain that she was a remarkable woman after knowing her son. Jay is one of the kindest, most caring, and compassionate people I've been blessed to call a beloved friend. <hugs> Mom did a great job with her son. Please hold him up in prayer at this painful time, along with his girlfriend Marci, and his entire family.
  6. Online Degrees?

    Do any of you know anything about online degrees, please? I'm considering going back to school but cannot see my health allowing me to lug supplies around and sit in a classroom all night. (You would not believe what you have to carry to each class for fashion merchandising/design! ) I know I can do most general ed classes through my local college online or off-campus (working from home) but you have to be present for the fashion classes. Soooo... then I got to thinking about online fashion degrees but wondered if online classes are more expensive, do credits transfer, etc. I'd really like to go back to doing something I love. Does anyone know how this works and whether it's cost effective?
  7. LISTEN UP !!!

    And the sword is drawn by our conquering hero!!!
  8. "Caint Do Mucha Nuthin"

    Tommy --- ROFLOL Have you ever SEEN Rio Bravo? Neither dies, honey. Rent it and watch it to the end when you can. Worth every penny. (John and I swear there's a scene that Walter Brennan ad libs because the look on Dean Martin's face and his laughter seems quite unexpected.)
  9. "Caint Do Mucha Nuthin"

    MissM is right in that computer screens are very harsh on the eyes (especially in an unlit room!) Is there something less 'technical' you can do --- sort through family photos and put them in albums, rearrange your CDs in the changer (we always have to neaten ours up), alphabetize your DVDs...? These would be less stressful on the eyes.
  10. "Caint Do Mucha Nuthin"

    Maybe you need a calmer, steadier influence --- like a John Wayne marathon? My favorite would be Big Jake or Quiet Man. (Although I was watching Rio Bravo last night. )
  11. Hard Times

    It's very difficult when they come back. They've already been out on their own. They're already used to doing things their way and we're certainly used to running our own homes our way. Then.... the clash... and the stress levels go up. On one hand you can say that you're glad that they know how to handle things the way they want to but one the other hand you want them to go run things somewhere else and leave you in peace to just keep on the way you have been!!! It's a tightrope and works better between some children and their parents. It would work with my girls because we're used to working as a team. I doesn't with my boys because they want things their way no matter what.
  12. Hard Times

    We did it twice, Shelley. Once with our oldest son and his family, once with our second son and his fiance'. Neither time worked BUT you have to remember that there was mental illness involved with the boys and abuse issues involved with the women. In my case I would not do it again because of the circumstances but in your case it's completely different and I think you all have a wonderful shot at making this work. You have a great attitude, obviously your son and daughter-in-law have a good attitude, the dog hasn't caught on yet, and the cats will NEVER have a better attitude! You need adjustment time and so do they so don't base anything on today or tomorrow --- give it some time and allow yourself to transition. You're a great mom, Shelley!!!
  13. LISTEN UP !!!

    Hey, Steve, how're ya doin'?
  14. LISTEN UP !!!

    Don't worry, Tony. He doesn't stand a chance. He doesn't know about her "scorpion tail."
  15. LISTEN UP !!!

    I don't get this. Diane has been moderator for quite some time. This fighting garbage has gone on, and on, and on ad nauseum by one means or another for a long time as well. Now, when she finally says enough is enough, when she finally makes an attempt to have some decency on this board and HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE TO THE BEHAVIOR CODE THEY SIGNED she gets to hear this?!?! And you wonder why she's stressed!!! Maybe it's time for the people who said "Yay, Diane" to step forward and be heard again! This woman has more going on in her frantic life than most of us could handle and yet she still makes a commitment to this board and its members on a daily basis. To me that deserves a little respect and a BIG THANK YOU! And for the record, I'm one of those who "genuinely care about others" because she's one of my best friends and I thank God every day for that honor!
  16. Here are a few photos thanks to my daughter, Laura, who charmed security to let her get close to the stage. Billy looked and sounded wonderful and really rocked out on "Jezebel". Peter Noone was talking about the old days of rock and roll --- "black and white, mono, and back before Billy's hair exploded!" Enjoy! http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh69/lee_quan_2000/Concerts/

    Wishing you a joyous birthday, OK!
  18. LISTEN UP !!!

    I agree, Steve. I don't think there's anything wrong with the discussions. I also agree with Diane that the difference is in HOW we handle those discussions and the treatment of each other. Put both sides together and there shouldn't be a problem.
  19. LISTEN UP !!!

    1000% behind you, Diane! We're here to be friends, to share what we have in common (the music), and to support and bring out the best in each other!
  20. Illinois Cutbacks

    No soapbox here, just a discussion of a current events-type of letter that we got yesterday. Illinois' General Assembly approved a 50% budget cut in 2010 for foster/adoptive services. If this moves forward it'll severely impact homes and families. "Foster care board rate and adoption subsidy payments (that's Brian and Annie) would be reduced by 50% and would cover only basic maintenance costs. System of Care services that currently support youth in foster care would be eliminated. Integrated assessments to children entering care would be eliminated. Training for caregivers (foster parents) would be eliminated. Day care services for all 5,257 children who currently receive services would be eliminated. Respite, counseling, psychological assessments, after-school tutoring, pregnant and parenting teen services, and most other foster care support services will be eliminated. Adoption preservation services (that's us) would be eliminated, as would post-adoptive therapeutic day care services. Caseloads are set to increase from 15/1 to 50/1 (meaning that each caseworker would have 50 children on their roster.) Approximately 1,171 staff, which is 38% of the DCFS workforce, would be laid off by October 1, 2009. Some DCFS offices would be closed and consolidated with offices in other locations. " I can tell you that many foster families are not going to be able to afford to keep their kids and are going to be returned to the shelters. Adoptive families are going to have nothing as compared to the pathetic services they had. This will affect my family but it won't hurt us (although we won't be able to get anything Brian still needs such as assisted living in a residential facility) as compared to most families but the results overall will be catastrophic! My only "soapbox" comment will be that if you've never walked through a shelter as we have you cannot imagine what this is going to do to these children. Those who finally got homes may very well be going back to nothing and will never have assistance or services. They will do nothing more than exist until they age out of the system and hit the streets.
  21. My thoughts on Michael Jackson...

    Hindsight is oftentimes worthless but I think the vast majority of people don't want to insult him. I think they feel horrible for him and that he became a product of an industry that uses human beings up for profit. <Smile> But then again I may only be speaking for myself and some of the family/friends I've spoken to during this ordeal. I think you bring up positive, valid points, Tommy.
  22. My thoughts on Michael Jackson...

    Well, there is a difference as I perceive it (and this is just my opinion, nothing more.) All the weight was dumped on Michael. He was the youngest yet he was the most talented and the frontman. He carried the brunt of the show while with his brothers. (Didn't I hear something about them getting to go out and play with other kids but him being held hostage to practice? Unsure.) Also, after Michael went solo and the Jacksons fell away, they fell into separate lives where his became even more pressured and sensationalized. They grew to achieve some degree of normalcy as their lives changed. Michael's just became more and more abnormal, and in turn, so did he.
  23. Illinois Cutbacks

    To be honest I don't know much about UCAN yet. You can do a search on them to see if they're national. I know they advocate for children's rights and services which is always a plus. I'm unclear as to whether or not this will affect Brian and Annie's adoption subsidy payments yet. It won't really affect him getting services, though. John and I have created quite a paradox that infuriates me. Apparently we've "done too good of a job with him" according to most professionals. He doesn't 'appear' to need services and functions well so they think he's fine. If we had left him to become the vegetable that everyone said he'd be THEN he'd have gotten services!!! Ok, so now that he's got promise and skills, NOW they won't bother with him?!?! I think our next direction to travel is Department of Rehabilitative Services (DORS) to assist him with further job training than his therapeutic school has available. Supposedly THEY were going to turn in his application to DORS at their suggestion (I filled it out last year!) but I never heard anything from anyone. Wow, what a surprise.

    A happy birthday and wishes for a great year ahead, Pretender!
  25. Lunch with Micky Dolenz? $$$$$$

    I think what DOES surprise me is that he's handling these issues through Ebay and not through his fan site. Saw Mickey twice last year and his voice is fantastic!