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  1. Advice - San Diego

    Anthony's on the waterfront has great seafood. If you want upscale there is a section of the restaurant called the Star of India room. Old Town is interesting. It takes gut's but Tijuana is just across the border. The minute you cross though you are in a different world. Coronado has a great hotel on the beach with a lot of history. Ghost stories too. I was raised in SD. It's an awesome city! Have fun! Lisa
  2. 1ST Rock Song You Heard!

    I Want To Hold Your Your Hand was the first rock song I ever heard. I was in kindergarten in the school van coming home. That driver was pretty cool!
  3. Jay and I are going to see McCartney on Friday. We are really looking forward to it. Three years ago when we saw him in Portland, it was the best show we ever saw. That was until this year and we got to have the Raspberries experience. What great shows! The best ever!