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  1. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    What show are the extra tracks from?
  2. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    Sent an email to Omnivore asking when I will see my order. They sent a reply stating it went out, but in the meantime they sent a zipped digital copy to me with the artwork included. I thought that was nice of them. I'll have it to listen to on my way home today.
  3. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    3 days until release, hopefully.
  4. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    Pre-ordered the CDs. I'm a vinyl guy, can't wait for the LP release. Hopefully the LP release will have posters and lyric sheets. Still have my original 1st LP with the sticker that still has the scent and songbook from Arrowhead Music in Mentor OH.
  5. 20 Years of EricCarmen.com

    Time sure does fly by! It seems like yesterday this site was 10 years old. Bernie, any things planned for the 20th anniversary?
  6. More New Brian Stuff!...:)

    ​Has anyone seen "Love and Mercy"?
  7. Prayers for Mary Ellen's Hubby

    Ann Margret or Sophia Loren.
  8. McCartney on SNL 40th

    I heard he had a concert the previous night. I doubt that was the reason. Might be time to hang it up.
  9. Cyrus Erie

    Bernie, Saw this old thread and I remembered there were supposed to be 2 upcoming releases. Any updates on "The Early Years" release? Would these tapes be used?
  10. Record Den had "Live on Sunset Strip" the standard and deluxe editions the day they came out. Always a great supporter of local talent. I don't get over that way very often anymore, so I ordered on Amazon this time. Record Den is a great store and always has been.
  11. Try re-ordering. I did and so far so good.
  12. The Essential Eric Carmen

    I just re-ordered, looks like the order went through. I'll see if this order gets cancelled.
  13. The Essential Eric Carmen

    I just received an email from Amazon that my pre-order was cancelled. Did anyone else have this happen?
  14. Got Milk? ads

    Just saw A CNN Money story that the "Got Milk?" ad campaign is ending. Nice 20 year run Bernie!!
  15. The Essential Eric Carmen

    Eric, Will this be available as a pre-order on Amazon?