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  1. Rick Springfield and Friends. Here's the real link. Sorry
  2. Rick Springfield in Las Vegas with Eddie Money/John Waite and Lou Gramm. Those who are fans might want to check it out. Tickets only $25. Click here:
  3. Massive cuts coming to Clear Channel....

    This blog might be too much of an insider view on what's happening at Clear Channel for most. But if the subject interests you, it's a very good read. This guy certainly doesn't hold back.
  4. Saw this story. Same song title, same subject matter.... Hey, didn't Eric Carmen and the Raspberries do this back in the 1970s? Well, didn't somebody sing "Everything old is new again," too? Whatever. Perry Farrell has penned a new song, officially titled "Go All The Way," which will be featured in a crucial scene during the film "Twilight," due in theaters Nov. 21. What's it about? "The song conjures up that adolescent feeling when a young man, who's been pursuing a girl he really likes, finally gets her," said Farrell. Gee, that's what the Raspberries sang about, all right. A reminder on who Farrell is: The former frontman for Jane's Addiction, he helped redefine the rock scene of the early '90s with the band's larger-than-life amalgam of punk, metal, indie, prog and folk rock. Here's the link:
  5. Reno---Yes!, Vegas NO!

    The economy is really hurting tourism is Vegas these days. I'm now getting e-mails with great offers of low priced rooms, gas cards and vouchers for plane fares. I'm guessing one way to make up for the loss of business is to up the price of meals. Weekend rates are still high but a week day Sun-Thurs you can stay at the MGM Grand on the strip for as little as $69 a night for the next two months. That's not bad.
  6. Bad News....

    Thanks Bernie for understanding because this is the ONLY place our Eric/Raspberries community can turn to when something so upsetting happens in our Eric world. There is always tons of support for both and the good and bad times. Sometimes things are said we don't want to hear but it's usually done with good heart and good intentions. That's why this Website is the Best!!! I know this can't be easy or very fun for you either. So thanks again Bernie for keeping the lines of communication open so that we all have each other to get through this unpleasant time.
  7. Bad News....

    Oh Oh just added the video and several internet stories are mentioning our website for more info on Eric Carmen's career.
  9. A Hamer guitar????

    SGT Hamer....
  10. A Hamer guitar????

    Musicians seem to like them.
  11. Has anyone seen or picked up a copy of "Thank You Australia" It was released last week. There seems to be very little concert footage of Neil in his 1970's prime.
  12. Neil Diamond Live

    I feared the worst and it's actually not bad. Best of all he ditched the glitter shirts for a leather jacket!
  13. Jay-That's a great lost gem. Thanks for posting
  14. ABM (long version - YAY!) on TMS

    Thanks for posting. I never saw this before but I was in the studio audience over 30 years ago. One thing I recall is Eric's facial expression during Helen Reddy's corny intro(Here now "all by himself" Mr. Eric Carmen). Also I believe Eric and the band lipsynced to Raspberries "Go all the way". They told the studio audience this video would not air in america and was to be sent to europe for promotion. I'm a little fuzzy with that memory but maybe someone here could confirm. If it's true where is the video now?
  15. Just what I needed

    Here's a Cars interview just before Ben's death. He looks so frail.