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  1. Change Of Heart Promo Poster

    HI Bernie, This was an in-store poster? I've seen one that was just the LP cover enlarged (I got two copies of it back when it was released — but they haven't survived the years very well...). But I'd never seen this. Where'd you find it? --LC
  2. Time to Travel, Choose Your Mode of Transport

    Brilliant thread. This would make for one of those great Rhino Records complications. We have two other "Ship of Fools" versions here, but I'll add World Party's song of that name, which (if you're in my political camp) is more relevant today than ever. Love this song, written by Karl Wallinger, who's one of the great Beatles disciples (he's got a Lennon edge to his voice and plays guitar left-handed like McCartney, and a number of his songs sort of pick up where the White Album left off).
  3. Valerie Carter R.I.P.

    I liked her! I didn't know much about her, but she did a duet with Eddie Money on his Playing for Keeps (early 1980s), and if I could be sentimental for a second, it was an "our song" for my college girlfriend and me. It's called "Let's Be Lovers Again," and it's quite beautiful. Give it a listen. Eddie shares the spotlight with Valerie, so you get a good feel for her tone, which was pretty sweet.
  4. Gerry Rafferty

    Great song!
  5. Almost Paradise

    She's adorable. I love how she's looking right into the camera, which must be inches away from her. And doesn't that keyboardist next to her have a passing resemblance to John Lennon?
  6. Bernie, I originally stuck a couple photos of Boats in there, but took 'em out when I put the vid in. I must not have deleted 'em correctly! Leave it to me to break! --LC
  7. Can it be 40 years this August since Boats Against the Current came out? Whew. Four decades! Bernie, we better get going on the special three-disc Boats Against the Current 40th Anniversary Boxed Set I brought up at the Eric Carmen blog you started 10 years ago. Linked here; see "Building a Better Boats" at top of page. (I love what Warner Bros. did with Fleetwood Mac's Tusk in na LP-sized CD/vinyl boxed set.) As fans know, Boats was supposed to come out several months earlier than August 1977, but multiple delays pushed it to August. Eric himself has described them in various posts at this site. Back then, the build-up for fans was really something. We had nothing to go on except our own expectations and the occasional tidbit that popped up in Cream or Circus or Rolling Stone magazine—and there were precious few tidbits (and they said practically nothing). I half-remember one early note about it calling the album "Nowhere to Hide," and another saying it was delayed (again), and another saying it had a new title.... How did we survive without the Internet? If had been around, Bernie and Eric himself would have kept us updated. I still pull out Boats now and then, just to soak in that heart-wrenching performance and sort of haunting aura. It's such a well-kept secret in pop music history. For sure, more people should know that album.... It just never got traction, though — maybe due in part to the delay? After all, EC's career did have momentum at the time, after the critically acclaimed Starting Over in 1974 and the multi-hit Eric Carmen solo album in 1976. A good one to listen to when you need a lift:
  8. 20 years of

    The big 20! Bernie, I know a lot of us aren't swinging by as much as we should or want to but know that your accomplishment here is appreciated. We've gained so much detail and insight on Eric's (and Raspberries') music — information we'd never have learned otherwise. Happy 20th!
  9. Happy Birthday dianed! :)

    Happy birthday, Diane! You're awesome!
  10. Happy Birthday to Darlene and Tony!

    Belated happy birthday wishes, Darlene and Tony!
  11. Me & Magdalena

    I agree --- this is one of those songs you dig from the first few notes. Way to go, Monkees.
  12. IWBWY from HBO's "Vinyl"

    And... especially sweet that this scene kicked off the show. Nothing better than the leadoff spot for something like this.
  13. Rockin a Harmonica

    Great thread, ter2! Love all these songs. This would make a unique and cool CD compilation by somebody like Rhino Records or Ryko. (Correct me if it's already been done!) My contribution, a little more Dylan:
  14. Raspberries Reunion - 10th Anniversary

    I'm so regretful that I didn't get there... I was back home in western NY State, just four hours from Cleveland, that Thanksgiving and begging one of my sisters to make the drive with me and try to weasel our way in (good thing we didn't go -- without tickets, we wouldn't have gotten in). Doug, I don't know the password either, but this is the opening song from that landmark night, right?: Just... brilliant. And historic. And dammit, this band should be a no-brainer for the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. Damn... look at how happy the band was, and listen to how tight. And doesn't Jenn look great? :-)
  15. IWBWY from HBO's "Vinyl"

    I'm in line with a lot of you. I appreciate Nate Ruess's work and I love that he's been around a while and (from what I've read) has an appreciation for pop-music history. But... I think Bernie's "Hmmm..." said it all. The big thing missing, for me, is the urgency. I think it's tough for anybody to cover a classic recording (by ANY artist, never mind Raspberries). And a cover doesn't have to regurgitate the original. But in the case of "I Wanna Be With You," it should at least capture that feeling you get when you hear Eric really, really stretching. That said, it's so great that a song other than "Go All the Way" or "All By Myself" gets such great visibility. As I said on Facebook, a great song never dies. Who knows how many people will hear Nate's "IWBWY," get intrigued, and starting digging into the original artist... and end up on Bernie's site?