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  1. Eddie Money dies at 70

    Loved Eddie Money, particularly his underrated Playing for Keeps album from 1980. I thought that one was his very best album, even though it wasn’t a commercial success. Playing for Keeps was a favorite of mine at college, one that had a lot of personal meaning. There’s not a week track on it, and to this day I can listen to it without wanting to skip past any of the songs. The opener is “Trinidad,” a haunting rocker that somehow sounds both innovative and classic. “Running Back” has a cool reggae groove, and there’s a quartet of unbridled blasts of rock’n’roll called “The Wish, “Get a Move On,” “Satin Angel,” and “Nobody Knows” (not to be confused with the Raspberries song of the some name). And there are my two favorites, both on the ballad side: “When You Took My Heart” and this one, “Let’s Be Lovers Again,” a moving duet with Valerie Carter, who, sadly, also recently passed away (2017):
  2. Ric Ocasek Found dead

    The Cars were really great—deserving HOF inductees (as Raspberries would be!). I remember when the Cars burst onto the scene—I was just starting college—and had that weirdly cool punk-y pop sound. Their debut album was loaded with great sounds and songs, but my favorite Cars song came a little later: “Touch and Go.”
  3. Also interesting to see who BBC considers to be "similar artists": Patrick Swayze Richard Marx Starship Air Supply Really? I suppose I can see Richard Marx — and I think he and Eric are friends — but I wouldn't associate Eric's music with Swayze, Startship or Air Supply.
  4. Hard to respect a guy who tossed off these particular reviews so half-heartedly. I know Robert Christgau is one of those pioneers in rock criticism, and he fancies himself "the dean of American rock critics." But in this case, he took the easy and trendy way out. He nagged Raspberries for the ballads, didn't give enough props for the powerful pop they were making, and generally didn't "get" the band. It was reviews and reviewers like this who made sure Raspberries' first three albums were undersold. When the "cool" rock press finally started appreciating the melodies, playing, and pure fun of Raspberries, per the Starting Over album, they sounded almost begrudging in their (faint) praise. Those '70s-era rock critics could not get out of their heads the wrongful stereotype that Raspberries thought they were the next Beatles. The grades Christgau doles out don't match his snarky criticisms of the first three albums. If you read the reviews without seeing his grades, you'd have guessed D-, C-, C, and B- (instead of C+, B-, B, and A-) for the four studio albums. Even the A- Christgau gave Raspberries Best came with this dismissive line: "...as if they ever came close to the Beatles' delicacy or insane enthusiasm or melodic inspiration." Talk about missing the point!
  5. Eric's opinion of Badfinger

    Cool story by Eric. He's always been so well-spoken, with very visual insights in his quotes.
  6. Vintage Bread

    Bread was always just a hair too soft for heavy rotation for me... though their "Best of Bread" album was a standard in every collection. But I stumbled upon this 1978 TV special featuring an (almost) hour-long performance featuring some of their greatest hits. And it's awesome! I forgot how much I loved some of these oldies, like "Aubrey" and "Guitar Man" and "It Don't Matter to Me." And I don't think I'd ever heard David Gates talk, or get interviewed. He has an appealing charisma, sort of soft-spoken and humble and very gracious. He went into some detail in introducing his bandmates. Anyway, this is well worth the 45 minutes.... PS: Note that at the intro, the screen cast the show as "The Bread Special"... followed by "with David Gates." This was after co-founder Jimmy Griffin left.
  7. 70's Music

    Lots of heavyweights we still listen to today. And there's still more (like, no ex-Beatles?) Where'd you see this, Craig?
  8. Let's Pretend bass cover

    You know... I don't think I've ever paid enough attention to the bass line in this song, which I've listened to a zillion times. Always so many other elements that grab you more instantly—those lead vocals, harmonies, jangly guitars, drum fills.... So kudos for spotlighting the unsung hero of "Let's Pretend." (And way to go, Dave Smalley!)
  9. GREAT DEBATE :Raspberries vs Prog Rock...

    Good find, Lew. Love that website (Hoffman's). There are some posts about the magazine I used to edit, with mostly nice remembrances. People noticed!
  10. Eclectic 70s

    "My Ding-a-Ling"—now there's a novelty song. How did that get by the sensors? Or have I always misinterpreted it? Actually, upon looking at the Wiki entry, it was controversial in many parts. But in the area where I lived at the time (western PA), it got frequent radio play. Wiki notes it's an old song from the 1950s (which I didn't know) and that among the acts that covered it was Doug Clark & the Hot Nuts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Ding-a-Ling
  11. At The Record Plant

    Hey Jay! Great to see you here! Hoping you're doing okay—we need to have a catch-up phone call. —LC
  12. Raspberries meet John Lennon

    And another thing: I love the rumor that John Lennon ducked into the control room and did some tinkering on "Overnight Sensation." I love it, and I've always bought into it. After all, it's totally within the realm of possibility. "Overnight Sensation," my favorite among Eric's Raspberries masterworks, has a distinct Lennon aura (and hints of McCartney, too). And the rumor had to have started for a reason. So it's a wonderful visual if you let your mind wander.... The great ex-Beatle was enjoying his freedom from the Fab Four, married life, and touring pressure, so he was bopping around in the studio, and he was "feeling" the kinship of "Overnight Sensation," so he took the liberty of doing some subtle "product improvement." Why not? As long as he was in the house, maybe he felt like he should make himself useful. And would anyone associated with the Raspberries have objected? You could just hear Eric or Wally if John had said, "Can I make a couple of suggestions for that nice bit you've got in the works...?" "By all means, Mr. Lennon. Have at it!"
  13. Raspberries meet John Lennon

    I wonder if Lennon gave the Rick to someone associated with the Raspberries, but not actually a member of the band? Somebody, who, you know, might not have mentioned that he got a guitar from John Lennon? I don't mean that to sound accusatory in any way. I'm speculating only because of the odd mention of the words "the vendor" in this quote from the auction listing: John later gave this guitar to The Raspberry band member (the vendor) for his help on the session. I don't know why the listing author would include a parenthetical "the vendor"—it makes no sense.... Leading me to believe that maybe there's some other party involved? All of which is to say, Eric may have squashed the idea of himself, Wally, Scott, or Mike receiving a killer gift from John Lennon... but it doesn't mean Lennon didn't gift somebody related to the 'berries with a Rickenbacker! The mystery lives on!
  14. It's Eric's Birthday!

    The classic rock statin KGMO wish Eric happy birthday — ahead of news items on Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, and Bruce Springsteen. It's here: http://www.kgmo.com (scroll down to Music News section, but do it fast, because they probably change the items before too long).
  15. For sure—he gets it. I'm in the Bernie camp of, "What's the big deal about Big Star?"