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    My two daughters; visiting my family; writing and editing; photography and photographs; day-trip drives; baseball and football; playing golf (when I can find time); and antiques and collectibles, because they relate to my work. And... I love all kinds of music: Beatles, McCartney, Lennon, Harrison, Raspberries/Eric Carmen, Fleetwood Mac, John Stewart, Billy Joel, U2, Springsteen, 10,000 Maniacs, Buddy Guy, Johnny Cash, Rosanne Cash, and classical and baroque masters, especially J.S. Bach and Vivaldi.
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    Boats Against the Current
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    "Overnight Sensation" and "Boats Against the Current"

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  1. First Post

    Yep, same Mitch! He does a nice job with that FB page.
  2. Put your dukes up...

    Sweet Lew! This is one of your best threads ever. It shows incredible bravado to go on the EC board in the midst of a grass-roots campaign out on social internet sites to get the Raspberries into the Hall of Fame. And here you come to throw some water on it all. And you know what? You make a sound anti-Raspberries argument with your "She Loves You"" bit and your John Waite comparison. But... I'm still solidly on the bandwagon. The Hall of Fame is a farce until it recognizes the band that, despite "She Loves You," was the architect of power pop. The only argument that matters is.... "Go All the Way," "Overnight Sensation," "Tonight," "Ecstasy," "I Wanna Be with You," "Let's Pretend," "I Don't know What I Want," "Should I Wait," "Party's Over," "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine," etc. etc. :-)
  3. First Post

    How can you not love Mitch? I just stumbled upon this old thread, Mitch's first, and got a kick out of seeing his intro and all the welcomes (a couple of which came from board members who, sadly, have left us: Don Krider and Sugar Babi). Anyway, it's a reminder of the good folks I've met here.
  4. James Cordon and Ben Platt - ABM

    Good find! Clever storytelling. And interesting that "All by Myself" got an ovation—reflects its "beloved" place in music history.
  5. Wally/Jim/Kyle Vincent

    Should be great! Lew, how do you know Kyle lives in Massachusetts? I did not know that!
  6. The Eric Carmen Story

    Ah, that's right. I was a mere lurker when you started that! Now the finished product — autographed — has a place of honor on my bookshelf of favorite titles.
  7. Happy Birthday, Hossy!!!!

    Happy birthday Hossy! Thank you for all the treasures you’ve shared here and at Facebook and Twitter. Pure gold!
  8. The Eric Carmen Story

    Bernie, remember this ancient post by yourself? It was back in 2002, before there was an Eric Carmen biography (you were still writing it). And not only was there no book yet , but there was no Raspberries reunion, no Raspberries tour, no live "Sunset" CD/DVD set, no second Raspberries break-up, no "last shining moment together" at the R&R Hall of Fame (I sure wish I had been there!), no "Brand New Year," no Pop Art live two-disc set—and all the things in between. For sure, the second go-round of Raspberries was just as "illustrious" as the first go-round. (Who knows where I got "illustrious" from?) The years do fly by....

    Wow! This is great. One of the great pop songs ever, written by John Stewart, covered famously by the Monkees and then everyone from Anne Murray to U2. And I never knew Burton Cummings took a stab at it until snooping around old content here. And... as noted in his interview here, it's a song he did with The Guess Who many decades ago. Thank you, Ira, for this great find. (Where the heck is Ira, anyway?)
  10. Less. More. Yes. 😄🙃
  11. Surf guitarist Dick Dale dies

    If there’s a rock’n’roll heaven, you know they’ve got a helluva band. And it just got a bassist, drummer, and lead guitarist.
  12. Drummer Hal Blaine dies

    What an outpouring of admiration and love for Hal Blaine, all over social media. Billboard did a piece on it and cited a host of music luminaries who paid tribute, among them Brian Wilson, Ringo, Ronnie Spector, Rosanne Cash, Peter Frampton, and... Eric Carmen: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8502188/hal-blaine-dies-tributes-tweets Eric's tribute pointed to this insanely amazing (partial) list of songs on which Hal played: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_recordings_of_songs_Hal_Blaine_played_on —LC
  13. Wings across America

    I want to write a reply here but haven't had time. But I will. I'm trying to figure out if this refers to Wings Over America, which was the 1976 tour and resulted in the album of the same name (and which made "Maybe I'm Amazed" a huge chart hit). Within the past decade, a video from that tour came out. Or... is it something different, from the early 1980s? I love all of Paul's different eras over the decades (unlike sweet Susie!), though there are some eras I like better than others. If there was an early-1980s tour, it wouldn't have been Wings, because I think Paul went back to being a solo artist effective with the 1980 album McCartney II. But maybe there was a late-1970s tour you saw that had "Back to the Egg" as the inspiration? Anyway, I'm check around.
  14. I was impartial in my first post, but... my feelings exactly, Susie. Quite beautiful, but over the top with the vocal histrionics. Where some may hear wonderful range and enjoy the drama, it can almost be a little hard to listen all the way through. "À chacun son goût," indeed!
  15. The French version of "The Voice" had a showstopper the other night (3/09) with a rendering of "All By Myself" by someone named Coco. In two days, the clip has 30,000 views on YouTube.