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    My two daughters; visiting my family; writing and editing; photography and photographs; day-trip drives; baseball and football; playing golf (when I can find time); and antiques and collectibles, because they relate to my work. And... I love all kinds of music: Beatles, McCartney, Lennon, Harrison, Raspberries/Eric Carmen, Fleetwood Mac, John Stewart, Billy Joel, U2, Springsteen, 10,000 Maniacs, Buddy Guy, Johnny Cash, Rosanne Cash, and classical and baroque masters, especially J.S. Bach and Vivaldi.
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    Boats Against the Current
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    "Overnight Sensation" and "Boats Against the Current"

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  1. I wonder how many live versions of "Boats" there are in existence? The TV lip-synchs don't count. But I think there's at least one from the Ringo tour. And one from the HOF solo gig. And certainly there must be more from Japan. And maybe even some versions from the 1977 tour.... I just heard many. It's not like, say, Eric Clapton's "Layla," where you can find countless live versions spanning several decades. Anybody got an inkling? Maybe Bernie can shed some light....?
  2. I personally can't thank Hossy enough for putting this beautiful treasure on YouTube for all the world to hear: "Boats Against the Current" live in Japan during Eric's 1979 tour. It's stunningly great, and a revelation, and it gave me a huge thrill. As I told Naeko, I have loved this song since the first time I played it on my turntable in my room in August 1977, just days before going away to college for the first time. "All by Myself" gets all the attention, and it deserves every bit of it, but "Boats" is something special. Thanks again, Hossy! I
  3. The Fox Oldies

    Chart movement back then was sometimes strange (and maybe a little suspicious?).
  4. For Valentine's Day

    Okay, interesting and unusual. Good find, Kirk. :-)
  5. Teddy Does Eric

    Hey, I like this. A little improvisation, a bit of gospel, and lots and lots of anguish. Love the anguish. I actually prefer this to Celine Dion's chart-topping version. What do others think?
  6. The Fox Oldies

    I haven't heard that show... but it sounds right up my (our) alley. And Sam's right about "IWBWY." I didn't realize it had such a precipitous drop out of the top 40. But it did peak a lot higher, as I recall—inside the Top 10.
  7. Eric and Hiroyuki Izuta

    Love it! Thank you Naeko! I forgot how much I love that song, dating back to the first time I heard it as a teenager. I would most definitely love to see Mr. Izuta's whole show.
  8. Sunday evening

    Triple-tasking.... Catching up here (you revived the Sweet thread! — sweet!), doing a little work, and half-watching Walking Dead. :-)
  9. The High Price of Eric Carmen

    Interestingly, Amazon has the wrong track listing for the product—20 songs that actually belong to a Bing Crosby album, I believe. At least one person (who reviewed the disc at Amazon) was mad because he bought it based on 20 songs... and got six. "When Is Your Dream?" — nice song!
  10. The High Price of Eric Carmen

    Holy cow, Sweet Lew! You're right—I just looked at Amazon and found a few copies for sale, at prices of: $199.99 $150.80 $94.58 $69.27 Oh, man.... That's crazy! I might start bootlegging them.... :-)
  11. 20 Years of Eric Carmen.com - Day 11

    Just for the record, I don’t think this song is too long...
  12. it's been a long week

    Hope your mom recovers back to normal! Hang in there.
  13. Another Moderator Larry!!!

    Aw, thanks! It's a fun site, and deserves more attention! And I'm a big fan of Bernie's—not just for this site but for his estimable career in design. :-)
  14. How good did Eric sound?

    Night and day! And, most of us didn't know it was coming, so... all the better.