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    My two daughters; visiting my family; writing and editing; photography and photographs; day-trip drives; baseball and football; playing golf (when I can find time); and antiques and collectibles, because they relate to my work. And... I love all kinds of music: Beatles, McCartney, Lennon, Harrison, Raspberries/Eric Carmen, Fleetwood Mac, John Stewart, Billy Joel, U2, Springsteen, 10,000 Maniacs, Buddy Guy, Johnny Cash, Rosanne Cash, and classical and baroque masters, especially J.S. Bach and Vivaldi.
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    Boats Against the Current
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    "Overnight Sensation" and "Boats Against the Current"

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  1. Gilbert O’Sullivan

    I'm stumped, but... welcome to the site, Vinnie. Anyone else know? (I'm not Googling it, because... I don't wanna cheat.) —LC
  2. Another Raspberries?

    Hey, that's a nice logo! When the Raspberries reunite to record their new punk-oriented album ("Cleveland Calling"), they should license that logo!
  3. Gilbert O’Sullivan

    Good find, Bernie. Sounds from Lew's love like I should find my way over to the Boston show.
  4. Set List???

    I would imagine Wally killed "Honky Tonk Woman"!
  5. Today article about our boy...

    Well, as maybe the last liberal here, I'll just say this: I think Eric's tweets have added to the divisiveness. Some of them—if we're being honest—have spilled over with venom toward the "blue" half of the country's population. Half of his fans would be included in that population. My takeaway from the flurry of threads on his twitter page is that too many of them are dismissals of anything not in line with trump. They just don't come off as open-minded. Ultimately, it's truly sad that the U.S. is so violently split, and we have to ask ourselves: Am I adding to the divisiveness? Or trying to work from common ground? In this case, it's often the latter. I've had private conversations with other disappointed fans who just won't waste their time explaining why trump has hurt America way more than helped. That's generally how I feel. After writing a much longer reply to make my points about our president's shortcomings and his penchant for adding fuel to the divisiveness fire (without even getting into his legitimately impeachable actions), I had a change of heart about posting it. Discretion is the better part of valor—especially in this ugly climate we're in. So this is all I'll say about that. I do still love everyone here as fellow Americans and global citizens. And I do love every one of those Raspberries albums. And Boats Against the Current had a bigger impact on me than any album outside of the Beatles. So, there's a common thread.
  6. Set List???

    Also, kudos to our great friend Harry (Tiggsherby) for noticing the on-stage set list on that first historic reunion show. Man, I wish I had been there! I had traveled from my New England home to my family in western NY that week. So I was a mere four-hour drive from Cleveland. I tried to talk my sister into driving over, but it probably would have been to no avail, since tickets were gone, long gone.
  7. Set List???

    Lew, good spot on our friend McGear. This was his only post (at the start of this thread) but it touched off a great one. I never actually saw this thread, so it was very cool to discover, because of Paul Sidoti's bird's-eye view of that first show. So interesting about the late decision to cut "Cruisin' Music" — and "Honky Tonk Woman." I don't think they ever got around to doing the latter at a show, did they? Or any Rolling Stones song? Bernie would know for sure....
  8. NGFILA American Bandstand

    I've always taken a little (foolish) pride in sharing the same birthday with Dick Clark... and Billy Idol and Ben Stiller... and, of course, Winston Churchill and Mark Twain!
  9. Discogs is awesome. I love that site and access it often.
  10. Raspberries Reunion: 15th Anniversary!

    Bernie, you're the 5th 'berry! What a night.... I'm green with envy. :-)
  11. Go All The Way - 10th Anniversary LIVE!

    Just... great. Especially love hearing Wally crunching and wailing away.
  12. Top 10 Elton John Songs

    Kirk, only seven? That's not even enough to fill a greatest-hits album! I had a hard time keeping it to 10, and had six extras, and beyond those, I wanted to mention "Sacrifice," "One," "Levon" as well, and... especially the very moving "Empty Garden," his tribute to John Lennon. So... there's an even 20!
  13. Top 10 Elton John Songs

    I bet I have an Elton “favorites” list here somewhere, and I bet it’s not much different than this: 1. Someone Saved My Life Tonight 2. I’ve Seen That Movie Too* 3. Tiny Dancer 4. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters 5. Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding* 6. Harmony* 7. The Bitch Is Back 8. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word 9. Sweet Painted Lady* *Can you tell I’ve been listening to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road? 10. Goodbye Honorable mention: The Fox, Chloe, Little Jeanie, Roy Rogers, Philadelphia Freedom, Crocodile Rock James, do you want my five favorite Elton albums too? OK, here you go (without including compilations and live albums): 1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 2. Madman Across the Water 3. Caribou 4. Honky Chateau 5. The Fox
  14. Music our parents gave us...

    One of my favorite threads ever—lots of moving stories here... even more so with several more years (and in some cases, years) having passed. Another favorite of my folks, one we’ll surely spin while I’m home for Thanksgiving.
  15. Frankie Valli

    Well said, Sweet Susie. You do have a way with words! :-)