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  1. Japan Remasters Reissued?

    Thanks Bernie!!!
  2. Hi: I noticed on Ebay that you can order (from a Japanese dealer) what seems to be a reissue of the Eric Carmen Japanese masters with bonus tracks. Apparently the re-release date is August 2017. Anyone know the scoop on this? Prices seem pretty reasonable, which concerns me.
  3. Davey Johnstone and Laurence Juber

    Just to interrupt for a second these great stories from Eric---but back to Lawrence Juber for just a moment---if anyone wants to really hear an amazing record, LJ recorded his own acoustic arrangements of Beatles songs called LJ Plays the Beatles. You haven't lived until you've heard "Strawberry Fields" arranged for acoustic guitar---I kid you not! (or "Martha My Dear" for that matter). Check it out at Amazon, etc.---if you love the Beatles and acoustic guitar (and who doesn't?)you'll really fall in love with this CD. By the way, I don't know the man so this isn't a paid plug or anything! I got a tip to buy this CD from my old landlord who works at Martin Guitar in Nazareth, PA.
  4. ticketmaster info

    I'd love to stand near where the action is, but with a bad lower back and knee I just can't do it. I was hoping the Berries would play Philadelphia---I live about an hour northwest---and passed on NYC due to needing to stand in line. A.C. seemed to be my only hope to see them with reserved seating. Now I have no earthly idea what will happen. Perhaps I'd better get accustomed to the idea that, if a DVD comes out, that's as close as I'm going to get!
  5. ticketmaster info

    This is three days now(two of which I left work) I sat at home to try to get tickets for this show. And I still have no idea whether there even will be reserved seating at all. Is this some kind of test of fan loyalty? Isn't 30 years enough?