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  1. Between, insane work schedules, a dying (now deceased) father-in-law, and my 2 young boys who demand my free time, I missed out on the offer. Please, please, please, offer more special edition packages. Perhaps you can make them a little less special, by not having them signed, or not including a Raspberries pin. Please!?
  2. new guy

    Hi Jay, My wife and I met you at the bar while you were eating in AC. I am relatively new to the message board as well, and I agree with you about the special bond that us Raspberries fans have. Welcome.
  3. What about Refreshed tunes live

    How many Raspberries does it take to make it a Raspberries album? They are playing several tunes from Starting Over, which did not have Dave and Jim. Should they exclude those songs? And they are playing "It's cold outside" which was a Choir tune. The Raspberries Refreshed CD is not solo material. Either way, it would be great to hear those songs as well as the excellent fare that we have been given by the band so far.
  4. Have the guys thought about putting any of the songs from the Refreshed CD in their set list? Wally's Rock'n Roll kids really rocks and is lyrically really cool, and Dave's Pop Teasers is a great tune as well.
  5. A/C Show Different from NYC

    What an awesome show. I really feel that AC blew the Sunday NYC show away. The sound was better, the guys were looser, Eric, Wally, and Dave sounded fantastic, and Wally was just smokin'. I saw a comment about BB Kings crowd being more into it. From my observation, the hardcore people at HOB-AC were split between the balcony, and us hyper-kinetics down on the floor. In NYC, we were all bunched together, giving the perception of more enthusiasm. Either way, it is like picking a favorite super-model, your second or third favorites are still pretty awesome.