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  1. Punky Meadows (from Angel)

    I loved Angel, especially the first two albums. Also enjoyed Guiffria.
  2. Tom Chaplin The Wave

    1st solo album comes out Oct. 14.
  3. Sugar Ray

    Good, fun band. I saw them a couple times in the 90s. The second time(with Duran Duran and the Cure), McGrath had his leg in a cast and performed on a couch at center stage.
  4. New Monkees song - Written by Andy Partridge

  5. New Monkees song - Written by Andy Partridge

    This one's was written by Rivers Cuomo(Weezer)
  6. This does have an XTC feel but to me it sounds more like a Colin song than one of Andys.
  7. Is Prince Dead ?

    He was one of the few who could do it all and do it all brilliantly.
  8. Bohemian Rhapsody-Panic! At The Disco

    This was their opener-as soon as they started they reminded me greatly of The Killers.
  9. We saw Panic! At The Disco last Friday at Eastern Illinois University's Lantz Arena(the site of my very first concert-Chicago in 1975).A good performance, though the acoustics aren't the best in there. first band really since Keane that is both A) Popular and That I like.
  10. New Travis Album

    Tom Chaplin recording the vocal for his song The Wave: https://www.facebook.com/TomChaplinMusic/?notif_t=notify_me_page
  11. New Travis Album

    Coming out on the 29th. The new single was co-written by Tim Rice-Oxely of Keane In other Keane news, Tim and Jesse are working on a new Mt. Desolation album and Tom posted on FB yesterday that he was headed to L.A. today to record vocals and put finishing touches on his solo album. Seems like I've been waiting forever.