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  1. Att: Lew, and other...

    I did love his acoustic album Wooden Heart, Volume 2, acoustic versions of some of my favorite Waite songs. I love that version of Downtown. Although I'm not fond of this version of Missing You.
  2. Att: Lew, and other...

    The first side of the Union Jacks LP is one of my favorite album sides ever. I almost never played Side 2.
  3. New Boomtown Rats video

    From their forthcoming Citizens of Boomtown album, their first new album in 36 years. Sounds like they never left.
  4. RIP John Karlen

  5. RIP John Karlen

    The CW network is developing Dark Shadows:Reincarnation, a continuation of DS in the present day. Co-produced by oné of Dan Curtis' daughters. I'm really hoping it makes it, as I'll need a new TV addiction when Supernatural ends this May.
  6. Who is the biggest jerk in music?

    The answer is Mike Love. He has no competition for this honor. And I am a huge Beach Boys fan.
  7. RIP John Karlen

    I met him at the 2006 convention in Brooklyn. We were seated at the table next to his at the banquet. He was so friendly and treated us like we were old friends. All the actors were great, but he and Chris Pennock stood out. And Karlen was the only one who seemed to be their just to enjoy himself while everyone else had books or other merchandise to sell.
  8. A List...For Power POP Fans...

    Although I personally prefer his second album Illiterature to World So Bright.
  9. A List...For Power POP Fans...

  10. A List...For Power POP Fans...

    I love Adam Schmitt's first 2 albums, although this isn't the track I'd pick from his first record. He's from Champaign and I'd seen him with a couple local bands in the mid-eighties, then he joined the Elvis Brothers for a couple years before getting his solo record deal. He's still in town as a record producer for indie label Parasol Records.
  11. RIP John Karlen

  12. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    1 London Calling-The Clash 2 English Settlement-XTC 3 The Unforgettable Fire-U2 4 Boats Against The Current-Eric 5 Hopes & Fears(Deluxe Edition)-Keane Next 5 would include Fresh-Raspberries Under The Iron Sea-Keane Summer Teeth-Wilco Disintegration-The Cure Late For The Sky-Jackson Browne
  13. Punky Meadows (from Angel)

    I loved Angel, especially the first two albums. Also enjoyed Guiffria.