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  1. Dwight Twilley Band on "WACKO"

    I'm going to see Tom Petty's 40th Anniversary tour next Wednesday.
  2. Dwight Twilley Band on "WACKO"

    That was awesome. I've seen the Looking For The Magic clip before but not the rest of it. I never realized Phil Seymour sang lead on Twilley Don't Mind. A lot of talent on that little stage.
  3. Best 50's Hits

    Summertime Blues-Eddie Cochrane
  4. Time to Travel, Choose Your Mode of Transport

    Fluing With Broken Wings- Angel
  5. Songs About Buildings

    Sovereign Light CAFE-Keane
  6. Songs About Buildings

    CASTLES In The Air-Don McLean
  7. Songs About Buildings

    DetoxMANSION-Warren Zevon
  8. Songs About Buildings

    Love SHACK-B52s
  9. Songs About Buildings

  10. Songs About Buildings

  11. Songs About Buildings

    There was a Talking Heads album titled More Songs About Buildings And Food. I believe we've already covered the food part so I thought we might do songs that mention a type of building or a particular building.
  12. Time to Travel, Choose Your Mode of Transport

    Steve Miller Band-Jet Airliner
  13. Time to Travel, Choose Your Mode of Transport

    Split Enz-6 Months In A Leaky Boat