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  1. Recommend two groups, please

    I'm a little slow on this one, but I just wanted to add two groups that I haven't seen mentioned. (1) The Singles - Power pop group from Detroit. They have one album, Better Than Before, that is just terrific. The obvious point of reference is early Beatles (or early Beatles imitators like the Flamin' Groovies or the Spongetones). This is a very good and consistent album. They lose some points though for looking ridiculously young on the cover. (2) In a different direction, I don't get to recommend the Pale Fountains/Shack enough. They are a Liverpool group that started in the early 80s as the Pale Fountains. Released two highly unsuccessful albums, that were both stunning, and then broke up and re-formed in the late 80s as Shack. Some of the songs I think of as being power pop, but the infuences are a lot more varied, besides the Beatles, there's some Burt Bacharach, Love, and folkie sounds (Nick Drake). Only one of their seven albums - HMS Fable by Shack - has been released in the States. I don't know anybody who has ever given this group a chance who has not been sold completely.
  2. Pezband CDs

    I noticed that the Pezband's three albums were finally released on CD in Japan with bonus tracks and everything. I loved the first two albums. I always thought that the Pezband sounded more like the Raspberries than any other band I've heard. I think the lead singer had a voice that was at least somehwat similar to Eric's. Has anybody heard the CDs? Are they worth the investment for the bonus tracks?
  3. Another New Member

    I agree, Where Have You Been All My Life was an awfully good song. I liked a couple of others from the first Fotomaker album - Two Can Make It Work, Say The Same For You - but didn't think they were on par with good Raspberries songs. I didn't think that the second album had much going for it and I gave up by the time of the third. I was disappointed that Wally didn't write more of the group's material.
  4. Another New Member

    It looks like I'm part of a trend of new people signing on to the Board. I've been reading along for awhile and enjoying it thoroughly. Thanks. Also, thanks to Bernie for helping me get on as I had some start-up difficulties. I loved the Raspberries when I first heard Go All The Way on the radio in 1972. I was 10. Never did get to see them until the first show at BB King's this summer. I did see Eric during his tour for his first album at St. John's University in New York. He was great. I've seen hundreds of shows and this is the one I remember as being the best. I remember that he not only sounded great, but that he and his band were funny. I remember being struck by the contrast between the skinny Eric and the rather heavy-set gentlemen he had on the stage with him. (Artful Dodger opened the show and they were quite good as well). I also got to see Wally in Fotomaker around the time of their first album. They were the opening band in a cheap ticket show at the Palladium in New York. Van Halen, whose first album also just came out, was the second group on. The Irish band, Horslips, was the headliner. Fotomaker was pretty good (they never had the songs of the Raspberries); I enjoyed Horslips too (although most of the audience left after Van Halen); couldn't stand Van Halen then or now. Thanks for letting me join and for having such a great site and message board. Steven