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  1. A Question for Clevelanders

    I heard the Mods play a "Battle of the Bands Vs the Rockers on the day they first played the latest Beatle release of the time, Penney Lane. This was a few years before real sound systems, only the vocals came from the sound system, the rest of the instruments you just heard from wherever their amp was located, and the drums were also unamplified. Having heard most of the bands on Roadie # 3's list(and having played in a couple) I can tell you that the common practice for a band with no sound manager was to make a lot of noise! "Turn it down" was probably the most requested tune!, Not so with the Mods, however who were quite professional, and had outstanding harmonies even then. I remember Jim alternated on drums on some songs, they played one or 2 of the Beatle songs from their current linup, and they had an air of a band that would "make it" even then. Interesting thing is that I dont remember anything about the Rockers, who was in the band or what they played.