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  1. Your Favorite Beach Boys Song?

    Cayennegirl "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few"....M.Spock......ðŸ˜
  2. Your Favorite Beach Boys Song?

    Cheryl...In my mind which is filled with more useless knowledge than the Staten Island Garbage Dumps.... I quote.(I Think)...a title of an OLD James Taylor album... "That's Why I'm Here"..
  3. Your Favorite Beach Boys Song?

    I consider mysel "King Of The Tangents"...(I'm now pausing for well-deserved applause.. ).. So I thought I'd pause a moment for a gem...(IMHO)...fom the Beach Boys fallow period.. Even the album title SCREAMS fallow..The L.A. Light Album...( ).. Anyhow..I always liked this Jardine Gem!!! Mike would inroduce this by saying Al borrowed intro from "Bock"... BTW...Miike meant "Bach"... dread to think how he would pronounce "Chanukah".. Mike's obviously a great singer and not a practicing Jew.. Anyway...enjoy Al's "Lady Lynda! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pzd4D9ndtok
  4. Your Favorite Beach Boys Song?

    Cayenne my kindred spirit...How fitting that Carl Wilson...an angelic man with an angelic voice was the singer of God Only Knows! To quote a GREAT Ad campaIgn..I believe for Miller Beer... "When It's Right...You Know It"..
  5. GREAT Record Sequels!

    The 50's and 60's and 70's may have been great eras for music...BUT money is money...and sequel records are pretty much motivated by profit...BUT to paraphrase a GREATSeinfeld episode..."Not that there's anything wrong with that"... ... STILL..some sequel 45s were downright insulting...(Carole King has said that Don Kirshner would tell them..."O.K. ..Now right "Take Good Care of My Baby Sideways".. ) STILL there were some damn good sequels... Eric..please don't shoot me...BUT.."I Wanna Be With You" has a striking similarity to "Go All The Way"..and...good for you...it's a GREAT record!! My favorite GREAT sequel is Dion following "The Wanderer" with "Lovers Who Wander".. What's your favorite GREAT sequel record.. (BTW..was there a record called "I'm Henry The IX I am" ?.. )
  6. Went with Beverly to a great 60's Show at State Theater..New Brunswick N.J. (home city of Rutgers University.) B.J. Thomas was incredible...BUT..I knew that....BUT.. Dennis Tufano of the Buckinghams was UNREAL!... Handsome...young...and he's gotta be in or near the cool neighborhood of 70 years old At our show..the opening act...The 1910 Fruitgum Company...who..surprise...surprise.. was teriffic...backed Dennis up. Catch him if you can..he also does a Bobby Darin set..AND he's one of the nicest celebs Bev and I have ever met!
  7. Cool Lead Vocals

    Eric you've talked about musical artists you enjoy and respect. But I wondered...What are some records that you feel have irreplaceable lead vocals that make these records into "3 or 4 Minute Classics". To all my cyber-buddies I'd love to see some of your picks as well. Please-Let's all list only 3-5 songs so we don't use up songs others may wanna post. "MY STARTER LIST".. 1-"DOO WAH DIDDY"-Paul Jones' vocal MAKES this song! 2"KICKS"-Mark Lindsay kicks ass! 3-"LONG COOL WOMAN"-Allan Clarke is amazing!(And it ain't even my favorite Hollies'song."Bus Stop" is my favorite,but it's more of a group harmony effort IMHO.) 4-"TIME OF THE SEASON"-Colin Blunstone does a pretty good job-Ya Think? Hope to hear from you Eric and all you EC.comers with some of your choices.-Ira.
  8. Prayer request for Muzza.

    We love you and are praying for you...Ira and Beverly!
  9. British Re-Invasion

    Tonite my Beverly and I will be going to see...in Montclair New Jersey.. Yogi Berra's home town for the last 40+ years...The British Invasion 50th Anniversary Tour! Suddenly the name "Gerry And the Pacemakers" takes on a new meaning.. I see a lot of older bands...it's a mixed bag! The bands are older...the fans are older...I'm older.. Hope they're still all good..I'll tell ya later how it was... The lineup..Terry Sylvester...Graham Nash's replacement in the Hollies...A version of The Searchers...Chad and Jeremy...who BTW are WONDERFUL if you ever get a chance see them...Billy J. Kramer..of whom I always felt his only talent was being handsome in Brian Epstein's opinion...the aforementioned Gerry and the Pacemakers..and Denny Laine of the "Go Now" Moody Blues and later "Wings"...a great guy if you ever meet him... Hey..if they're not good anymore....I guess I'll move on to "Imagine Dragons" and "Bruno Mars" both of whom...all kidding aside...I think are VERY talented... Signed-Feelin' a wee bit older-Ira.
  10. British Re-Invasion

    Yes Lew...I agree about the melancholy aspect. Boy did you describe Billy J. kramer'a act well...
  11. British Re-Invasion

    Lew..Tonite Chad AND Jeremy were there..Yup Gerry wasn't...I hope "It's Gonna Be Alright"..for him.. Wadya think of the show? I thought backup band was great..Terry Sylvester doin' Hollies and "Swingin' Blue Jeans"..GREAT...Chad and Jeremy...always great...Mike Penders of Searchers VERY ingratiating and entertaining..(Of course I could even enjoy Sarah Palin singing one of the GREATEST Rock and Roll songs of all time..."When You Walk In The Room")..Denny Laine of early Moody Blues and Wings...quite good and quite charming...and IMHO...Billy J. Kramer...a star?...I still don't get it... A fun show...It's a limited tour...but "Catch It If You Can"!
  12. awesome mix

    HEY.."Guardians" was about a ZILLION times better than I could dream it could be...What a fun movie! Ralph Waldo Emerson once said.."Consistency Is The Hobgoblin of Small Minds".. Forget use of word "awesome" as an inconsistency..and an anachronism. Who the hell ever owned a cassette for 2 years...never mind decades...Yet Chris Pratt's gift from his mom...it's sound didn't start to suck..and it's tape didn't spill out and tangle 'round capstan and heads.. Well as they said in the 60's..(NOT).."It's All Good"..

    I'm so glad it's good... Cayenne...TWO sacriligeous confessions! 1)-I know that liking Bruce and Mike's Faux Beach Boys...(what Rolling Stone calls the "Hit machine" playing State Fairs") is uncool...BUT after 50+ years they have it down to a science...It's always "Fun Fun" Fun"...John Cowsill on drums and vocals is UNREAL!!..and when John Stamos shows up...WELL... "I'm not gay...though there's nothing wrong with that"-G.Costanza. 2)-The Beach Boys are my favorite group of all-time...(But "Let's Pretend" I didn't admit that.. )
  14. Gene Simmons Writes Rock Music's Obituary

    We are experiencing unpreceented access to music. As I type I'm listening to B.J. Thomas's latest CD...the teriffic "Living Room Sessions"...earlier...while cooking...I was lovin' "Brian Wilson"..his first album...remastered with GREAT bonuses... FREE............ and LEGAL on Spotify!! For "Love and Mercy"...maybe we're killin' the golden goose! Maybe..for all concerned...it was better to yearn for that "Lost Hit" (my examples are always..."New York's A Lonely Town"-The Tradewinds.....and "She Lets Her Hair Down"-by the Tokens)...... which..for years I carried in my head as a fond memory...with NO way to accesss these recordings...except for an occasional "Lost Hits" segment every decade on FM. the same way I would guess it was probably better to yearn for that Blonde Cheerleader...than to actually date her!!
  15. Can I get a witness?

    This is a sincere question..not sarcastic? I always found their harmonies to be not quite Beach Boy-esque..not really smooth and dreamy and a little off... Was this intentional...could these guys sing sweet if they wanted to ? (BTW-I only know the hit singles.. )
  16. GREAT Record Sequels!

    I wanted to offer "The King of Sequels" whose records...IMHO...somehow were slightly different enough to succeed for awhile... The first hit for Mr. Puckett begat his second hit..which most agree was "Woman Woman" when she was merely a "Young Girl"...
  17. GREAT Record Sequels!

    OMG...Cayenne...Truly a radical viewpoint!! Well...After my initial shock with your rebellious post...I gotta share a secret... SHHH!!..I am not absolutely convinced that the world was created in 7 days or that the waters of the Red Sea were split...SOOO I guess that not being totally sold on Frankie is something I can learn to accept..
  18. GREAT Record Sequels!

    Cayenne...Ya know I was talkin' about the structure of the song bein' "Sherry" sideways..not a critique of women...Jeez..This big boy..(sorta)..all of a sudden feels a tear comin' on.. Ya know I love women and am the ONLY man in the whole world who understands them COMPLETELY.. !
  19. GREAT Record Sequels!

    This choice is OBVIOUS...It certainly is "Sherry" sideways...(Or maybe just from a slightly different angle)...BUT somehow it always had a charm of it's own and of course was a smash!
  20. GREAT Record Sequels!

  21. GREAT Record Sequels!

    Drew Brees...Great food...Great music...Fats Domino...and now Cayennegirl...Another reason to love New Orleans... BTW..Cayenne..Aaron Neville asked me to send you regards...
  22. GREAT Record Sequels!

    Just wrote you hoping you'd post...BUT I type so slowly...You're already here!!! BTW..Cayenne..I thought Chubby's.."There's no no twistin' like a slow slow twistin' with you"...was a bit of alright as well..
  23. Ya know..we all know that ESPECIALLY in Jan Wenner's Politically Influenced Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..the committee's warped concept of "Cool" effects admissions to the "Hallowed Halls.". Question for Eric..and all my friends.. Who do you think are some of the group lead singers that you feel are under-rated..? As a teacher...I don't wanna lead you too much..but the two guys leading my list have ALWAYS been these guys.. and... (BTW...A coupla years back...I talked to Mark Lindsay after a concert...He's a great guy..BTW! I said that he was under-rated 'cause of those silly costumes... He smiled and said..with wistful humor... "Ira those silly costumes are gonna keep me out of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame".. ..YUKKK!) "Isn't Llife Strange"?
  24. Under-Rated Lead Singers

    You are SOOOO RIGHT Wendy...Just caught the Monkees..Mike...Peter...not so hot..Mickey...an INCREDIBLE Rock singer...he even moves nicely nd skat sings with the best!
  25. Takin' kids to the movies

    I've had 3 kids... The youngest is now 23.. BUT I remember how agonizing it was to take them to the movies to see such tripe as "My Little Pony"...Care Bears".."Barney"..etc. BUT...if the movie had ANY adult sensibilities...I was in heaven..I was ready to give it an Oscar.. THIS by far was THE best kid/flick I ever saw in all my years of fatherhood.. What kid/flicks did y'all ACTUALLY enjoy?