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  1. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    OOOH this little exchange has me...
  2. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    Ya know...I'm kinda lucky... I've found some of the trade-offs relatively easy..I don't know why... Maybe it's 'cause I've become a very positive person in the last 20 years...and I've found foods that are great without the guilt and calories.. Light Mayo is fine...Low-fat cream cheese is fine... Ya like macaroni salad..make it yourself with whole wheat pasta...light mayo..onions..red or yellow peppers. Baked chicken with a little barbecue sauce and whole wheat bread crumbs instead of a KFC bucket. Salsa is AMAZING..10 calories per tablespoon.. Buy a bag of frozen cooked shrimp fom Costco...defrost..have 4 or 5 with Salsa...Do this...Men... Angelina Jolie will be texting you...Women...When you do this.. Brad Pitt will be texting you too.... Baked potatoes..NO butter..NO Sour Cream...NO bacon bits..are my late night snack every nite...I swear it's great. To try on new clothes..and look good in them...Gotta tell you...you'll feel like an .."Overnite Sensation"... .
  3. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    GOD ONLY KNOWS....WOW! Susie...a BRILLIANTLY obscure...yet accessible to the masses... reference to "Hero and Villains".... NO wonder Cato and cats of ALL stripes and ethnic backgrounds are mad about you!!!

    Did I miss your birthday...I guess my first wife was right about me..... Anyhow you're awesome...Happy Birthday...Ira.
  5. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    James.... as you know...when women upset our sensitive inner cosmic balance.. There's ALWAYS football.....ðŸ˜
  6. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    Susie...I think I am O.K...although the fact that I'm on my 3rd bag of Cheetos may be a REAL Insight into my true state of mind.... But to Cato.... I reluctantly must admit... In the words of a great "Lost Hit" by the Yardbirds. "Mister...You're A Better Man Than I"..😂
  7. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    Susie...I'm goin' all out to impress you.. I SWEAR...I spelled precocious correctly without using ANY form of "Spell-Check" Am I a "catch" or what".. ..?
  8. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    Susie...In keeping with our theme AND our endeavor... Would it be TOO precocious of me to want to be your "Stud Bran Muffin"... ?

    Yom Hoo-Le-Det Sameach!!!... In any language Happy Birthday Dear Redd! (No this isn't me...I sing a little more like Carl Wilson.. )
  10. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    Susie et al.. In every joke there is a little truth.. SOMETIMES I wish that Trader Joe's Sweet Potato Chips were the perfect healthy food I actually have taken care of myself for the last 10 years and at 63 years old hover around 5'10 and 170 lbs. (Actually I ONLY hover around that weight...my height is pretty constant... ). I do many of the things you suggested Susie... In reality..ya NEVER say never...but FINALLY the extremes in quantity...(4 slices of pizza...12 inch Subway Subs..Spare rib lo mein...egg roll combination plates) ...don't appeal to me Once you cross over and live better...the rewards are really worth it.. Susie...one serious question.. Now that the restaurant "Kentucky Fried Chicken" is officially K.F.C. ... Is it now healthier to eat there ?..I mean the word "Fried"..is like TOTALLY out of the title...
  11. WORST Beach Boys Song

    Now I'm insulted M.E. If I knew how to upload a "Selfie"...You'd see that I'm wearing that EXACT outfit that Mike's wearing even as we speak..
  12. WORST Beach Boys Song

    In opening this thread..I mentioned another fallow period was when the Beach Boys...in the "15 Big Ones Period"...pushed Brian out front and center..much like Clive Davis pushing Whitney Houston..BUT Brian was not quite...like Whitney was not quite.. alright...and IMHO some of the Beach Boys work from this period...deserves special mention on this thread! From the album..."The Beach BoysLlove You..I proudly..( ) present.."Johnny Carson.. Again...Please remember I love these guys..I simply find every facet of their history compelling!
  13. WORST Beach Boys Song

    😂Don't tell me that Kermit was drunk during that fabulous performance of Kokomo...😂
  14. WORST Beach Boys Song

    M.E. I found the Red Carpet for The Brian Movie "Love And Mercy". from the Toronto Film Festival. Haven't seen the trailer yet... Let's all watch THIS together.. (BTW...John Cusack had me at "Serendipity"...NICE romantic movie.)
  15. WORST Beach Boys Song

    Susie...Brian is a child in all the best of ways... Forgiving...optimiistic...AND... somehow..despite everything he went through...hopeful... For him to come out of YEARS of mental illness... Record his first solo work...and for this to be his message rather than anger... I wept like a baby when I first unwrapped this CD and put this CD in my car stereo...and marveled as "Love And Mercy" came out of my speakers! So glad I could share this lovely song with you.
  16. WORST Beach Boys Song

    Susie...A bitter pill for Brian to swallow was that he made his TREE-MEN-DOUS comeback with this masterpiece which many feel didn't get radio play 'cause it was released...I believe...almost simultaneously with Kokomo...AND Kokomo was the "Boys' biggest hit in eons...and yes...Brian played NO part in producing Kokomo.. If I recall they had a nice Top 40 hit a bit before with "Getcha Back'...but REALLY had been off the charts for a long time.. "Isn't It ironic"..
  17. WORST Beach Boys Song

    Oh..and then if I had ANY doubts about my feelings toward Elisabeth....There's this! A little more entertaining than the aforementioned sitting with your kids for "Care Bears" and "Rainbow Bright" at a matinee... Dontcha think ?
  18. WORST Beach Boys Song

    Cayenne..I love Jonah Hill...(though not as much as my Jersey Crush Elisabeth Shue for obvious reasons)... As I get older...I know far more old "Pop Culture" than new stuff... So it was a total AND pleasant surprise for me...a coupla years back...when at the Retro Fitness Gym in Woodbridge N.J. which had a dark room where you could see a big screen movie while on a treadmill or eliptical...I caught Jonah's "Sitter" which was a not bad remake of "Adventures In Baby Sitting".. (BTW one day I caught the new "Footloose" there too..But..of course...I knew about that one... ) (BTW...The following cemented my life-long crush on Elisabeth Shue... )
  19. WORST Beach Boys Song

    Susie...Cocktail makes me think of Elisabeth Shue who had me at Adventures IIn Babysitting..one of the few movies that I enjoyed back when my kids were young and I had to attend Care Bears..My Little Pony...Rainbow Bright...etc. ...Oh God ..;..Please Make It Stop...:(
  20. WORST Beach Boys Song

    I LOVE the Beach Boys..but unlike the Beatles...they have had SOME missteps...But like anyone I LOVE...I consider that part of their charm.. Beach Boys..Eric..Four Seasons...got me over MANY bumps in life..
  21. WORST Beach Boys Song

    Bernie..I'm feeling like Jerry and George on "Seinfeld"...when one of them points out to the other that their current girl friend has "Man Hands" or has a terrible laugh! I'm tryin' REAL hard to forget that I EVER heard this song so that I can continue to enjoy the Beach Boys in a haze of idiotic bliss..
  22. WORST Beach Boys Song

    "But I was so much older then...I'm youger than that now"... M.E. ..I'm sure a tropical paradise with two beautiful mature women......to paraphrase John Sebastian.. "Will perk up our ears"...
  23. WORST Beach Boys Song

    Yup Cayenne...Sellin' out ain't as bad as some would have you believe.... But I'm over 60..."We'll start out slow and then we'll take it slow"...
  24. WORST Beach Boys Song

    Aw Jeez Cayenne..and Beverly and me were gonna take you and your man to Aruba and Bahama...Come On pretty mama
  25. HAPPY Birthday Tommy Tunes 10/13!

    Happy Birthday to my fellow Jersey rocker from your buddy...-B.Springsteen-