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  1. Yuk- Eating UN-Healthy

    PEYTON...America....Papa John's...Ya Gotta Be Kidding!!.. ..
  2. Yuk- Eating UN-Healthy

    Cayenne...Steve Cohen of the 2d Ave. Deli is right these sandwiches are blessed by God and are as healthy as kale... It's a miracle! Have I ever lied to you?
  3. Yuk- Eating UN-Healthy

    Cheryl...Made me think of THIS neighborhood Donut "Pusher"... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXnAk0DNayg
  4. Remembering Your First Time...

    Were you the girl smiling from ear to ear..OH yeah ..that coulda been alot of pretty women that night..
  5. "Brian's Songs #2

    I may have once used this thread title before..Hence the #2. BUT this time the tantalizing topic is songs Brian Wilson wrote or co-wrote and were covered by other artists whether originally done by the Beach Boys or not... For instance...My favorite Jan and Dean song...A Brian and Jan collaboration...Enjoy!
  6. "Brian's Songs #2

    Thanks pretender.. Here's Bruce reimagining "When I Grow up to Be a Man"...
  7. "Brian's Songs #2

    This ain't bad...IMHO!
  8. Remembering Your First Time...

    Reunion Concert... Flew to Chicago. for JUST an "Overnight Sensation"... It changed my life... I had given myself permission to indulge myself for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! Bernie's Raspberries Collage Video comes on... Video ends with Young Raspberries playing..."I Wanna Be with You"... With perfect timing...curtain goes up and the "Live" Raspberries continue this little rock ditty.. I had tears and the chills!
  9. Happy B'Day Canadianchick!

    Happy Birthday to the girl who puts the Thunder in Thunder Bay Canada!
  10. Yuk- Eating UN-Healthy

    Cheryl..I think if you park in the KFC lot...WALK instead of drive to the drive-thru window at K.F.C. ...order the Loaded Potato Bowl to go..and walk the order back to your car...it ain't that bad.. Wadda-you think?
  11. WORST Beach Boys Song

    Just this one time..M.E. from here on in I'm not gonna be as kind with your disagreeing with me in the future.... .. Alright...maybe you can disagree with me a coupla more times... .
  12. WORST Beach Boys Song

    Oy..M.E. ..Our first fight...I LOVE "Disney Girls".. But even when I'm right..I can forgive... . REALLY enjoy your posts..Ira... .
  13. This tune is ALL the more poignant than I understood it to be when it was released... Brian already vulnerable and probably a little unsteady...already wondering..maybe hoping ..that his adulthood will be o.k. and sad contemplating the passing of youth. And the final "fade" which I never could hear until seein' their 50th Live Shows.. "It's Kinda Sad"... What's your favorite Beach Boys' song ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHKS5Is-efQ
  14. Your Favorite Beach Boys Song?

    This tune...if I'm not mistaken was huge in Europe...NOT here..( ) ...not sure why..It's a real gem! This tune...if I'm not mistaken was in part written about leaving Capitol Records as the Hippie Era began and the Beach Boys began Brother Records and an interesting and difficult period in their musical and personal lives...
  15. Susie..I just got SUPER NACHAS...reminding a good friend of a beautiful song is actually 5.7 x cooler than turning someone on to a beautiful song..😀. BTW...That's an official mathematical formula..!
  16. Susie...I'm on my iPad...at Caesars in Atlantic City.and don't know how to embed YouTube when I'm not on my p.c. ...But take a look at and please post if you agree.."Second Avenue" by Tim Moore or cover by Garfunkel.. Eric would take this killer song to new heights.. No B.S. my friend..I would get such Nachas..Jewish for joy...if I turned you on to this beautiful homage to love lost..and you discovered and enjoyed this lost classic..

    "You had me at hello"..-ira to Maureen McCormick..(Marcia)..episode 3 season 2 Brady Bunch.. Err..OOPS..Renee Zellwegger to Tom Cruise in Jerry MacGuire.
  18. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    Sometimes I think I see the world thru an SNL/Mad Magazine prism.. Let's have some fun with this... What are some of the downsides of eating healthy.. ? Most of the Supermarket coupons in the Sunday Paper are for Jeno's Pizza Rolls which at $1.00 off...I frankly find hard to resist. When I go to Costco...I really pine for the 6lb. bag of Tyson's Frozen Buffalo wings...$8.99...!!! C'mon...I'm only human... This tryin' to live a little longer...is killin' me!!!
  19. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    Alright...M.E. ...This is pretty cool....we took Beverly's daughter to see the Bangles at the New York City Winery... no big deal that we met them ...because for Bonnie's birthday we treated her to a Meet and Greet I mean we paid for it... BUT I did have a Raspberries button made by dear Diane...a long time ago I gave it to Susanna Hoffs and said "You did a great job covering "Go All the Way"...and I said to the other girls "Do you mind that I only have something for Susanna..." And they all smiled and said..."Nahh We Love Eric" BTW...1)...you can kinda see the button in the picture. 2)..they were all incredibly nice and Susana Hoffs has been my Jewish rock and roll crush for years.. SOOO the photo is Debbi Peterson...Susanna Hoffs...Ira on bass...and Vicki Peterson... BTW..They were GREAT..
  20. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    Well..M.E. ...that's a broad enough unbiased sample for me... I'm already pullin' up at "Sonic:... .
  21. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    paperdoll....I found this same article on B.S. With A Straight Face.Com... ALSO I found it on Brilliant.Com... BTW...Thanx...I needed a good laugh-Ira.
  22. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    AS GOOD as i have been for years... If anyone has found empirical evidence that Chili Dogs prolong life expectancy...PLEASE upload the article...
  23. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    Cayenne..No funny response from me this time...Just sayin' THANKS..and Great advice..
  24. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    M.E. ... Lawyer Bob has nixed my plans of opening the meeting with my all-out...take-no-prisoners... Karaoke performance of "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again"!!! Aren't lawyers party poopers ?..
  25. YUK Eating Healthier :(

    You must help me.... Tomorrow I have a very anxiety- provoking day... A 4 way meeting...2 lawyers...and 2 actual real people...(of which I am one).. TRYING to settle a divorce that has dragged on longer ..and only a little less painfully than... "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". I'm about to look up the recipe...AND... possibly consume... #7 on the State Fair List..("Buffalo Chicken In A Flapjack)..if I don't get immediate help.. I need an intervention... http://www.endlesssimmer.com/2011/09/14/top-10-new-foods-at-the-2011-state-fairs/