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    Susie..I was REALLY kidding...I LOVE Nick Lowe... In fact when I complained about my ex-wife and would insist...(take my word that I was right... if you wanna be my friend.. )..that she had no "Joie De Vivre".. I would say..."I knew the bride when she USED to rock and roll"!

    Valorie..(Canadianchick..to you folks who don't speak Canadian)...Here's Johnny from his 70th Birthday party that you and I and Beverly and some former friends saw at B.B. Kings in NYC... He was pretty good EY ?... (Again...For those of you who don't speak Canadian...Translation..."He was pretty good...Huh ?)

    These "Seniors" performing "LIVE" ain't all that bad either...

    No Cayenne...knowing you hate "Disney Girls"...I'm kinda afraid to admit to you that I love puppies and recycling...

    Alright..Susie..I"m NOT gonna apologize for posting THIS tangent...I HATE THIS TUNE..BUT..the devil made me do it.. ..

    Cayenne...Darian is GREAT..I know HE basically put "Smile" together...I kinda think that he makes Brian look good.. Susie..Beach Boys 50th..like Raspberries Reunion were SERIOUSLY religious experiences for me!

    Alright Susie...Let's go a little further back... Lenny Welch was incredible..and like so many UBER-Talents...shoulda been a contender...BUT..S%#T Happens.. His live performances are GREAT..and he's SO nice.. I think he gave my Beverly goose bumps when we saw him last year..and still... I found it in my heart to forgive him...

    Susie...How does a thirtysomething like you remember Tito Puente and Burton Cummings....? Youtube...Facebook..I guess there are now SO many ways for you "Young-ins" to learn about Rock History..

    I happened across this just now...Breathes new beauty into a GREAT song by the GREAT John Stewart performed originally by the much loved Davey Jones...Enjoy!
  10. "Add Some Music"

    Here are two of my favorite Jewish "Lantzmen"..meaning from my land or my town or my background..REALLY Yiddish conception of "Paisan".. Mama Cass...(Naomi Cohen) and Sammy Davis Jr.
  11. "Add Some Music"

    Susie..If your date tries anything funny...you tell him that your scrawny 63 year old music-lovin' Jewish Friend will be VERY angry... AND...You don't wanna make him angry... ..HMMM!
  12. "Add Some Music"

    Beautiful stuff Susie.. I DARE anyone to watch this...AND THEN yell at your mate for not taking out the garbage or forgetting to get 3 Sweet and Sour Sauces with your Chinese Restaurant Take-Out Order!!!..
  13. "Add Some Music"

    DUHH!!.. I kinda sorta remembered that our own dear Eric did a song that celebrates music...kinda sorta... ...
  14. "Add Some Music"

    Please Believe Me... I probably saw her do this on the Ed Sullivan Show...BUT it was ALREADY an Oldie ...I swear... !! Even I wasn't listening to music when this was brand-spankin' new... BTW Susie...Great " Musical Set"...Thanks!
  15. Bruce Johnston Rocks

    Go see the Beach Boys Touring band and if you don't fall in love with with Cheerleader and great guy Bruce Johnston...then you're off my Chanukah list! His Disney Girls is up there IMHO with Brian's best wistful stuff..ala Don't Worry Baby..God Only Knows...In My Room...etc. Here's a neat old Video of young Bruce at the piano.. And oh..BTW..he's worked with E.C. and that alone makes him a member of my non-political IHOF...Ira's Hall Of Fame..
  16. Bruce Johnston Rocks

    Do you at least like Matzoh ball soup...perhaps there's a glimmer of hope!..
  17. Bruce Johnston Rocks

    I don't know Cayenne... We're living in a new age of universal tolerance... BUT...Can a Jewish guy from Brooklyn maintain a friendship with a girl from New Orleans who HATES "Disney Girls"... This is alot to ask of even the most liberal Easterner!
  18. Bruce Johnston Rocks

    And THIS from "Sunflower" (one of THE greatest under-selling albums of all-time)..."Tears In The Morning" with it's European flavor...Just gorgeous.. ALSO...Bruce at times..along with Carl took the reigns when Brian was in that LONG Long hibernation...
  19. Happy Chanukah!

    Thanks Suzie..actually...I'm a little embarassed...I just edited my post...my FULL brilliance as the Chosen One of The Chosen people wasn't completely evident 'cause I left a coupla words out.. .. Hey..am I REALLY this awesome...or am I just...
  20. Happy Chanukah!

    Thanks Suzie...I've been officially designated to represent ALL the chosen people in thanking you...OR perhaps.. "It Was Just My Imagination".. that I have ALL that power.. Anyhow..Thanks...
  21. I LOVE Jimmy Fallon :)

    Good luck Jimmy as you take the throne of T.V. Royalty..The Tonight Show!!! I hope Jimmy's as nice as he seems on T.V...when you meet him in real life!!! Loved him and Drew Barrymore in "Fever Pitch"..a movie I found so cute despite it's Red Sox theme.. ! I think he's SOOO talented.. Catch his "Barry Gibb Talk Show" from "SNL" a coupla weeks back!!! (BTW..Justin Timberlake...GREAT in this skit and in SOO many mediums....NO S@#%T...ain't chopped liver either.. ) As I've recently indicated..Rip Van Ira JUST woke up from his 60's stupor to realize that he has to admit.. that after the reigns of Dean Martin.. Frank Sinatra and Jack Benny...There's some REAL talent out there today . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SVcoQsFFQE
  22. For Bernie Here's Jerry

    Our Bernie is also a huge Jerry Lewis fan... One year on the telethon Jerry was really sick and bloated from medication.... Don Rickles deals so well with the "Elephant In The Room" thru humor...feigned hostility and ultimately warmth and love.. Jerry Lewis IS the embodiment of "Love 'im or hate 'im". To me..as a kid...those movies when he was at his peak...like the music of that era...were sunshine in a bleak childhood... For that alone...I will always have a warm spot in my heart for Joseph Levitch of Newark N.J.
  23. Gary Puckett & the Union Gap

    I don't pretend to personally know ALL the barriers to making a living in show business..BUT I always thought that if there was ANY justice..Gary Puckett and Lenny Welch..("Since I Fell For You" )...should have had lucrative careers beautifully singing Standards at and Showl Tunes at clubs...cabarets and nice venues...in addition to playing the "Oldies Circuit"...
  24. Happy Birthday to dianed!

    Happy Birthday Diane!!
  25. Yuk- Eating UN-Healthy

    Are people STILL eating like this... .. OOPS gotta run My D.Q. Giant Chili Dog and my Chocolate Blizzard with Reeses Pieces to wash down my Chili Dog was just delivered... . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29Bgc4gWpJk