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  1. This man can create "Hooks" like I create shopping lists when I'm thinkin' of goin' to Trader Joes.. Do you know HOW few artists in their 60's and 70's still have commercial and critical impact. when they issue new stuff.... Off the top of my head...Springsteen...Petty..Neil Diamond...Neil Young..and my patron saint Brian.. From album out April 7th..." Pier Pressure".. With all he's been thru.. F#$%&^G AMAZING!
  2. New Brian Wilson Stuff

    Susie..Didja get a chance to look at "More New Brian Wilson Stuff"...I think that's another WOW +.. !
  3. More New Brian Stuff!...:)

    Glad you enjoyed...I'm not surprised that Y'all thinks Eric's best beats Brian's best...It is afterall EC.com...and I kinda figure Y'all like Eric... I'm a traitor..Brian is my #1 musical love. May I still attend the Ec.com All-You-Can-Eat Buffet on July 4th.... ?
  4. Little Struggles!

    Bein' 63 and ALWAYS bein' the little brother...but letting little patronizing moments go without saying something 'cause after all it's family...:)
  5. Little Struggles!

    M.E. .that was ABSOLUTELY NOT code for you...I am 63... I have a couple of friends who are struggling.....We're older now...BUT relationships should be somewhat reciprocal..and my asking how someone is..is not an invitation to sound like Everybody Loves Raymond's mother Marie.
  6. I'm interested in hearing about songs that you love that that you never understood why they were not bigger Smashes....My Raspberries Nominee...is...and always will be. (I didn't mean this thread for just Eric songs...I'll be back later with the Searchers, the Beach boys..etc. ...BUT...This is as good a spot to start as any...)
  7. How about some Rock and Pop songs that celebrate sheer JOY! Surprise...Old Ira from the 50's and 60's is posting something current... (...and I absolutely love the simile.."Clap your hands if you feel like a room without a roof"...that's just great!)
  8. Happy Birthday LobsterLvr (Dave)

    Happy Birthday my friend..and a great birthday present for you..The Red Sox...though we're a little wary about the pitching...may be great this year.
  9. Prayers for Mary Ellen's Hubby

    Mazel Tov M.E. and Wayne-Ira.
  10. I have hinted at having a rough childhood and that I know so much about 60's music 'cause it was safer...emotionally..."In My Room" with Brian and my other Radio Musical Good Parents..whose voices and words made me happy.. I'm one of millions who in my late 20's had a long time bout of real anxiety and depression... It can still revisit at times of great stress..but Thank God..infrequently and for MUCH shorter periods of time...AND I have Beverly..This makes such a difference.. Anyhoo..Robin Williams...Bobbi Cristina Brown...we know how devastating this can be.. I'm one of the lucky ones...I'm a survivor and NEVER forget how good it feels to feel good.. Here's a heartwarming tale that I hope has a happy ending.
  11. On this President's Day...I was thinking...In popular music..both Rock, and American Standards..I really don't know..... Are there a sizeable number of songs that pay tribute...not just mention..GREATS in Government...the military.. or even pay tribute to great singers...musicians...artists...actors...philanthropists...those who fought for justice..or a great cause? I can think of a few...BUT..."I Don't Wanna Spoil The Party So I'll Go"..( )... with just one! I'm eager to see what you guys come up with...
  12. New Brian Wilson Stuff

    Anne..Perfectly said IMHO!...AFTER 50+ YEARS...I still get excited when I hear that distinctive Brian Sound..
  13. New Brian Wilson Stuff

    Kirk...My thoughts exactly....To craft such beautiful music at a time when so many once creative people are recycling "Good Lovin'" at Oldies shows...AMA ZING!
  14. Anxiety/Depression Disorder

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts It sounds like you and your daughter have a very special relationship.
  15. New Brian Wilson Stuff

    Nancy..It is amazing with all the shit he's been thru...that childlike wonder is still inside him...yup...that song makes ya smile...
  16. Anxiety/Depression Disorder

    Beautifully written...Thanks Nancy...Oh yeah...the message of this tune ain't chopped liver..it's pretty damn good IMHO... .
  17. Anxiety/Depression Disorder

    Thanks Nancy..Ya know...with all the psychologists and philosophers I can quote..I most often quote a Dr. Richard Starkey who once famously said..."It Don't Come Easy"..!
  18. Anxiety/Depression Disorder

    Mary Ellen...So true...John Lennon was King of the World...and suffered all his life from his mom's neglect... Just listen to the pain...All the recognition could not erase that initial rejection...Tough Stuff!
  19. Anxiety/Depression Disorder

    Mary Ellen....When I think of the fact that what was done to me would not make the front page of the Daily News...,just emotional stuff....and yet how devastating that can be.....I can't even imagine how women survive abuse and worse and kids survive neglect and worse. Thanks for your kind words and to quote the late Mr. Cocker....I'm Feelin' Alright "...
  20. Prayers for Mary Ellen's Hubby

    My prayers are with you Wayne and Mary Ellen.
  21. Lesley Gore, RIP

    I'm shattered....Lesley was the poster girl for innocent Teen Romance yet she was a strong independent gay woman..I wonder what those years were like for her. She was Quincy Jones' first major production success! BTW...her brother Michael created the "Fame" phrenomenon for which she co-wrote this incredible song.
  22. Hooked On Dr. Hook

    Marlene..Darlene....and all you other "Hook" Lovers..This is Dennis a few years back...voice still as sweet as in his heyday...(Though we all said that even lately...he pulls it off pretty good)..BUT here he's TERIFFIC IMHO!
  23. Happy Birthday, Birdy!

    Happy Birthday Birdy...
  24. Grammy Awards Tonight!

    Bernie...ELO WAS GREAT!
  25. Human Quirks!

    No heavy stuff...Let's have a little fun... Today I heard a radio commercial from a local Mercedes dealer... Seems if you buy or lease a Mercedes from THIS dealership you get THREE FREE MONTHS OF SIRIUS-XM. I figure that's worth about $36... I kinda think if you're thinkin' Mercedes...$36 ain't the carrot that lures you in.. Yet..we like free stuff... Kinda made me think about the subject of "Human Quirks".. What are some human quirks that fascinate and amuse you..?.. .