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  1. Joan Jet lawsuit

    I think Joan and Cherie are afraid that the songs on the tribute album will sound better than the originals...which IMO won't be hard to do.
  2. Scott McCarl's Voice

    I may not think as "big" as everyone else, but I would like to see Eric, Scott, Jim and a couple other guys/girls ripping thru Eric's catalog at the House of Blues. It doesn't have to be a big production - just five guys having fun playing some great music. Just plug in the guitars, turn up the amps, and let 'er rip. I hate the idea of all of that talent going to waste.
  3. 10 Bands Who Deserve More Respect

    Good list. Glad to see the Raspberries getting some recognition. We could all come up with our own separate lists too though (Cheap Trick, Tommy Keene, Thin Lizzy, Badfinger, Montrose, Foghat, The Knack, Graham Parker, The Go-Go's, along with the Raspberries)
  4. Favorite Dave Song?

    Sorry to break ranks, but I prefer Makin it Easy or Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak.
  5. Rock Super Session

    I thought it was a picture of Suzi Quatro.
  6. Favorite Wally Song?

    Raspberries song - Party's Over; Favorite Wally song ever would be "Name of the Game" on the second Fotomaker album.
  7. ELO Recommendations?

    I love Ma Ma Ma Ma Belle.
  8. BGO Angel Release

    I was never a fan, however they did a great version of the Young Rascal's, "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore." Never saw them live though...they didn't make it down to the Gulf Coast.
  9. Eric Carmen Boats Against the Current

    It's my favorite song from his solo career.
  10. 2 New Studio Tracks on Raspberries Gift Set!

    Solution - put the two new songs on itunes. I'll gladly pay for the download. Or release a CD single for $10. I really really want to have them but I can't justify laying out $100 for them.
  11. 2 New Studio Tracks on Raspberries Gift Set!

    I was the second person to order the special Live on Sunset Strip for the $125. Now, in order to get the two new songs...I have to lay out another $100? There doesn't seem to be anything new in the package except a t-shirt. No offense, but this doesn't seem to be right.
  12. Raspberries at Capitol Records

    Cool photo and story. For an art director, that guy John Hoernle had questionable taste when it came to hair style.
  13. original Boats vs Definitive Boats

    I hate the Clive Davis version. Love the original EC version.
  14. Most Crushing Disappointment as a Sports Fan?

    Easy. Game 6 of the 1993 World Series. Phillies are up by 1 run going into the ninth. Jim Fergosi decided to bring Mitch Williams into the game. At that point I was throwing harder than Williams. He walks the first guy. That brings Joe Carter to the plate. One pitch later, the season is over.
  15. Cleveland's Original Mop Tops

    They look like a recent crop of MBAs from John Carroll U. instead of four guys who rocked the Agora.