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  1. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Cumpleanos feliz, Erico.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC ! *Aug 11*

    cumpleanos feliz, erico. --*susana*
  3. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Cumpleanos feliz, Erico.
  4. Grass Roots

    Thanks, Bessie. He's scheduled to appear here in about a month. Sounds like he has a long road ahead of him. Prayers and good thoughts to all his family, too.
  5. Grass Roots

    Has anyone found a link with more info? Just curious...thanks.
  6. EC.com Garage Sale!

    Thanks for the heads up, Bernie. Don't suppose that RollsWagen model is the 'Berries Wagen?

    Cumpleanos feliz! Susana
  8. Tom Selleck

    Can't believe nobody has mentioned his new series yet. "Blue Bloods" on CBS.
  9. EricCarmen.com Garage Sale Ends Sunday!

    I'm sorry to hear that. It's happened to me before. I did get lucky after the CD collection went. Ended up with crayolas & earrings, demos and Euclid Beach Band. Hope others did well.
  10. EricCarmen.com Garage Sale Ends Sunday!

    I went to $123.00, Laura. Really wanted those! That's why I'm hoping they went to someone here.
  11. EricCarmen.com Garage Sale Ends Sunday!

    OK, I'm reallllly hoping someone here got the 'Berries collection with bonus CD's. Please tell me it was one of us.

    Hey, Beth - sorry I'm a day late, but happy birthday from one MO girl to another! S*
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUSANA !! *July 6*

    Gracias, gracias to all of you. I'm not around the board much these days, but definitely think of everyone as friends...so given that this was a...um...."significant" birthday, it's that much more special to hear from you. S-Girl
  14. NYC May 3rd BB KINGS

    18 minutes till show time at Lucille's! have a wonderful time, all. I had a wonderful time with Kiwi & Muzza...only wish we'd been able to spend more time together. Cheers to all!
  15. BeatleJay's Beloved Mother Rae

    What Jeff said. You've been on my mind through all of this, Jay. I lost my mother more than 11 years ago, and not a day goes by that I don't think of her. You're already on the big roller coaster ride, so just go with it - be good to yourself!! She's still with you...remember to be thankful for all that you have shared. Many hugs...many prayers....S*