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  1. I LOVE...

    I was ready to dislike this based on the history. I love it. It's positively addictive.
  2. Did I Miss Something?

  3. mandy r.i.p.

    I'm so sorry, Chris.
  4. Some thoughts on Friday's HOF inductions....

    The Saturday Induction had reasonably price tickets ($75 or less) tickets available for Public Hall and was simulcast at the Rock Hall. They weren't the VIP seats our boys had but they were in the hall.
  5. Rock Hall Set To Rock!

    It would be nice, wouldn't it? Bernie? Tape?
  6. "Tonight" In Modern Drummer

    Thanks for spotting this, Matthew. Conngrats to Jim -- of course those of us here knew it all along!
  7. 'Fly On the Wall'

    Jim said on the radio this morning, about an hour. Then they may jam with some other performers. He said they were scheduled to start at about 9.
  8. "Make Me Lose Control" A Cappella

    WOW! That was soooo fine.
  9. 'Fly On the Wall'

    I did get the photos early this evening from the site. You can also get them from Facebook via Jim Bonfanti's location.
  10. GATW: Life On Mars

    You can see the entire episode online. Don't usually have the opportunity to watch much TV on Wednesday night, but since this show has such good taste in music, I may have to Tivo it...
  11. Springsteen Tonight at Convention Hall

    Ohhhhhh... (moan)
  12. New Home Page Material

    Absolutely great update, Bernie. You're awesome!
  13. Paul Sidoti on NZ TV

    I noticed that your Facebook fans have really grown since you were in Oz. Sounds like it's been a great trip. Welcome home!

    Happy birthday, Dave. Enjoy your birthday the whole year through. I hope to see you at another concert soon!