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  1. The Great Gatsby may be 3D

    Pretty interesting....and considering that Baz Luhrmann made such innovative use of music in Moulin Rouge, I would think that Boats would be a prime target for including in the film soundtrack.

    Thanks for maintaining this web community, Bernie. Have a happy and memorable birthday!

    Happy Birthday, Paul! Tho' it's now toward the end of it, hope your day was excellent.
  4. Happy Birthday Eric!

    Eric - Thanks for All the Music. Looking forward to much more to come. Have a Happy Birthday! John R.
  5. McCartney Show in LA 6/27

    Just a quick message for those who may be interested in the Los Angeles area - according to his website, Macca is performing at Amoeba Music tonight at 6:30. Free wristbands for admission will be distributed from Amoeba Music today at 12:30 p.m. Pacific time. Wonder how long it will take to get those things depleted?
  6. Peter Noone and Mike Smith (DC5)

    Kathy Lee - the Vegas show should be great. The Turtles are also still at the top of their game, and Howard Volman and Mark Kaylan (aka vocalists Flo and Eddie) are extremely funny guys besides. You'll enjoy it.
  7. Happy Holidays......

    Season's Greetings to All, and a special thanks to Bernie, Kathy, and Eric for keeping this interesting little online community going. Wishing all the EC.com membership the happiest of holidays, and an excellent 2007.
  8. A Message From Dave Smalley

    Wanted to quickly add a message to wish Dave a continued speedy recovery. Here's hoping he can "graduate" to outpatient status ASAP.
  9. Alberta Clipper

    I really love the changes in the seasons, but -- here in this part of the St. Louis area we got anywhere from 4 to 7 inches of snow and PLENTY of sleet and ice, downing trees, power lines, and assorted Christmas decorations. 95% of our section of the metro area (Florissant) is without power today, and though I got to see a transformer located toward the back of our yard blow up last night (early New Year's fireworks?), our household only lost power for 3 hours. Across the river in Collinsville, IL, the entire city is without power. The best thing is that it will be warming up again tomorrow, so some of this stuff may be able to melt.
  10. Most annoying songs of all Time

    Afternoon Delight - Starland Vocal Band
  11. Happy Birthday Eric!

    Eric, Many thanks for the gift of music you've given us, and the songs that have made such an impact on all of our lives. May you have a particularly Happy Birthday, and may you and yours enjoy all the best life has to offer for the future. oldblue / john
  12. My dad's son has cancer

    My prayers go out to you and Ted as well -- lost my father under similar circumstances some years back. I'll be thinking of you in the next few days - let us know how you're doing.
  13. Any prayers left for my mom? What a crappy week!

    My prayers and "good vibes" go out to your Mom....they say these types of things come in threes, and here's hoping it won't be long before Ted, Mr. Howard, and your Mom are all recuping successfully.
  14. Baby Boomer's Music Quiz

    My unchecked answers: 1- d 2- f 3- c 4- b 5- a 6- b 7- a3, b4, c2, d5, e1 8- b 9- c 10- b 11- a 12- e 13- a 14- (all but c) Now to head for the library in order to check Newsweek....
  15. Baby Boomer's Music Quiz

    My pencil is sharpened but my lips are sealed.