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  1. "Let's Pretend" at PopDose.com

    Don't do this much: "Hi John Raspberries....folks like you should give them a break...highly under-rated but seminal in their own way! You should print that. I've played guitar (and multiple other instruments) since 1964...guess who my inspiration was?? I believe an important and oft overlooked point is the caliber of their harmonies and musicianship (Raspberries); both in the 70's (I was a Cleveland area musician) and recently when they re-united, is that they were (are) able to replicate all aspects of their music as well live as on the records...not unlike groups like the Eagles, Bruce, and McCartney (except for the recent Grammy's show...for some reason). Saw him live in Liverpool last June....tremendous and "Raspberri-esque!!!" Response: "but I love Raspberries! where did you get the impression I didn't? I guess I'm confused - why would I write about a song if I didn't like it? ...I love the Sunset Strip DVD - wish I could see them live myself, but they haven't been to Cali since..." I feel better already!
  2. Bad News....

    finally some reason
  3. Bad News....

    Okay, some of you psychologists (and I'm not meaning everyone on the board, as has been implied)...I have quietly observed this board for a long time, been to six of the most recent concerts, took as many as 20 people, enjoy and remain as committed as anyone who understands these folks' enormous talent and know some of them personally. Judging by the responses from some of you who have clearly passed judgment, I obviously, very intentionally, and successfully "hit a nerve!" The exact nerve I intended because yes, as we are all entitled to our opinion, some of us are defending our lame perspectives as though they are valid opinions! Many times in such highly difficult and very sad cases, it's sometimes better to keep your thoughts to yourself...I am not "nullifying" anyone's support...I am just defying those who must cast stones! You know who you are!! All I'm saying is get off of the poor guy's ass! When I saw the video posted, I was deeply saddened by the loss of vitality that was being held up for everyone to see...kinda like the dark ages burnings-at-the-stake and public hangings. The weasles from Orange were essentially saying: "wow...look who we got!!" Bye, bye...I resign! Peace
  4. Bad News....

    Hit when he's down, now that's the ticket! Listen to yourselves...you're right...I had nothing to say. I was thoroughly enjoying the experience until I heard the news, oh boy, and saw much of the self-righteous commentary, and thought "wait a minute...what a bunch of fair weather friends!!!" I'll go back to where I've been, unless some idiot calls me a dumbass again
  5. Bad News....

    Sorry, Mate, you're missing the point. There is no question (or debate about DUI)...tend to yours....he will figure his out....all I'm saying, is at time of great challenge...these diatribes are pointless (and sad). I am not a "poster" but this has been very disturbing.
  6. Bad News....

    All of you please get a life...it's music..he's a brilliant soul...you loved him to death when you were getting what you wanted (from him and the guys)...now let the man deal with a mistake...yes, it's very sad and difficult, but give the guy a break! As they say "the mistake is punishment enough!!" How do you think the guy feels?? He deserves unadulterated support!