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    Tough choice: Eric Carmen (Geffen).
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    Boats Against The Current
  1. The Kiwi's are coming...again!!!!!

    Wonderful news! Do enjoy the Amish visit --I hope that is a real treat for you both!
  2. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy Birthday, Eric! Wishing you all the best in the upcoming year, and one full of love, happiness, good health, and new adventures.
  3. New Review from The Second Disc!

    Great and thorough review. My favorite blurb: "...The Essential serves up rarities in the form of two previously unreleased selections from New York's fabled Bottom Line. Carmen revived The Raspberries' "Starting Over," and his intimate performance brought his sophisticated songcraft to the fore. The live version of Eric Carmen track "That's Rock 'n' Roll" is looser and more boisterous, and both tracks make a case that the entire concert should be issued imminently." Hear, hear.
  4. Huffington Post Eric Carmen Interview!

    Professor Carmen would add tremendous value to a musical education. Practitioners bring a unique dimension to the educational experience that academics can't provide. Heck, I would love to have him in a visiting scholar role at my school, but I realize that business students won't latch onto it unless it directly relates. Their loss. He would be so great at teaching them how to think critically, and not to blindly accept what is in front of them, but to think of alternative hypotheses. He's a great storyteller - he'd be a natural.
  5. Congrats to Bernie

    Congratulations, Bernie!! Glad to see your exceptional and varied talents are recognized!
  6. "Brand New Year" Free Download

    I apologize for being late to the congratulatory praises. I was in the UK for Christmas, and that was "Christmas" enough and was not expecting any presents. Any surprises. Any thing. And, much to my delight I was wrong. Thank you for a wonderful song, the background story so well told, and for bringing the surprise and joy to a windy Christmas day. I was grinning from ear to ear like a 9 year old. And it felt wonderful!!
  7. Finally…..A job !

    Wonderful news, Diane! No one deserves it more than you. Here's to a glorious 2014!!!
  8. Happy Birthday, Eric ! *Aug. 11*

    Happy Birthday, Eric! I hope you have a joyous day, and wish you all the best in the upcoming year --may it be glorious! As always, thank you ever so much for sharing your many talents with us --they make all our single days very special. Anne
  9. Dave Smalley CD

    I didn't hesitate to buy Dave's CD. You might find it a bit more mellow than anticipated, but it is a winner. I heartily agree with Tim on the Boxer CD --wonderful!
  10. The Essential Eric Carmen

    Glad to hear that this project is progressing so well, and exceeding all expectations! I'm eagerly awaiting the release. Congratulations, Eric!!
  11. What are you reading ?

    Ill Met By Moonlight - W. Stanley Moss. Always a good book to revisit every few years.
  12. My apologies…

    Hey DianeD!! I owe you a call! Perhaps the software training will come to good use in the job search. It's another skill you can chat about.
  13. Has anyone heard of Gregg Latterman, the founder of Aware records (John Mayer was listed with Aware)? He's giving a talk next week about his experience in the music industry starting and building a record label and artist management company. I think it will be worthwhile, but thought I'd check here first to see if any had insights, or any burning questions to be answered.
  14. Request for A Raspberries Encore!

    If only life could be that good!
  15. Billy Sullivan "Raining In My Heart"

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing, Billy!