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  1. Been quite a while since I was on here.....looking good Bernie!


    Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes. It was a wonderful weekend for me, spent with someone very special at Talladaga Super Speedway in Birmingham, Alabama.
  3. Been Away For a While

    Hi all....Been away for a while UPDATE...left Cleveland on Sept. 18 and moved to Charlotte NC....loving it here. close to my children now. Having a tough time finding a job, but not giving up! Hope everyone here has been doing well!
  4. Board Members Attending Hard Rock Cafe

    Guys....save your money..its not a huge thing...they will present their stuff , maybe sign a few autographs and be gone....no playing!
  5. Favorite Female Vocalists

    In no particular order Karen Carpenter Leona Lewis Anna Nalick Carole King Jenifer Lee
  6. Paul Sidoti on NZ TV

    When is Keith going to be in Nz?

    Happy Birthday Dave...all the best to you!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BILLY ! *March 4*

    Happy belated birthday Billy !!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MJ !! *March 8*

    Happy Birthday MJ...hope its a great year for you
  10. Question for Muzza

    Muzza & kiwi...loos like I will be arriving on the 6th? of April...willlet you know as soon as possible
  11. Happy Birthday, Leff'tHome !! *Feb 9*

    Happy Birtday Linds....don't worry you'll be boating again in no time!
  12. Hey, Cat People...

    Try getting a product called Feliway. It comes both in a spray form and a plug in. Its a pheramone spray that really helps cats calm down
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GENE ! *Dec 27*

    Happy Birfday to my favorite houseguest! Make sure the kitties don't eat all your cake!

    Tim, Heres wishing you the happiest birthday one can Have. Hope all your dreams and wishes come true.
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROADIE #3 ! *Dec 5*

    Happiest Birthday to my lovng wonderful brother. Here's hoping this coming year is filled with lots of love laughter and good surprises. Your the best! Your Baby Sister
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ! *Nov 17*

    Happy Belated Birthday to my favorite New Yorker. Hope you had a great day and wishing you all the best in the coming year!
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BARB B !! *Nov 19*

    Happy Birthday to one of the kindest sweetest most wonderful people I know

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes. This EC family is really something special. If my birthday wish comes true, I'll be seeing you all soon! Adrienne

    To everyone who had a birthday and for all the upcoming October birthdays....... Happy Birthday to one and all! Sorry I didn't get to wish each one of you individually, but I've been really busy and not much time on the computer. Hope everyone had / has a wonderful day adn all dreams and wishes come true.

    How wrong you are my dear brother....I don't even want to remember that its my birthday. I may head down to Charlotte for the weekend, try this new car out on a road trip.As for the bag of candy....how bout something a little more healthy for you...a bag of veggies perhaps?
  21. Your Most Prized Raspberries Possession

    That picture made me laugh. I remember sitting at the rehersal hall marking all thise strings as Ernie took them off of the guitars! My prized possesions would have to be my laminates, tour books,a signed picture of Dave with the blue bass, and while they are not mine, Erics guitars that I am storing until further notice!
  22. Chat This Evening

    I'll try to make it
  23. Don't want to say goodbye

    My heart goes out to you in this time of sadness. I hope yur wonderful memories of Spock and all the many years you shared together will comfort you. I know how hard it is to make that decision, I have to deal with it every day. Know this, the love that you have for Spock overcame your own needs as you did not allow him to suffer and when his quality of life was no longer what you knew he would want you did the kindest thing possible.
  24. Not to show up my brother but I currently am housing Eric's line 6 and two others that I have no idea what they are.
  25. I Wonder if I Am Going To Work

    I just spoke to my son in Tampa. He is an Ironworker and he told me that he is not working tomorrow.I hate this! I will worry all day until I hear from him