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  1. oh man he had such a great playlist sunday. Bob Stroud is the best DJ in the chicago market in my opinion.
  2. Rock n Roll Roots Cd

    how about "go all the way"? people who didn't know the berries reunitied might recognise (sp?) it and also he played it on his show the day after the berries concert.
  3. Chicago Fan Request…

    I have the sunday tribune Email me if you still want it.
  4. New Raspberries DVD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    do you mean the show???
  5. Video of Raspberries Reunion Concert

    Yes their will be a DVD and a Live album check out this site http://www.davesmalley.com/news/ that is where it is confirmed
  6. 1. everybody getting wanded 2. the price of drinks ($5.00 for a red bull?!?) 3. no driving around (still a great show) 4. price of merch (25 for a tee is alot) about wally smoking on stage whoever was at berries on the vine saw that he was chain smoking throughout the entire show so it seemed like he limited himself this time.
  7. I got one of the raspberries goodies from smittie, thank you very much (very clever idea)
  8. DVD Technical hopes

    I cant wait for the DVD and Live album. especially since the camera crew interviewed me and Im pretty sure I made some of the crowd shots! and oh yea 5.1 sound would be amazing.
  9. maybe we can try to get atleast 1 of their albums (probably greatist hits, although side 3 would be great) carried @ best buy o rother large chain stores.