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  1. The Fags

    Good band. They have another song called "List"- very catchy. I wish they had a different name as it will only hurt them in the future...

    Wow. I totally overlooked "Bellybutton" by Jellyfish. That's actually my all-time favorite album. Not sure HOW I missed that but thanks for reminding me. Duh.

    Speaking of Meet The Beatles, check out the album "Meet The Smithereens" a newly-released track-by-track tribute to the 1964 Beatles release covered by the great Jersey power-poppers The Smithereens. I've been a Smithereens fan for many, many years and even had Pat DiNizio (lead singer and songwriter) perform at my house on his "Living Room Tour" a few years back. I think you'd be surprised at how well the band pulls it off! You can listen to samples/buy it at iTunes.com. HIGHLY recommended!

    Two excellent debut albums: Boston (s/t) amazed that nobody mentioned this one... Men At Work (Business as Usual) Colin Hay is vastly underrated as a singer/songwriter.
  5. Cleveland 7/15 Hotel Reservations

    Thanks, Smittie. I think I'll book something there also since I'm a AAA member, also. Hoping to drive out there with my brother Bill (We're the ones who drove out there in November from Minnesota). We're also going to bring a huge Knack fan with us... Three guys in a car for a 12 hour drive. God help us.
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  7. reactions to heading to concert.....

    My brother and I are driving from the Twin Cities on Thanksgiving evening. We'll stop somewhere along the way to sleep, then pick it back up again in the morning until we get to Cleveland. 770 miles one way. I'm 34 and by brother is 44. He unknowingly turned me on to the Raspberries about 1976 when I was six and would listen to whatever he listened to. I was hooked at a VERY early age. Along with the Beatles, they were the first music groups I listened to. Over the last 30 years or so, I've still listened to them on and off. My musical tastes, though, haven't changed much as many of the bands that I've enjoyed over the past 15 years are very heavily influenced by the Raspberries "power pop" sound. Most people I know my age have "heard" of the Raspberries, but can't understand why I would trek out to Cleveland for basically a 48-hour trip (we have to head right back home non-stop after the show) to see these guys. They don't get it. I can't explain it to them. It's sentimental. It's historical. It's meeting these guys in person. It's being with virtually everybody on this list who finds this band amazing. It's listening to Raspberries, Beatles and Badfinger songs along the way. It's all that and so much more wrapped into one. I can't wait until a week from today to meet most of you at the preshow. My brother Bill and I will be the ones with the "Fresh" albums in our hands and the smiles on our faces!
  8. Inquiring minds are dying to know!!!

    From Jim Bonfanti just this morning: Hi Michael, 1) Yes, we will provide the photographer and all of the pictures will be uploaded to the Internet. You can have as many as you want at no charge. 2) Yes, we will autograph one item per person. Due to the amount of people attending the M&G we need to limit the amount of items that fans may want autographed. It is important that we M&G everyone and have time to chat as well. 3) Yes, the M&G will be after the show in the same room the Pre-Show Reception will be held. I hope this helps and you are free to pass this info along as needed. Jim Bonfanti I had the same questions as you. Hope this helps!!! My brother and I are driving from the Twin Cities for the show (and then driving right back after the meet and greet as his band has to play for a wedding on Saturday night!) Will be attending the pre- and post-concert festivities. Both of us will have our "Fresh" albums in hand for signing- then FRAMING after that! Can't wait!!!
  9. Here are my dream cover bands and the Berry songs they'd play: The Smithereens: I Wanna Be With You (not sure if Pat DiNizio can hit the high notes anymore!!) Jellyfish: Go All The Way Fountains of Wayne: Should I Wait Matthew Sweet: Don't Want to Say Goodbye XTC: Overnight Sensation Owsley: Tonight Ben Folds: Starting Over The Churchills: Let's Pretend Any comments???