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  1. "boxer" this weekend?

    Anyone else goin to see Jims band boxer play this weekend downtown Cleve?
  2. Agora in Cleveland

    Darlene,not sure about the recording there,it was a great place to here bands play, there was also a "punk" club in the basement.correction on the website it's www.clevelandagora.com haven't heard any reviews yet on the weekends reunions etc. DB
  3. Agora in Cleveland

    Harris,the Agora is a real place,although not the original real one,there was fire there,and Cleveland Stae Univ. bought it out. It is down the street a little way away.I think the web site is www.agoraballroom.com Same logo etc. I think the same family owns it as well.
  4. Agora in Cleveland

    Too bad Eric,Jim,and Wally couldn't put anything together for this weekends Cleveland bands reunion,anyone know if they were even approached? I think Wally is playin with some all star band there.That would've drawn a major crowd.Woul've gotten Eric back into his groove,and Jim,a warm up for his Boxer gigs.-golden opportunity guys.