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  1. Anyone remember Dark Shdows?

    it was on when I got home from School...Watched it occasionally
  2. Chicago HOB: Best One Ever

    The First Cleveland Show was very special, The anticipation, The excitement,the brand new Venue, etc...After the show , hanging in the Lobby at the Hotel till 5 am (a small group of us)...Funny story, I walked back to the Hotel, and the Bar was closing. I told the bartender he was making a HUGE mistake and slipped him a $20...he kept the bar open for us till 2am, poured us all another round, and we went into the lobby...What a great experience. The Scene Pavillion show was incredibly hot and uncomfortable, But the State Theatre was , in my opinion, the BEST I have ever heard them sound...period! I was 10 rows back, center stage, Jim's kick drum was pounding my chest.
  3. Taylor Swift Concert at Quicken Loans Arena

    Darlene, Listen to her lyrics...Really Listen hard.
  4. Wally and Eric...

    I am still answering 35-50 E-mails a day, from Last Sunday. It was a great get together, even though I found myself wiping away the tears a few times....Actually most of the night....
  5. Wally and Eric...

    A couple of The Who tunes...
  6. Wally and Eric...

    ...And just to stop any rumours before they start, Eric and Wally were there at different times of the evening. Wally had to be at work EARLY Monday morning, so he left right after he played.
  7. Wally and Eric...

    I organized (in 4 days) a "Get Together of Friends" For Alan Greene, whose beloved Wife Christine, passed away earlier in the week. Alan and I have been very close friends for over 30 years. Alan Is probably one of the best blues guitarists in this part of the country, in fact he won the Free Times "best guitarist" award several times. There is not enough room here to list the people/bands he has performed with, but Clevelanders are most familiar with "Breathless" and "Humble Pie".
  8. Hard Times

    When I said "Never again" I meant as a "figure of speech",I would ALWAYS help my kids out, and hopefully they would do the same for me one day, when I cannot fend for myself.It just frustrates me how a college educated, well-raised young woman, could assume that the financial, as well as physical burden/turmoil she put us(her sister and I) through should fall on my back?.How could someone just walk away, without even offering to help repair/replace all the destruction caused by carelessness?
  9. Hard Times

    Oh boy....My Daughter and Son-in-Law moved back in with me for about 6 months last year. I am single, so I figured it would be nice to have company. I have 2 dogs, they have one. The dogs fought constantly. Their dog dug up my whole yard. Holes everywhere.It also destroyed my couch, pillows, doors, etc.(it was a year old at the time, and was "bored"?? The work schedules were a huge problem.I work early, they worked late.They would eat dinner at 11pm, and stay up all nite watching TV.' I could go on and on. It was nothing but problems.And ended up costing me.(Quadrruple the water bills, double everything else, and they never seemed to have any money when the bills came. I will never do it again.....
  10. Lunch with Micky Dolenz? $$$$$$

    that is rediculous
  11. Where was he buried???

    Who cares...let him rest!!!
  12. I feel bad that Farrah got pushed out of the circle.Joe Jackson will get his...just wait....
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANNY S !! *June 26*

    Thank you to everyone who sent Birthday wishes. This year has been an emotional rollercoaster, and its nice to see the warm greetings posted here. Thanks Again Danny
  14. Joe(Elliott) was telling me last nite he felt bad, because CT got a late start, because of all the lightning, and with the triple billing, they HAD to end on time. Rick Nielsen's vocal mic wasnt working either.As it was, Poison(yawn)was LATE going ON because of the stage change-over.Def Leppard is going to switch around the bill, throughout the tour(to bad it wasnt last nite, I really wanted to see C.T..
  15. I was at the Cheap Trick/Poison(yawn)/ Def Leppard show here LAST NITE, and CT opened but only played for 20 minutes due to a late start(severe T-storms)