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  1. Chicago Show

    We did songs that night that we never touched base on again,,,, the medley of "Drivin Around/ Cruisin Music
  2. Chicago Show

    In my opinion,, the Chicago show was my favorite show of the whole tour. I know I've posted this before,,, ironically,,, , who knew that I would be living here in Chcago ten years later. Every Tuesday night that I'm off the road w the Hermits,, I drive past the Chicago HOB on my way to the Redhead Piano Bar for my gig. It always puts a smile on my face because it takes me right back to that cold night when the Raspberries ripped the roof off the place. I always said this,, and to the guys after the last song,,, that night was the greatest show I've ever played and experienced in my whole career.
  3. NEW Paul McCartney Music

    I like the song. I just wished he didn't sound so much like an old lady when he sings anymore,, particularly the line "All My Life". I know that sounds very mean and nit picky,, I don't mean to be,,, I guess we all still want Paul to sound like "Paul". Wings era McCartney in my opinion is when he was singing his best. He's still my favorite singer!
  4. Happy Birthday, Eric ! *Aug. 11*

    Happy Birthday Eric! I hope all is well!
  5. Billy Sullivan "Raining In My Heart"

    It's now available on itunes.
  6. Billy Sullivan "Raining In My Heart"

    Thanks everyone. I've always loved this song, and Buddy Holly. The version I loved the best was Tommy Roe's version. This will be available on iTunes soon. As of now, there's no Rams Head on the schedule but that could change.
  7. http://soundcloud.com/billysullivan46/raining-in-my-heart
  8. I had no idea that Don Krider passed away until now. He was a real nice. Sad to hear.
  9. Nov. 26, 2004 - Nov. 26, 2011

    Wow!!! Watching the slide show reminds me of how lucky I was,,,to be living in Cleveland Ohio,,, at the right time to be involved in such a special project as the Raspberries Reunion. Makes me homesick for Cleveland!!

    Thanks guys!!! Happy Birthday to Barb Bonfanti!!!!
  11. Free...again?

    Wally would be great in Free!!!
  12. The Beatles - The Next Generation

    It's disrespectful to tag the Beatles name to this,,they're NOT the Beatles! So what of they're the children.
  13. The Beatles - The Next Generation

    You're right about that Marvin!
  14. The Beatles - The Next Generation

    Julian's smart enough not to get involved.
  15. The Beatles - The Next Generation

    if anything,, they should have considered Julian. Sean Lennon has inherited Yoko's musical talent {zero!}!, certainly not John's!! To call it a Beatles related project {no pun intended} is all wrong in my book.