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  1. Lost Appearance - "EveryDay"

    I remember seeing this show. I kind of liked the show and I was SO excited because Eric was going to make an appearance. I actually thought it was a year or so earlier (I was 13 in 1978), because I thought it was nearer to when I got the "Eric Carmen" album for my birthday!
  2. get the message

    Me too!!!
  3. get the message

    I got it from Audiogalaxy a few years ago. I love it!
  4. to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Memorial Day Weekend. Will also take hubby to the flower show. Any suggestions on things I should check out while I'm there and/or places to stay? Does anyone know about the Edgewater Estates B&B? And is there one major thing a big Eric/Raspberries fan should see while I'm there?