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  1. Raspberries: 180 Gram Vinyl Record

    Looks cool! I have the original vinyl record my girlfriend bought and let me use back in 1972. It had the scratch and sniff thing on it, I remember the smell. I wonder if she misses it. I'm not sure how I ended up with it, but I'm glad I did. I think I still have every Raspberrie and Eric Carmen album that was released on vinyl.
  2. New Essential "Review"

    Just received my Essentials Cd from Amazon today. Loved it as usual. The pictures are great too! Didn't expect to get it that fast. I was thrilled. Great music, Eric. That's my review!!
  3. My "Essential" Order Cancelled!

    I just ordered it. I guess they're taking orders again!
  4. Nice collection, I'll definitely have to have it! Ditto on the live show! Please email me if it comes to realization!
  5. The Essential Eric Carmen

    Anticipation... half the fun of it!!!!
  6. Happy Birthday, Eric ! *Aug. 11*

    Happy Birthday to my favorite singer, songwriter! Have a great one! Can't wait for your next album, and even more, a live show!
  7. Eric: What You Wish You Had Done

    I too would be in line for a Severance Hall concert! Another fantasy!
  8. Eric, Wanna Buy A Grand From Me?

    Cool! Good luck, I sell guitars all day, been doing it for 32 years in my own store and still love it.
  9. New Forum!

    Nice update to the site. Thanks for all your work Bernie!
  10. Petition

    Solo gig, and a new cd! Yes,Yes,Yes.
  11. Remember Tony Sciuto?

    A very easy going, easy to talk person, loaded with personality and talent. Besides playing and writing as many songs as he can, he's also our rep for Washburn, Parker, Randall, and several other musical instrument lines. He's just doing whatever he can to make a living and stay in the music scene, and I hope the best for him (I've been sort of doing the same thing, in my own way, the last 35 years and I love it).

    Happy birthday! Love you man!!
  13. I'm Officially Retired

    Congratulations, and keep the music flowing! What a gift you have given all of your students and audiences over all of those years!
  14. Happy 70th Birthday!

    Wow, cool video!! Wow, 70?? We're getting up there.
  15. My dad passes away at 83

    Sorry to hear about your loss. He's in a better place and smiling down on you!