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  1. Raspberries/Michael Stanely

    marvin....kevin raliegh has one solo cd released in the mid to late 80's on atlantic records....a coupla tracks were produced by neil geraldo.....the record isn't very good, but has a cover of "anyone with a heart" originally recorded by another under-rated cleveland band american noise.....you might find it on e-bay!
  2. The word on a Raspberries reunion isÖ

    Even Wally solo on acoustic I would go see!! I SECOND THAT!
  3. Hudson Brothers

    as i recall, the "damn those kids" lp had a decent cover of the beatles' "anytime at all", and the rest of the record was quite good.....a bias opinion, as i'm a fan of the hudson's overall output......
  4. Similarities? Guess

    well done, larry!.....wish you were here is a polished pop-rock gem that never fails to inspire!!!.....song for song, badfinger's best effort, with masterful production by chris thomas!!
  5. A NEW Eric Carmen Song!

    thanks for the props bernie!....but the tape would still be in a dusty storage locker if not for you!.......
  6. Want to see what I Iook like? CONTEST WIN A CD!!!

    looks like lumpy and pumpkin-pants ate the audience, no?
  7. Raspberry sound-a-likes

    i recall a song by fleetwood mac called "come a little bit closer" sounding a bit like overnight sensation......
  8. Thundermug

    marvin....f.y.i...... mark hudson played the drums on "so you are a star"....
  9. Songs without choruses

    Knots-Gentle Giant .....hmmm....i think you'd be hard pressed to find a gentle giant song WITH a chorus.....
  10. TRIVIA

    ....and of course jude cole was a member of the records.....
  11. TRIVIA

    nick gilder and bryan adams were in sweeney todd....adams was 16 at the time!
  12. What is the last CD you bought?

    may i suggest that some of you might enjoy the brian wilson inspired cd by ireland band the thrills....also a few years ago chicago's the chamber strings released a fine specimen of pop confection entitled a month of sundays....all true fans of the genre must have these 2 precious platters!!!
  13. Badfinger 2/10/88 Phila Pa

    ...i had the pleasure of performing w/ joey molland this past weekend in liverpool, ny,(coincidentally the same liverpool where i first saw the 'berries!)...the set was mostly badfinger classics w/ a few of joey's solo tunes....although he wasn't the lead vocalist on the group's hits, the faithful renditions were very well received, and joey's energy and enthusiasm are infectious and extraordinary for someone who has been through the music business grist-mill like he has....he said he knew both eric and wally, and was a 'berris fan, (natch!)....god bless joey molland!