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  1. Karen Hill

    Hi Karen! Welcome!
  2. Vicious Rumor...

    Sorry I'm late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Craig!!
  3. The Berry Mash

    I'm not new, but it WAS FUN to watch this!!!
  4. We're Not Alone...

  5. MilkAdMan.com

    They're all wonderful...I didn't realize there were so many, either!! A few of my favorites are Heidi Klum, John Elway, Elton John, and Trisha Yearwood (<~I'll never forget the story!) Congratulations, Bernie!!! This is amazing!
  6. Lew....

    Happy Birthday, Lew !!
  7. Happy Birthday, LC... 2019

    I hope you had some fun...Happy Birthday, LC!!
  8. Happy Birthday dianed!

    Many Belated Happies, Diane!!
  9. New Photo?

    Great picture! Thanks for sharing it, Kirk
  10. It's Eric's Birthday!

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Eric! Wishing you a fun filled day and a year of exciting adventures !!
  11. Grumpy Cat dies

    So did we! It's so hard to lose our beloved furry companions.
  12. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter, everyone!!
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bernie!!!

    Happy Birthday to one of my very favorite people!!

    All great female rockers....I adore Lucinda Williams, too
  15. A Letter From Lewisa

    <sigh> Lewisa, honey, we need to talk, sweetie! Maybe you should try playing just a teensy little bit hard to get?? Does Lew REALLY appreciate you?? Did James know just what a golden "catch" he had? I have to wonder......
  16. My e-mail address

  17. This is now a Beatlebum-FREE Zone

    I have tried searching for Kazumi online and at one point, went back to her apartment in the city. Her voicemail was connected for a long time after she went "missing", but it's not any longer. It's hard to say it, but I just can't help but feel like something bad happened.
  18. The End Of An Era

    My heart is melting and breaking at the same time "seeing" so many of my old friends here again! You created a very special, magical place, indeed, Bernie. Lew, I remember meeting you at WAB when you thought we were all Moonies! And Diane, that cheesecake was to die for!! (Still have my button, too!) Gina! Where have you been, girlie?!?!!! No matter how many miles separate all of us, every one of you will forever be near and dear to me!! Now, where's that email thread???
  19. The End Of An Era

    So much I want to say about what this board has meant to me....but the words just won't come right now. Much love to my wonderful EC.Com family. Bernie, you're the best!!! Thanks for everything!
  20. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy Birthday to one of my very favorite people! Hope you have a smashing day tomorrow!
  21. Raspberries in Rock Hall

    This is so cool! Annie made them! I still have and treasure mine!!
  22. Happy St.Patricks Day

    Happy St. Patricks Day!
  23. It Hurts Too Much TopPop

    First time I've seen it, too! What a gem! Thanks, Kirk!
  24. Helloooooo... Is Anybody Out There?

    YAY!!!! I can't wait to hear more!
  25. 2 years ago

    I'm so sorry, Matt. I'm sure you miss her every day.