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  1. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy, happy, and happy birthday to Eric. Eric, could you be kind to make your own piano sheet for all the people loving your play? And try another play at the top view from your keyboard. We can learn it by following your good play. Don't make us wait too long! We love you all the way.
  2. The Essential Eric Carmen

    All Eric fans, a wonderful reply from our loving Timothy: Hello Simon, Thank you so much for the kind words… and very interesting idea! There is no doubt working on this project is an honor. EC's music deserves the most honored of platforms. Come 3/11/14, I don't think you'll be disappointed… It's going to sound great! Best, TJS
  3. The Essential Eric Carmen

    Dear Dear Timothy, We are No. 1 Fans of Eric Carmen in Asia. You are our angel and visionary in Eric Carmen new CD set. We love to express our unmeasurable appreciations to you for truly aware of Eric music magics. Since you are so smart and intelligent in music market, one commercial product accompany with this CD set may be considered to greatly create the value of Eric music's influence to younger generation. The answer for this product is: Eric music songbook for double CD set. All the young musician can absorb the Eric magic water from this incredible songbook of 30 songs. We all love you. All the best, Simon C. Li Professor, Electrical Engineering, National University of Tainan, Taiwan
  4. My 6 years old son Joyoung love to play piano. He can play three Eric great songs: All by myself/Never gonna fall in love again/Let's pretend. He wants to play more Eric songs. Could anyone be kind to e-mail us some Eric other sheet music such as I'm through with love/The way we used to be/She remembered/After you/Foolin myself? He loves every Eric songs since he was a baby.
  5. New Audio Files!

    I prefer a audio file from Eric new solo work. Better be goooooood!!!!!!!!! Am I asking too much? :p
  6. ETV is on the air!

  7. Happy Birthday Eric!

    Dear Eric, Happy and Happy Birthday!! Happy and Happy All The Way!! I have been your super First and #One fan in Taiwan since 1984. Your songs take up all my love, lost and life. You deserve more popularity than any other songwriters and singers in any time and any level. LOVE of LIFE, Your Fantasy/Fancy Fan Seaman
  8. Hot Summer Is Coming! Where's The New CD?

    Do we forget something that keeps us waiting so long? The CD is the life-force for our EC fans. Bring the power vision of Raspberries musics, when heat wave is on.
  9. Eric's Devil and the Deep Blue Ambivalence?

    Where the hell we can hear Eric's Devil and the Deep Blue? Someone bring me mp3 with mercy. After all, we are family of EC fans.
  10. Any word on a Raspb. DVD from the tour ??

    Our Summer is hotter than ever. Fans are thirsty now. The only cure is not Heineken, but a cool drip down from Reunion DVD into our eyes.
  11. Live CD

  12. 'Devil' & 'Cindy'

    I never hear these three songs: Temporary Hero, Cindy In The Wind, and Devil And The Deep Blue. Could any Eric fans be so kind to e-mail these mp3 to me. I love to hear them before any judgement.
  13. Songs That Shouda Been Hits

    Eric has many songs in his solo career that could have great hits. "I'm through with love" is the only one have to. This is the song of my love with two fincees through the time passage of 1984~1988. The choice is always the bitterest heart-cut in my life. I am keeping it alive and hit in the air now everyday everytime when my celluar phone rings!
  14. Eric Carmen fan

    There is one word stands for the true feeling of everyone in this websit : "No matter where or in any songs Eric' sound comes out,our affections lives on"

    My vote go for 78%. Yahoo!