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  1. Eric / Christmas compilation?

    P.S. Off-topic (sorry!!), but although I don't "collect" too many things, one thing I DO collect is Dala horses. My first came from Bishop Hill, then I got a three-piece set of "baby" Dalas in varying colors from Sweden. Then on to eBay! I love them!!
  2. Eric / Christmas compilation?

    I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing, BUT! Children tend to change everything. EC may surprise us all. "It just goes to show -- it's always something!" Oh! And Jimmy -- the Swedish Christmas songs that my grandfather sang to us were comedic. (Such as, "I Yust [sic] Go Nuts at Christmas.") I come from a small Swedish farming community in Illinois (Galva, with the sister city of Gavle, Sweden). (I don't have the Swedish typing characters set up -- sorry!) Galva is closerthanthis to Bishop Hill, Illinois, which is a historical Swedish settlement. Had my grandfather not changed his name at Ellis Island, my maiden name would have been "Persson." "Persson" was "too common." Go figure!! :p
  3. Eric / Christmas compilation?

    When I first mentioned the idea, I wrote Christmas/holiday CD -- on the chance that he might be a practicing Jew. I also know many Messianic Jews, and have been to their services. (They're fun!) So he could be among them?! Who knows, anymore? It was a fun suggestion that I thought we could have fun with. I thought people here had imagination and liked to think along creative lines, even if the subject wasn't one that would actually take form? Maybe I was thinking of another group of people? Tony, I HAVE Amy Grant's Christmas CDs. And GRPs Holiday collection. And Mannheim Steamroller's Holiday CDs. And even Bob Rivers Corp CDs. I am not lacking in Christmas/holiday music. This was just a fun project that I thought we could toss around and play "co-producers" for a while. Sounded like an interesting challenge. I mean, someone else started a topic about people on the board writing EC's lyrics, and nearly everyone jumped on board and took a stab at it. Just for fun. This was merely another fun challenge. Never mind.
  4. Eric / Christmas compilation?

    I wouldn't want to hear Eric singing goofball Christmas songs, but the more ethereal stuff. Mannheim Steamroller can transform every song they perform, and they generally do. I get goosebumps from them! Nanci Griffith is, indeed, on a different plane from EC, which is why I think they would make an interesting duo -- at least, to "sample!" I have heard some duets by people that I never IMAGINED would mix well, but they did! I'm surprised that you consider Nanci's material to be non-intellectual, though. She uses a lot of symbolism in her work, and while she doesn't write tributes to F. Scott Fitzgerald or even Coretta Scott King, she is highly intelligent. (I definitely wouldn't label her "country-like" -- she presents a "modern folk" feel at times, but she's not twangy country.) When she was first starting out here, she recorded a song that a friend of Keith's and mine wrote. The video was full of depth and symbolism, and many of the ideas were hers. (Roger Brown, the songwriter, was also in the video. Keith and I were there, giving him moral support! **g**) Songs can be down-to-earth and still be "deep," don't you think??
  5. Women vocalists

    Tony, were you being nice to me, or was it an illusion?? I'm afraid that, when I was at my best, I sounded most like Karen Carpenter, as opposed to sounding like Olivia Newton-John or Cher. I am certain that other chick singers sounded more like Karen C. than I did. At the moment, unless/until TPTB (The Powers That Be) come up with a cure for Arnold-Chiari malformation, I will never again be able to sing professionally. People underestimate the powerful role that muscle conditioning plays in singing. The diaphragm (the muscle, not the contraceptive!) is crucial in range, control, timbre -- just about everything! Ever wonder why so many singers jog and do aerobics? It's not just for vanity. The conditioning MUST be there. Otherwise -- nodes on your vocal cords are practically guaranteed. Anyway, I have Arnold-Chiari malformation (which is why I had to have two brain surgeries), and besides pain, "Chiari" causes degradation of the muscles. They waste away. Exercise can help, but only for a little while. (Pain gets in the way before too very long.) The diaphragm is a large muscle, and it is crucial for proper singing. Mine is not in good condition, I'm afraid. It has turned to mush, along with the rest of my muscles. I was in excellent shape when the Chiari became symptomatic. Between dance, playing bassoon and oboe, and exercising FOR singing and BY singing -- I was mostly muscle. I was able to function long after many people would have turned into mush. You can't stave it off forever, though; for example, I am now mush. Complete mush. I HATE it, but I have the tensile strength of a gnat. My doc just prescribed a nasty scooter for me, and I am putting it off. (Waiting to see my new neurosurgeon, since mine had his license pulled.) I LOVED singing Carpenters' songs, though. I got my butt off the piano bench and sang a Carpenters' song during every "concert" the school chorus gave. (I had a back-up pianist -- Ginger [can't remember her last name -- sorry Ginger!], and she played when I got up to do my solo. Ahhhh -- memories! Soooo, as much as I would like to continue to sing, I don't think it will ever happen. Unless I find a doctor/trainer who thinks that s/he (or one of each) can help me get my voice back? I wish! With all my heart, I wish!
  6. Eric / Christmas compilation?

    Even if you are diametrically OPPOSED to the EC Christmas effort, you could still play along! Awww, come on, have some fun! Play "pretend!" (My Swedish grandfather sang me some Swedish Christmas songs [when I was little] that were hilarious in English!) I know what songs that *I* think EC could really breathe life into; I am curious about your opinions on the same subject. Please play?? If you won't play, I'm taking my soccer ball and going home! Or else, I'll hold my breath 'til I turn blue! **g**
  7. Eric / Christmas compilation?

    Now guys -- I know you're dyin' for new EC material, but as I said, a Christmas project may start "unblocking" him for other masterpieces. For most people, creativity comes in spurts. Light the match, tickle the wick, and let the candle burn, baby, burn! (And if ANY of you make something nasty out of ANY of that, I will FLOG you!!) Anyway -- the way I see the Christmas/holiday project is WITH Mannheim Steamroller. Any vocalist would be a candidate for a lobotomy if s/he turned down an opportunity to record with Mannheim Steamroller!! (IMHO, of course!!)
  8. Eric / Christmas compilation?

    Hi Kirk! Every decent Christmas song may well have been recorded to death, but by vocalists who sing like death! I would like for him to write his own Christmas cuts as well. Eric could sing the "over-recorded" songs as they SHOULD be sung, plus I think that a project such as this could get those creative juices flowing! (Reading good short stories and poems inspire me to sit down and strive for that "masterpiece" that I believe all of us have inside us.) Hmmmmm -- Grandma?? No, THAT one HAS been done to death. "Tony Got Run Over By a Reindeer" might be good. . . . . **g**
  9. Eric / Christmas compilation?

    Julie has suggested "O Holy Night," which I think would be awesome for him to record as well! I also like: - Greensleeves - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - CAROL OF THE BELLS! - Merry Christmas Darling! Join in, everybody, please?!!
  10. Maybe we should start a new topic regarding Eric's possible (hopeful!) Christmas compilation, and discuss the following (time's a wastin', folks!): 1) Should he do it? 2) Should he join up with Mannheim Steamroller for this hypothetical project? (YESSSSSSSSS please!) 3) Should he also have a female vocalist join in? 3a) If so -- who? 4) Songs/cuts -- suggestions for the masterpiece! 5) Leave room for at least one, preferably two, songs for Eric and Chip to provide original material! Whatta ya think?? (I would LOVE to hear the "Carol of the Bells!" with a female singing counterpoint. Lovely! ::::sigh:::: )
  11. Women vocalists

    Maybe we should start a new topic regarding Eric's Christmas compilation, and discuss (time's a wastin', folks!): 1) Should he do it? 2) Should he join up with Mannheim Steamroller for this hypothetical project? (YESSSSSSSSS please!) 3) Should he also have a female vocalist join in? 3a) If so -- who? 4) Songs/cuts -- suggestions for the masterpiece! 5) Leave room for at least one, preferably two, songs for Eric and Chip to provide original material! Whatta ya think?? (I would LOVE to hear the "Carol of the Bells!" with a female singing counterpoint. Lovely! ::::sigh:::: )
  12. Women vocalists

    Nancy Griffith! Oh definitely! HOW could I forget her?? And Maura O'Connell! And the charming and witty Christine Lavin! Vocal talents, and many more musical talents! All of them! (Gals -- Christine Lavin had me about to pee my pants when I first heard her sing; she is a scream!!) And oh, how I'd treasure a Christmas compilation from Eric! Maybe he could do lunch with Chip Davis, and they could iron out the details?? Mannheim Steamroller is usually only instrumental. What better voice to add than Eric's?? And a perfect female vocal counterpart! But which female vocal?? Ann Wilson?? She'd definitely be in my Top Five!! --> "Lalalalalala!"
  13. Women vocalists

    Off-topic sorry! BUT! Would it be TOO weird for Eric to put out a Christmas CD?? (I think it would be GREAT!) Oh! Question Deux! I just received a used CD of The Clarks -- "Another Happy Ending." Any listening advice?? Thanks guys!!
  14. Women vocalists

    Tony, if it's the song I THINK you're thinking of -- Karen Carpenter sang that one, with brother Richard singing harmony. The song is "Hurting Each Other." (Kinda hits home HERE -- spooky, huh?
  15. Women vocalists

    And you know -- intimately! -- what a depressed white trash country girl would sing like, eh? Personal concert??