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  1. ELO reissues

    Angloberry, my favorite ELO tune is also "One Summer Dream". I've never heard Jeff Lynne speak about this song; I'm wondering if the lyrics really mean anything. The Electric Light Orchestra was my first concert - February 1976, Greensboro, NC. The opening acts were Wet Willie and Journey (before Steve Perry joined the band). I remember they opened with "Fire On High". They also did a extended instrumental piece that was originally the short link between "Ocean Breakup/King of the Universe" and "Bluebird Is Dead" from the "On the Third Day" album. I've never heard this anywhere else although I would imagine it's appeared on a bootleg somewhere. Craig
  2. What old TV show should come out on DVD?

    I've been waiting for the original "The Wild Wild West" with Robert Conrad and Ross Martin for many years. Columbia House released the first season on DVD back in the 90's, but apparently they weren't on par with most DVD releases (no extras, interviews, etc.). There have also been bootlegged versions put out that are nothing more than VHS recordings from syndicated episodes, all of which are incomplete. Craig
  3. I recently moved to LA from Germantown, MD. Just before I moved, I heard the Raspberries were playing in NY. I really wanted to go, but I had too much to do getting ready for my cross-country journey. I was thrilled when I heard the guys were playing at HOB in LA! I bought my ticket, and can now say it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. I've been a fan since the first album. I have followed Eric's solo career as well. In my younger days I was a rocker, playing in many bands in North Carolina where I grew up. We did our own material, but we also snuck in a Raspberries song occasionally. About 10 years ago, I recorded a song I wrote that was an homage to Eric. It appeared on a compilation CD called "Yellow Pills, Vol. 3". (Ironically, Scott McCarl's version of "Nobody Knows" is the track just before mine on the CD!) Anyway, seeing the original 4 in concert at HOB brought everything full circle for me. I could hardly believe my eyes when the curtain arose and there they were! By the way, I posted on this board about 2 years ago when talk of a reunion was just wishful thinking. Funny how good things happen when you think they never can! And incidentally, the first week I was in LA, I saw The Knack give a free concert in Warner Park in Woodland Hills. It was also a cool show. They haven't lost their chops either. I hope to get a chance to visit this board more often. Craig
  4. Live Shows in the Vault??

    I can't remember if I've mentioned it here, but somewhere in my collection I have several audio recordings of the 'berries live in Florida. On at least one of them they perform Free's "All Right Now". It's really interesting to hear them in a rather informal setting; the announcer who introduces them (at one show) says some unintentionally funny things to the screaming girls in the audience. Craig
  5. Raspberries Cover Songs

    I have several audio recordings of the Raspberries live in Florida. On at least one of them, Eric belts out a great version of "All Right Now" by Free. And this was well into the 70's when these were recorded. Even though they had already topped the charts, the Raspberries still paid tribute to their contemporaries. Craig Pearman
  6. In my younger days, if you asked me what I did for a living (part-time anyway), I would tell you I'm A Rocker and songwriter. I used to play in pop bands, and we even covered "Tonight" and "I Wanna Be With You". Even after my bands broke up I continued to write songs. Back in 1995 I was lucky enough to have one of my songs included on a compilation CD called "Yellow Pills, Vol. 3". The song is called "Let's Take A Chance" and was written more as a joke than anything else. I wrote and recorded it as a tribute to the Eric/Raspberries sound. But I never thought the producer putting the CD comp together would consider it or take it seriously as it was recorded on a 4-track very primitively. He did, and even though it's not an accurate representation of my other material, I'm still very flattered he thought enough of it to release it! I'm not sure if the CD is still in print, but it's on the Big Deal record label and might be available at any used CD site (half.com for example). By the way I get NO money for this; I just thought other Raspberries fans might appreciate my modest tribute. Craig Pearman
  7. I'm really excited that I discovered this site! I've been a fan of Eric and The Raspberries ever since I heard "Go All the Way" on a tiny transistor radio way back in 1972! Any time a new Raspberries single was released, it was a great joy to hear it on the way to school or during summer vacation. There's obviously too much to try and discuss in this one post, and I'm still reading some of the older ones. But for now I'll just put in my two cents worth about a few things: "Tonight You're Mine" is a great album. Even though I bought it when it came out, I rediscovered it in the summer of 1984 when I fell in unrequited love really hard. "Foolin' Myself" was my theme song that summer....I think that "Boats Against the Current" is a masterpiece. I read somewhere a long time ago that it's Eric's favorite album....To this day, I can't listen to "Sunrise" without a feeling of elation sweeping over me...."Let's Pretend" is probably my favorite Raspberries single - a wonderful homage to Brian Wilson (one of many)....Has there ever been a greater song about life on the road than "Play On"?.... It's probably been mentioned, but there's a terrific book called "Overnight Sensation: The Story of The Raspberries" by Ken Sharp. Speaking of Ken Sharp, everyone should check out a website called notlame.com. This is a great power pop record label that distributes many artists rich in the Raspberries tradition. Somewhere in my video collection I have an interview with Eric on "Good Morning America" from 1985. He plays a version of "Waiting" for Joan Lunden! Thanks for reading this. I look forward to exchanging fandom with you all! Craig Pearman