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  1. First Concert

    Darlene- Just remembered that it is "Rdolph RING". My Polish godfather was a barber and used to cut his hair. Ring was a radio guy on one of the Cleveland stations for classical/opera, right? -Bill
  2. First Concert

    When both? Sorry about that....I was thinking of the conductor that followed Szell and spaced on his name. Still spacing...
  3. First Concert

    I used to go to the Cleveland Symphony when both George Szell was conducting. My parents had season tickets and it was always a thrill to go. Darlene, I can't believe you know who Rudolph Bing was ! First concert-The Four Seasons in 1963 at Euclid Beach. The big hit was "Sherry". I don't know whether it was any good or not-I was 13! Best Concert-Far and away was Billy Joel at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix in '73. A two hundred seat theater-in the-round with Joel and his original band.
  4. What do your kids listen to?

    I guess when you go through all the normal names you look for a hook. When I was 16, our band got our name, Summit Express, from Summit Road in South Euclid and an express bus that was passing by at the time ! I don't even want to KNOW what had to happen to choose the name Butt Trumpets (but it is pretty cool) -Bill
  5. Ask Eric

    Darlene- Thanks for the welcome... My garage band bassist actually introduced me to Eric at a McDonalds in South Euclid. At that time, Eric was in Sounds of Silence. I remember the first time I saw him play with SOS was at the YMCA in Lyndhurst. My major recollection of that time is the image of Eric standing in front of what was probably a Farfisa keyboard with a harmonica hung in front of his mouth and a guitar hanging off his shoulder. As his rep progressed, I saw him numerous times before I took off for college, and then Europe for almost six years. Regards-Bill
  6. What do your kids listen to?

    My son is a recent birthday boy of 13. His favorite groups are: Linkin Park, The Butt Trumpets (I swear that's the name), Simple Plan and Good Charlotte. He is an avid, avid Beatles fan, with the ability to sing the Hanover Club songs in German. As I said in another post, Boats Against... is one of my sons's favorite CD's-I played it so much that he took it in by osmosis. Since I have been visiting this site, he has heard more of EC's other tunes and has blessed him with "pretty cool".
  7. "I was a dreamer..."

    I heard BATC for the first time at a friend's party just after it came out. To say that I was knocked out would be somewhat of an understatement. I took the LP off the turntable, grabbed the record jacket, told my buddy that I would return it the next day (never did) and grabbed my girl. We listened to it for about 5 hours straight. Not because I happen to be on this board, but this is the finest album that I have ever heard. The greatest works stand the test of time---my 13 year old son now listens to BATC on CD! Kudos to Eric on his ability to leave a musical legacy. Many can perform, but fewer are remembered. -Bill
  8. Ask Eric

    God, I hate being JUNIOR anything!! New to the world of EC.com, so hello all from a Cleveland born-and-bred lad who lived in Lyndhurst and watched the band(s)grow and mature on their own turf. So, Bernie, where do the generic e-mails go that get sent to EC.com? I sent one last week and wondered whether you get them, Eric gets them, or whether they go to the Internet equivalent of the Post Office (laughed at, deridden and shot as target practice with an Uzi)? Regards All Bill