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  1. McCartney Yankee Stadium

    I too was there Friday evening...first time seeing Paul live. Hard to believe he's nearly 70. Sounded incredible. Looked great. Highlight was, for me, The Night Before. His band is absolutely amazing. A very memorable evening. And what about that full moon rising over the stage? A perfect night. Bob Allen
  2. 6 Years Ago Today...

    I am (for better or worse) not easily impressed, but man - I sure was that night. When I think back about it -- seeing this band reunite after three decades -- it almost didn't seem real, or possible. But there they were. There we were. I think I pinched myself several dozen times that evening (and in several different places). It was a very special night. Bob Allen Syracuse NY
  3. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?

    This topic has been discussed ad nauseum. Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together and even a shred of dignity understands that the RRHOF is for touristas only. Quite frankly, if I were a 'rock and roll' artist with some merit (ie, Alice Cooper), I would consider it a badge of honor to NOT be involved w/ that operation. If someone came up to me on the street and offered me $5,000 to tour the facility I would let them keep their money. I mean, honestly, ABBA's in the RRHOF and Alice Cooper isn't? That defies logic, not to mention the natural order of things. J Wenner is gross. PS -Alice Cooper was blazin' the other night. Still looks and sounds great. Plus, he's a very funny guy.
  4. Good Summer Listenin'

    Acid House Kings, Brookville, Justin Currie, Tahiti 80...now go do the right thing.
  5. What was it about Alice Cooper?

    Alice Cooper is a damned legend, pure and simple. Classic in every sense of the word. Rock and roll does not get any better than the stuff he put out 'back in the day.' His newer material t'aint half bad neither. (Love his version of 'Pretty Ballerina'; I'll be draggin' my 16 yr old daughter to see him in a coupla weeks...I'll tell him you said 'hi'). Bob Allen Syracuse
  6. New NY Dolls Album - "Cause I Sez So"

    Sadly, the Dolls of today are, alas, not the Dolls of yesteryear. (Happily, one cannot say the same about the Raspberries.)
  7. Bad news for the Allen brothers....

    ...a sad, sad day. god rest his, er - I mean her - soul.
  8. Sweet perform at the Cyn Club in So. Cal.

    "A bit thick then yourself ah?" Been peekin',eh?
  9. Sweet perform at the Cyn Club in So. Cal.

    'he's added on a good 100 lbs...' don't sound too good to me!
  10. Your SECOND favorite male vocalist

    Joe Pernice David Cassidy Burton Cummings (back in the day) Myles Goodwin
  11. Greatest power pop songs of all time.....

    No 'power pop' list is complete w/out Van Duren (not to mention Twilley's 'You Were So Warm').
  12. 50 Best CDs-2008

    rolling stone don't know shit. you should all know that by now. triple ho y'all...gotta go track santa's arrival on norad.
  13. Rock & Roll HOF Annex Review

    The thing I remember about CBGB was the fact that it smelled strongly of up chuck the minute upon entering. And the floor was really sticky. Rock and roll baby.