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  1. Where's Lew?

    Nah…Lew was away for a few days visiting his kid in Florida…Would have loved to try to track down Bessieboo but no one has any way to track her down…I am back in the land of milk and honey…Once I get through a rigorous dj schedule and finalize my mom’s estate, I will be back full force…
  2. "Not Secure"

    Thanks, Kirk…I am in for next year as welll…
  3. Bessieboo

    I am heading to Fort Lauderdale this morning(I am getting better at this flying thing) and I would love to track down Bessieboo…She just disappeared from here and lives in the south Fl. Area…Does anybody know her real name or how to get a hold of her?
  4. Rick Springfield..

    Love Rick Springfield…Seen him many times live always delivers…And has some really good albums…Besides the singles and well known tracks, he has some great deeper tracks I.e. Calling All Girls, Honeymoon In Beirut, and my personal favorite, Souls…
  5. Wow!!! Look who is at #52…

  6. Be Prepared to shake your head…

  7. GATW cover

    Kirk, I notice that you posted this on Facebook and got a number of responses from former posters…See if you can get some of them to come back here…
  8. Got a cryptic note from Lewisa…

    “Dearest Lew, Don’t be fooled…James and Jim L…One in the same…Be careful…They both are playing you for a fool…One builds you up/the other knocks you down…It’s like jogging and eating ice cream at the same time…Zero balance…They pretend to fight each other, but it’s James’ mental gymnastics…Notice, they have both disappeared…I need to get away from these two(1)…Please help me come back…” Your loving Lewisa..
  9. Pretty good career retro…

  10. Any way to enlarge this?

    https://books.google.com/books?id=khMEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA11&lpg=PA11&dq=ringo's+opinion+of+Eric+Carmen&source=bl&ots=55LkDrah8q&sig=ACfU3U1zUEoKy108VoFF_6jlfgp7XzrUsg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiRzraBhonzAhXxm-AKHY5EAfw4ChDoAXoECBIQAw#v=onepage&q=ringo's opinion of Eric Carmen&f=false
  11. https://nypost.com/2000/05/25/ringo-co-starrs-shine-at-the-beacon/
  12. Hear Raspberries at Brian Wilson shows!

    It’ll be interesting if Brian Wilson still has any EC/Raspberries stuff in his pre-show selections…
  13. It never rains in Southern California

    Here’s a list of bass player Dennis Dunaway’s favorite Cooper songs… https://www.loudersound.com/features/the-10-best-alice-cooper-songs-by-dennis-dunaway?fbclid=IwAR0_tGvCeHNHbbno2zOZ1HWX1ZW6RMCuUZ9cBpbWuygBBCsRT9T-upQqz6s
  14. Packing up mom’s house…

    My brother’s and I have sold my mom’s house and are in the process of fixing/cleaning the place out…It’s a very stressful and melancholy experience…Closing has been pushed back a few times when new problems pop up…Getting ready for the inevitable fights amongst the siblings over the “I want this andI want that” phase…
  15. It never rains in Southern California

    I’m a huge Alice Cooper fan…(even got to know Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway a bit from the original group) and Elected is one of my least favorite ACG song…