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  1. A Great Illness Chart

    A friend of mine posted this on Facebook...it’s a great chart to help you distinguish between, Coronavirus, cold, flu and allergies...
  2. State Capitals

    Carson City rings the bell...
  3. History Quiz

    #1...Simon Bolivar #2...Jamestown #5...The woman formerly known as Lewisa...
  4. Football Trivia

    As part of my djing, I would host trivia nights so I know a lot of these things...
  5. Quiz, from James

    I got Donovan with Mellow Yellow, but don’t know anything else... Chris DeBurgh had Lady In Red, but nothing else... Van Mortison with Brown Eyed Girl, but not too familiar with his stuff to name another...
  6. Football Trivia

    Gotta dig deeper, Craig...I think it’s Frank Reich...
  7. Quiz, from James

    God, I hope I get this right...
  8. State Capitals

    Correct...if you exit Trenton on it’s western border you would be in Pennsylvania...
  9. State Capitals

    Go ahead Craig...
  10. Quiz, from James

    One guess would be...Moody Blues Nights in WHITE Satin BLUE Guitar... and the other... Rolling Stones BROWN SUGAR BLACK and BLUE
  11. State Capitals

    What are the only 2 U.S. state capital cities, that if you exit the city on its WESTERN border, you’d be in another state?
  12. Brain Teaser

    The question is asked...”Can you find the mistake”???? The correct answer is no...I don’t think it has anything to do with the numbers, the sequence, the colors or color progression...
  13. 10 from Lyrics

  14. Chart Trivia

    The song prompted someone to murder someone on a musicians website?
  15. Chart Trivia

    Fell out of the top 20?...