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  1. Todd Rundgren Utopia

    Saw him with Utopia many, many, years ago...(40 maybe)...And he performed most of the night with his back to the audience...2nd half of the show was all instrumental, he was wearing a diaper, and turned around one time and sang one line from,We Gotta Get You A Woman, and turned back around and continued the instrumental
  2. Todd Rundgren Utopia

    The last time I saw Todd, after not playing any of his hits, he came out for an encore and the crowd started chanting for I Saw The Light...He said to the crowd,”you guys are a bunch of assholes”, slammed the mic down and split...
  3. Please, James!!!

    Wow...I’ve never seen James go off the rails like this...Can he really be feeling threatened by Kirk’s emergence on the poetry scene?...
  4. Please, James!!!

    I stopped by Dr. Clara Net’s apartment and she was with a colleague from the musical appreciation dept., the famous French professor, Dr. Gee(rhymes with key) Tar...Here is her analysis... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ”The opening stanza spotlights the word “simple” betraying the complexity of the piece which provides a perfect diachotomy to its initial intention...But, this inferred “simpleness” is betrayed by the author with the scoping eloquence of the vagueness of all words, “big”...A collection of imagerial precedents allows the reader to extrapolate his own formations as to “Lew’s Bigness”... Are we referring to circumfrical aesthetics such as girth and/or gross tonnage...? Or paradventure, increased loin volume at the thought of the suggested iambic pentameter in stanza two.?...This certainly can be construed as “bigness” in literary terms... In verse two, the irresistible cadence is catered to by the interesting supplementation of the word “for”...A modern day poet may have used a subjugation method and substituted that verbiage with a less than traditional “fore” or numerical equivalent “4” which would deceptively(or intentionally) steer the piece to a less than serious overlay...”Fore” would conjure up images of the sporting life...Is this the true intention of the author?...Is it a cerebral ”bait and switch”?...Can the athletic charade have been extended even further, sublimally?...Is the author “fishing” for the exact source of Lew’s “bigness”...NO...He invites the reader to a mental gymnastic that permeates iambic pentameter in a way that cements it’s very iconoclasm within literary boundaries...Furthermore, the insertion of the “numerical “4” would extract all semblance of artistic integrity as the reader would envision a 4 line piece of art as opposed to the two stanzas...This would have subjugated the piece and it’s author to subterranean levels and destroy any credible attempt to employ the common bondage that a reader must conjugate with the scripter...Pure genius... The startling finish is truncated by the use( or rather) non-use of any thought finalization...There is no closing punctuation mark...Is it the actual end? Is there a finality that jars the reader, to genuflect, absorb, or simply add their own codicil...A question mark would promote an aura of instability in the work and leave the reader with an unbsustantial banality driven by their own thought patterns...How banal indeed...An exclamation point would reinsert the author’s vocational obligation and leave no question of a duplicitous eventuality...” All In all, a brilliant piece, but there is a suspicion, that the world is indeed marveling at a new James piece utilizing a nom-de-plum of “Kirk”...Tell us, post haste...
  5. Please, James!!!

    Wow...If you allow me to, Kirk...Can I have Dr. Clara Net analyze your piece?
  6. Please, James!!!

    I submitted a new poem, To the Professor at Yale, And next to James’ work, She said “it indeed did pale” She sent me away, Told me to work hard at it, And don’t come back with another, Pile of shit... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Please, James...We have been friends, adversaries, Lewisa sharers, etc. for a long time...Could you please post a new “work of art” so I can analyze what I am doing wrong...? I am desperate... Respectfully, Your compadre and poetic unequal, Lew...
  7. New Avatar

    It is well worth it...
  8. Craig, Birthday Boy

    Chalk up one more year...HBD...Its all a bonus...
  9. I´m in that...

    Being very suspicious of Clara Net’s review, (was she once a member of his harem, was she a friend of Hillary’s when the ex next President was a student at Yale?), I decided to write my own poem, using James’ juxtaposition bull**** and all those other fancy literary terms and present it to Dr. Net and get her opinion...Anyway here is my poem that I tried to pass off as James’... Some roses are yellow, Some roses are pink, When I eat White Castle, My farts stink. Aghast!!! I listened, To my laundry lady telling her Schizzle, That my underwear’s skid marks, Sparkle and sizzle. Yikes!!! whatever happened, To a washing machines loyalty...? Do a roll of quarters, No longer protect James’s royalty. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dr.Clara Net’s two word review...”It stinks”
  10. I´m in that...

    It’s hard, for me, to be objective about James’ poetry after the whole Lewisa “issue”....So, I brought James’ latest poem to a Yale Literature professor and had her evaluate his work...This really happened as I live in New Haven, the home of Yale...I became a fan of this Professor when I went to a book signing of her latest project...”The History Of Musical Instruments” by Clara Net... This is her critique : “There is an interesting juxtaposition of colors in lines one and two...the “red” in roses and the “White” in Castles form a correlated attempt to sublimally divert your focus away from the “Blackness” of the poem...It is quite interesting that the color refrence is subjugated by the “fruit” image in line three, which is an attempt to “sugar-coat” the harshness of the White Castle eventualities...The “embarrassment” reference in line four only reinforces the author’s emotional discord as a “hassle”...Can anything this poignant be a “hassle”? ...This is a wonderful expression of the inner turmoil and angst by the writer to express his “inner “tug of war” in a way that his reader can be brought passionately along for the ride... Beginning the next stanza with the word “Behold” is truly an interesting choice, especially when it is later revealed that the pulchritude of the “skid mark” vision surely places a dichotomy with the “Hold” in behold underlying the “skid mark” implying that the “hold” was the inability of the writer to command his own body to perform this perilous human condition as a compatible component to his cerebral struggle referenced in an earlier stanza...The eighth line marks a return to the “red” salutation as it reinforces the irate nature of this internal struggle... In stanza number three, the denouement begins ...”Hark, whatever happened”...Is this not a universal response that an elder has at the mismanagement of a bowel movement by a youngster?...Utterly brilliant...James’ attempt to bring his work back to a missive posture only expostulates his ablility to transpose his cerebral diatribe to a base of commonality that makes his audience revel in being able to relate to the inner profundity of our authors musings... Further proof of his range...”laundry lady-client privilege “...Is there not anyone out there that has not confessed their inner soul to the “laundry lady” in an attempt to “whitewash” it as one does similarly to an attorney and render her opinion to us in a relationship that assimilates attornistic compliance?...Interestingly enough(to adopt a Scullyinism), the author does not inflect a clergyman into the “laundry lady-client confidentiality” bondage leaving the reader to insert his own interpretation of the equation...Attorney?, Maybe...minister, perhaps, auto mechanic, unlikely...This allows the reader to form his own opinion with a gentle push by the author instead of dictating one’s indulgence...Bravo to James’ for letting his readers breathe their own ownership of this detail which further camouflages dictorial persuasions and permits the reader to become involved in the piece almost, modestly believing that they themselves are partially serendipitous in its creation... The sonnet is brought to a jarring conclusion by juxtapositioning “Pee Wee” and “James” for we are all but certain that those two phrases “pee wee” and “James” have never been used in the same sentence unless the integer “ not” is entered into the equation... A wonderful attempt at creating a universal audience is established in the closing line “ the gossipers will take advantage”...Who amongst the common man has never “gossiped” or have taken “advantage” or have been “taken advantage” of?...An existential (or is it a deliberate) attempt by the author to render a universal certainty to a middle ground where his terrestrial provocations become baselined to his audience’s humanities..? In conclusion, this man(?) reaches godly virtues and enscribes them to the banalities of mere mortals...Viva James... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wow!!! There you have it...All bow down to the King...Just hoping that as we bow down in his prescence, the White Castle effect is not at its fully combustible heights of arousal and emminatted in our faces...
  11. I´m in that...

    James can be conceited James can be a jerk His poems are not quite as good Than those by Kirk... Copywrite -Lewis J Bundles 2019
  12. Peter Tork dies...

    pretty cool and emotional...The two surviving Monkees played this video on a big screen at their concert the other night which was only a few nights after Peter’s passing...
  13. New Avatar

    Lewisa’s dad...actually, Joey Molland from Badfinger...
  14. About 3 in the morning,there was a knock on my door...Very startling to say the least...I went to the door and asked who it was...The reply, even more startling...”It’s Lewisa” Lew...”Lewisa who? Lewisa...”Your ex...” Lew...You mean, James’s current?” Lewisa...”Not anymore...Since, James turned 60, we had to start soaking his toenails in prune juice for our clipping duties...I hate prunes...can I come back?” Dearest ec.com friends...What do I do?...She has been standing outside my door for 16 hours and with all the snow that we had over nite, she is covered from head to toe...She makes Johnny Winter look like George Hamilton...Advice, anyone?...
  15. New Avatar

    I switched avatars...I am no longer the grass skirted partner of Tommy Tunes...I tried to airbrush out chins 2 thru 5 inclusive but wasn’t successful...I hope I didn’t scare you...