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  1. Hey Momof2setsoftwins

    Glad to see you back, WC...make sure you stick around..
  2. https://www.cleveland.com/life-and-culture/j66j-2020/03/b7466c762e7678/100-greatest-no-1-hits-in-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-history.html
  3. Happy Birthday, James!!!!! 2021

  4. Happy Birthday, James!!!!! 2021

    First of all, James...Happy birthday to you and to one of my favorite internet friends in the world...It is with that sentiment that I have decided to take your latest works and bring them to my Yale intelligencia and get a true reading on its merits and platitudes... I have been feeling guilty for quite awhile now, panning your latest works...Is it entirely possible that my caustic remarks about your “new stuff” not being as good as your “old stuff” is rooted in some other deep-seeded emotional involvement?...Is it possible that I am wracked with jealousy and pain over the Lewisa defection?...Am I in denial that the women of the world don’t see my “hunkiness” on the same level as the King’s???...(I do have a valid point, for I was a world renowned member of that famous dance troup, the “Chubbydales” which doesn’t seem to hold any weight with the female members here)... Therefore, I decided to consult a panel of impartial experts at Yale...I will be presenting your latest works to a triumvirate of scholars, Dr Phil Osophy, Dr. Clara Net and Prof. Plum(I don’t have a “CLUE” why he was included)... BUT, I need to get an assurance from you that we will both abide by their critiques...If they say it’s junk, then junk it is...If they put James in the Plato, Socrates, Frost milieu, then congratulations... I am willing to take a chance, once and for all, for a valid evaluation of your works... Is your money where your mouth is?
  5. State of the Website

    “the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same”...
  6. Walter Murphy

    Whenever I see Matthew C Clarks icon pop up and the topic is a person, I always think that the grim reaper is about to deliver the pitchfork...
  7. Raspberries Refreshed...Track #4

    A return for Blackhawkpat should not go unappreciated...
  8. Here’s a bit from a strange website “Who Would Win”... ERIC CARMEN VS ERIC CARTMEN... Carmen has to make Cartman cry, can he do it? They are both an empty room, Cartman can't leave until the time is up, talk to anyone, or block out Carmen's singing in anyway. EDIT: Carmen cannot physically hurt Carmen or otherwise physically intimidate him. Round 1: Carmen knows nothing about Cartman. He has 5 minutes to sing. Round 2: Carmen interviews Kyle, Kenny, and Stan for 10 minutes beforehand, and has 10 minutes now. Round 3: Carmen knows everything about Cartman, and has 1 hour. Bonus Round: How long does it take Cartman to ruin Carmen's life?
  9. 21 Most Hated Bands of All Time...

    Your just trying to kiss Paul Sidoti’s ass so you can get him to help you orchestrate a new, hip version of WAB with TaylorSwift...
  10. Exploring Classical Music...

    I feel kind of guilty by putting up wedding classical pieces for James...These are indiscreet messages to James in an attempt to get him to marry Lewisa...I need to get her alimony payments to vanish from my budget...
  11. Exploring Classical Music...

    When I dj a wedding, the most popular classical request for the bride’s entrance to the ceremony(not the reception) is Canon In D Major by Pachelbel and Trumpet Voluntary by Purcell... P.S....When a bride gave me the latitude to play what I wanted for her entrance, I played Eric’s “I Was Born To Love You”...Got neither “yeas” or “nays”... Also, as the guests arrive and file into their seats pre-ceremony and I have been instructed to play some classical music, I always sneak in the intro segment on Desperate Fools Overture..

    I think it was basically a dispute about the musical direction between Dave and Eric/Wally...Smalley quit and Jim being his best friend, went along with him... That’s the simplistic answer from what I understand...
  13. 21 Most Hated Bands of All Time...

    Can’t say I disagree very much except for Oasis... Data reveals the 21 most hated bands of all time The list was created using analytics and math based on lists, message boards and articles By JT 100.3 Jack FM February 19, 2021 10:48 am Music fans often argue about who is the greatest band or musician of all time. While there are countless different answers, depending on music taste, the debate continues as people try to convince others their preferred choice deserves the praise. Finding the most beloved band may be too difficult, but if there’s one thing many can agree on; it’s which rock bands are the worst. Now, a new list has been created showing the 21 most hated bands of all time. Using an analytical and mathematical approach, Best Life has come up with a list of the 21 most hated bands of all time. The data was comprised of countless lists, message boards, and articles on the most hated bands, in order to determine which acts made the list. Topping the list was Nickelback, followed by Limp Bizkit, Creed, U2 and Mumford & Sons. Other bands making the list include; Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay and Green Day. While many found groups on the list they disagreed with, plenty found the list to be accurate. Maybe one day these bands can win over fans to get them off the list. Check out the complete list below: 21. Linkin Park 20. Spin Doctors 19. Nirvana 18. Rush 17. Pearl Jam 16. Oasis 15. Korn 14. Metallica 13. The Doors 12. Green Day 11. Coldplay 10. Dave Matthews Band 9. Kiss 8. Radiohead 7. Phish 6. Bob Dylan 5. Mumford and Sons 4. U2 3. Creed 2. Limp Bizkit 1. Nickelback The New ALT 105.3 | The Bay Area's Alternative
  14. If you judge a song...

    Always loved this song...The singer sings from his soul...
  15. A Couple of 'Berries in the Mix

    FROM THE KYLE VINCENT WEBSITE... “In a reunion of sorts, Kyle called upon 70s hit-makers the Raspberries to lend their talents. Over a cold Cleveland weekend in March of 2019, Kyle joined guitarist Wally Bryson and drummer Jim Bonfanti in the studio to create some memorable magic. The last time he had been in a studio with Wally had been in 1984 when Bryson served as "musical director" on Kyle's old band Candy's first album, produced by former Raspberries' producer, Jimmy Ienner.“ I think that with this song “Bubblegum Baby” , Kyle Vincent shares writing credits with Wally and Jim...