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  1. Some fans opinions on the Change Of Heart Lp...https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/does-anyone-else-think-eric-carmens-change-of-heart-is-a-pretty-good-album.752798/
  2. Eric on Madonna

    She had a handful of cool stuff...
  3. There are some great interviews on the various pages of this fan forum... https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/ever-wonder-how-eric-carmen-spends-his-days-now.607811/
  4. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    No matter how much you paid for a copy of “Straight Up”, it’s a bargain...and you never heard Abbey Road?...Were you a hostage somewhere?...
  5. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    Not necessarily in order, but then again, it actually might be...I’ll limit it to one per group or it would end up all Beatles... 1.) Abbey Road...Incomparable...The jewel in a treasure chest full of precious stones... 2.) Ram...Mccartney’s Jewel in a treasure chest full of precious stones... 3.) Straight Up...Badfinger’s jewel in a (You know the rest)... 4.) Starting Over...Raspberries...Hope Bonfanti doesn't see this... 5.) Something/Anything.(Rundgren)...Twilley Don’t Mind, (Dwight Twilley)...Laughing InThe Dark(Pezband), ....When You Were Mine(John Waite)...In Color(Cheap Trick) And Since Bernie picked Day At The Races, I’ll bring News Of The World(Queen)...Maybe, Bernie will be stranded on the same island so I could borrow some of the Eric albums... P.S....I cheated...I listed more than 5...Bernie could edit my post...He should be used to that...
  6. If you’ve never seen the Peter Asher “storyteller” show, go...Great stories of his days with Peter and Gordon, the Beatles and a bushel of momentos, film clips and stories about Paul Mccartney , who wrote songs for him and lived at Asher’s parents house while dating Jane and his days with James Taylor And Linda Ronstadt... Met him after the show and asked him the obligatory “Have you ever heard of Eric Carmen?...”Oh sure, marvelous songwriter”...I told Asher to drag Eric out of hiding and kick start his career...”Why, What’s he doing now”...I didn’t have much of an answer for that one... Asher is a captivating story teller and very witty...by the way...a lady heard me mention Eric and she came over to me to tell me that she met Carmen at the pre-Ringo tour press conference...She said he was very nice but was quite nervous that the audience probably wouldn’t remember or even know who he was...
  7. https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/why-no-output-from-eric-carmen.178840/
  8. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    Here we go...
  9. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    Saw Kyle Vincent there and Tunes and myself chatted a good half hour with him...Now, if I could only get Tunes to send me the pictures, I will post them here... Surprised you weren’t there, Bernie...I asked KV if he had spotted you... Also, in the crowd, besides the aforementioned Gilbert Gottfried, Mark Hudson (who I did not see) and Joan Osborne... Ran across boardmember John P. As for the concert, very well done, with strong vocals...Just electric piano and guitar player...Rhythmically, many of the songs that I wasn’t familiar with, had an Irish/Scottish folk singer flare to them... Did two sets, and Matthew , he did perform What’s In A Kiss, but not Happiness Is Me And You....Banged out the required setlist of Alone Again, Clair, Get Down, Ooh Baby, Do Wacka Do Wacka Day, Nothing Rhymed and Out Of The Question... City Winery is a great place to see a show, but they are closing to relocate early in 2020...
  10. Another notch...

    It’s getting tougher and tougher to find forgiveness and escape from anything in our past...Difficult times indeed...
  11. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    Hanging with Gilbert Godfrey...
  12. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    Hanging with Gilbert O’Sullivan... ...
  13. Listening to "The Way it used to Be"..

    Days Of Our Lives...I watched it then and still watch it to this day...
  14. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    Meeting board members Tommy Tunes and John P there...Anyone else going?
  15. Not sure if this analyzation has ever been posted on our site, but, anyway, here goes... https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2016/jul/12/cult-heroes-raspberries-powerpop-big-star