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  1. https://books.google.com/books?id=LBCZvsVKomwC&pg=PA254&lpg=PA254&dq=The+Raspberries+Bubblegum+teeny+bopper&source=bl&ots=fo1ybhUFnI&sig=ACfU3U3j4BsUhu62sXuTF7UQNl0m8j0xuQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjc3rCuws_qAhVdknIEHZGRBmg4KBDoATAGegQIChAB#v=onepage&q=The Raspberries Bubblegum teeny bopper&f=false
  2. And the journey begins...CT/NY/NJ

    In case you haven’t heard, I have had to temporarily return to the U.S. to attend the Black Lives Matter vs. Raspberries court case which starts tomorrow... Lester and Clara Bell have stayed behind in Nicaragua and will await my return... P.S....Before I left, Lester showed me the weirdest thing...He has an Etch-A-Sketch...But it’s no ordinary Sketch... When he was two years old, his grandfather died and they had him cremated...They put his ashes in the Etch-A-Sketch and Lester got to play with his grandpa all the time... 😐”Hi grandpa,(twiddle twiddle)...Let’s play”(twiddle, twiddle)... P.P.S...When I was born, they named ME after MY grandfather. It was so weird to be three years old with everybody calling you “gramps”......
  3. A Scott McCarl Endorsement

    Scott McCARL [USA] The Raspberries were important because they brought to pop a generic style, with so many good ideas that their approach remains vital today. They can be remembered as the ones who incorporated into the Fab Four legacy some aspects of the `60s/`70s the Beatles themselves never tackled (e.g. that "mod" approach). Even if he solely appeared on the fourth and last Raspberries album and although he grew up in the midwest, McCarl epitomizes more than ever that myth of Cleveland stamped as a "new Liverpool" back in the early `70's. He started out in Omaha, Nebraska with an outfit called Yellow Hair featuring Tom Sorrells on drums. This and the following of the story with The Raspberries is history and it falls outside the guide's time span but in the late `70s McCarl cut a lot of highly "red-album-ish" Beatle-esque demos which have resurfaced on his 1997 CD "Play On...".www.scottmccarl.webprovider.com CD « PLAY ON... » (USA [Titan! #1426]1969-1981,1996/1997) This CD is a compilation of recordings McCarl has done from 1969 through 1996 (click [review])...
  4. The ACTION [Stow, Ohio] A band from Stow, OH, whose the self produced singles were released on their own Radiogram Records label. Pop-wise they played a tight catchy, controlled brand of Raspberries pop with three singles very much reminiscent of the 'berries-Fresh era. They had easy-going mid-tempos with everything `70s pop-rock could offer at best : clear but sharp guitar sounds, nice intros, breaks, "lala-la" harmonies etc. Very recommended! Brent Warren appeared on the Scott McCarl's CD "Play On..", released in 1997 (he also co-penned a couple of songs). Michael Perkheiser : guitar (1-3) Brent Warren : bass (1-3) Brian Scherer : drums, vocals (left 1979) Cliff Bryant : drums (joined 1979) 7" « Get Back To Me » b/w « Any Day Now » (USA [Radiogram #101] 197?) "Get back To Me" is excellent, guitar-pop with a knife edge. 7" « Radio Music » b/w « Please,Oh,Please » (USA [Radiogram #103] 1979) 7" « She's Got My Heart » b/w « Till I See You » (USA [Radiogram #104] 1982) It's a pity that their 3rd single was their last because it was undoubtedly their best. Warren made his first appearance as songwriter with "Till I See You" which owed quite a bit to the "new Liverpool" sound and Perkheiser diversified his own craftship into someth ARLIS! [Omaha, Nebraska] Arlis! was clearly paying homage to the Raspberries, but he exaggerated his vibrato to the point where it was obviously an overdone attempt to copy Eric Carmen. His songwriting was somewhat not fully achieved, a bit like the rockiest side of second-rate Raspberries ; nevertheless these hard-rockin' pop ditties are worth investigating. 7" « I Wanna Be » b/w « No Way Baby » (USA [Titan! #1422] 1980) [Tr] « »« »[ on « Just Another Pop Album » (Titan, 1979)](USA )
  5. Five Satins

    This song was recorded in my Parish Church basement...I run into Freddie once in a while around town...VERY NICE man... Shared from the 7/12/2020 New Haven Register eEdition A NIGHT, STILLED But despite postponing their big blowout birthday bash, Five Satins singer Fred Parris and his wife, Emma, still managed to celebrate the day — and each other RANDALL BEACH Peter Hvizdak / Hearst Connecticut Media Emma and Fred Parris at their Hamden home on Wednesday. Fred Parris is the singer-songwriter for New Haven’s The Five Satins and wrote “In the Still of the Night.” At left, the album “The 5 Satins Sing.” Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images The Five Satins in around 1970. Fred and Emma Parris were going to throw a big blow-out, a double birthday celebration, last March 21 at American Legion Post 88 on Dixwell Avenue in Hamden. “We had a lot of special surprises planned for people,” Emma said wistfully. “We had songs lined up and a band to get people rocking.” But then, just before the party date, COVID-19 hit Connecticut. The Parris’ party became one of the first casualties of the virus. They had to call off their celebration. “It was a heartbreaker,” she said. “We had a list of 110 guests who were expected.” I was honored to be among those on that list and I had eagerly accepted their kind invitation. I had held onto the card and wondered about a new date. Fred Parris and I go way back, but not as far as that historic day in February 1956 when he and the other members of the Five Satins walked into the basement of St. Bernadette Roman Catholic Church in the Morris Cove neighborhood of New Haven to record a song Parris had written while on guard duty for the U.S. Army: “In the Still of the Night.” Twenty-four years later, after that song had become one of the most perennially requested oldies of all time, my editor at the New Haven Register suggested I look up the former Satins and see how they were doing. My quest quickly led to Parris, who granted me a long, detailed interview. That was 40 years ago. We kept in touch. After he and Emma married 14 years ago I realized she is every bit as sweet and friendly as Fred. She is quite generous, mailing out Five Satins tote bags, pens and other souvenirs. When I called them last week to see how they are faring in these nutty, scary, unpredictable times, Fred reminded me: “The last time I saw you was at Hamden High School! It was really hot!” Yes, it was so hot that he and his band, who had been scheduled to play outside in a park on that July night in 2013, moved the show into the Hamden High School auditorium. But it was hot there, too. Midway through the concert Fred started to sway, and not to the rhythm of the song. He collapsed and had to be taken out of the school on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance. I remember seeing him being wheeled out and it was not a pleasant sight. We were all relieved that he turned out to be fine. Still, this was a reminder that, as Fred told me last week, “I’m no kid.” (He is 84). That’s why he and Emma are being so careful these days, as COVID-19 is hitting older folks particularly hard. When I proposed that I interview them on the deck of their Hamden home while keeping a mask on and maintaining a safe distance, they accepted. But the next day Emma called and apologetically said they just couldn’t do it. They didn’t think it would be safe. Fred got on the phone and said, “We’ve had no company here. We only go out to the food store, and I stay in the car. After I said ‘yes’ yesterday, I was thinking: ‘Now why did I do that?’” But they did agree to a phone interview and to pose outside their front door, provided that our photographer Peter Hvizdak kept his proper distance. One of the first things they told me about during our talk last Wednesday afternoon was how the double birthday celebration idea arose. “Fred’s birthday is in March and mine is in December, on the 16th ,” Emma said. “Fred said to me: ‘Gee honey, it’s a shame you never get to celebrate your birthday because it’s the week before Christmas.’ And I said, ‘It’s true. Even as a kid I didn’t. I have never really had a birthday party.’ So Fred said, ‘Why don’t we do a celebration together?’” After they had to postpone it, they had hoped to reschedule the gala for a few months later. But now, with the virus maintaining its hold on the country, Emma sadly told me, “It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this year.” As we talked about the prospect of a celebration happening next year, Fred tossed off his “I’m no kid” line. And yet Emma immediately interjected: “The numbers say one thing but he’s a young guy at heart.” She referred to the two of them as “the dynamic duo” but they admitted they don’t get out much these days. “It is very concerning to be in this kind of situation,” she said. “We have some home projects that need to be done but we’re afraid to ask people to come over to do the work.” “We’re doing what we’re supposed to do,” Fred said. “A lot of people aren’t doing that. I’m watching those beach scenes in Florida and California on TV. I can’t believe what people are doing.” Fred said he spends much of his time these days listening to music. “Everything! All kinds of stuff. I do listen to the Five Satins sometimes but not the songs most people know.” Frankie Durazzo, who was the drummer in Fred’s band the last time he performed in 2017, was at the Parris home last Wednesday, working in Fred’s studio. “He’s hooking things up,” Fred said. “Since we had that tornado (it struck their house in May 2018) I forgot how to work the system.” Durazzo got on the phone to tell me: “I’ve had the privilege of listening to some of Fred’s older songs. The three-part harmonies are outrageous! He is a musician’s musician. He is a jazz artist.” Durazzo added, “Fred was rapping before people were rapping.” Durazzo particularly likes Fred’s song “Supersonic Woman.” Speaking of Fred and Emma’s relationship, Durazzo said, “She’s the kick behind the foot. ‘Supersonic Woman’ is Emma.” When I asked Fred if he foresees doing future public performances, he said: “My age tells me no. I’ve been doing it a long time, you know.” Emma noted: “He’s done this for over 60 years! That’s a significant milestone.” Fred told me he has no regrets. But then he added, “I think I could have done better. There are a lot of things I would have changed if I could. I would have liked to have gotten more knowledge, taken more music lessons. I did have piano lessons but I was a kid. I said I’d rather play baseball!” Looking back on his life, Fred said, “It would really make a nice movie. I’ve had people approach me about it. I just never got around to it.” Emma spoke up: “I say this with love. Sometimes my husband will say ‘not now.’ And I tell him, ‘Fred, you’ve got to take advantage of it now.’” “A lot of people don’t realize this,” she said, “but there’s a little bit of shyness about Fred. He’s very modest. Fred doesn’t like to toot his own horn.” “It’s out of key!” Fred said, and they both laughed. When I asked what lessons they’ve learned from the pandemic, Emma said: “For me, with my family not being close by, it reinforces the importance of being able to get together. It’s been devastating not being able to enjoy our families. But our kids don’t want us to go out. One of our sons dropped off hand sanitizers and masks. When this thing hit, it was like the tornado again.” Fred, always the upbeat musical guy, cut in with this: “Like Frank Sinatra said, ‘That’s life.’”
  6. read the section entitled Eric Carmen better than that...Indbur... eric carmen Eric Carmen Home PageUp-to-date news and information on singer/songwriter Eric Carmen from his pre-Raspberries past to the present. Eric Carmen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaEric Howard Carmen (born August 11, 1949, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA) is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist. ... Amazon.com: Eric Carmen: Music: Eric CarmenAmazon.com: Eric Carmen: Music: Eric Carmen by Eric Carmen. Eric Carmen on Yahoo! MusicEric Carmen has amassed an impressive amount of hit singles over his long career, whether it be as a member of the influential power pop outfit the ... Eric Carmen � ( 106 Lyrics + 17 Albums )Eric Carmen (born August 11, 1949, Cleveland, Ohio) is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist.In 1970, he formed The Raspberries, ... Eric Carmen - Free Music Downloads, Videos, Lyrics, CDs, MP3s, Bio ...Eric Carmen feature on ARTISTdirect. Includes free downloads, music videos, lyrics, bio, discography and merchandise information. YouTube - Eric Carmen "Hungry Eyes" YouTube - Eric Carmen-All by myself Eric Carmen/Raspberries LinksA massive collection of links to web sites with information on The Raspberries and the band's solo projects. United Press International - NewsTrack - Entertainment - Eric ...CLEVELAND, March 12 (UPI) -- Singer Eric Carmen, formerly of the Raspberries, has been charged with driving while intoxicated in Gates Mills, Ohio, ... VH1.com : Eric Carmen : Artist MainGet the complete artist information on Eric Carmen, including new videos, albums, song clips, ringtones, photo galleries, news, bios, message boards, ... Eric-Carmen.com - Former Raspberries Lead Singer And SongwriterEric Carmen. ... Eric Carmen CDs. Eric Carmen Fan Message Board. Read fan messages to Eric Carmen · Click Here For More Celebrity Websites. Eric Carmen - All by myself at Best Ballads Videos!Post Information. You are reading Eric Carmen - All by myself. You can leave a comment or trackback this post. May 2007. M, T, W, T, F, S, S. � Apr ... ERIC CARMEN lyrics: 17 albums, 125 song lyricsEric Carmen song lyrics, Eric Carmen albums and CDs. MUSICMATCH Guide: Eric CarmenMUSICMATCH guide offers insight into the latest music and tour information for your favorite artists. Eric Carmen on RhapsodyListen to Eric Carmen for free on Rhapsody. Full-length songs, albums, downloads, videos, playlists, photos, lyrics, and more. Eric Carmen Music, Pictures, Biography - Mercora Music SearchSearch & Listen To Eric Carmen on Mercora Music Search, a free music discovery service with thousands of radio channels hosted by Mercora users from all ... Eric Carmen - Fan PageEric Carmen visited Japan for promotion of new album "Winter Dreams" ... Eric Carmen in HMV Eric Carmen in HMV Eric Carmen in HMV Eric Carmen in HMV Eric ... Singer: Eric Carmen - All songs lyrics of the artist singer ERIC ...Singer: Eric Carmen - All songs lyrics of the artist singer ERIC CARMEN.. poetry. Eric Carmen: Information from Answers.comBorn: Aug 11, 1949 in Cleveland, Ohio Eric Carmen Birth Name: Eric Howard CarmenGenre: Rock Active: '70s, '80s, '90s Instruments: Vocals, Keyboards, FoundryMusic.Com Media: Eric Carmen DUI - caught on police ...Singer Eric Carmen was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving Saturday night, police say. Officers said Carmen, 57, of Gates Mills, Ohio was charged with ... Eric Carmen - Hungry Eyes � Music at Last.fmListen to Eric Carmen � Hungry Eyes. Hungry Eyes appears on the album Eric Carmen the Definitive Collection and has been tagged as: pop, 80s, Soundtrack. Eric Carmen(This bio provided by allMusicGuide) Eric Carmen was the lead vocalist and songwriter of the Raspberries, an early-'70s band heavily influenced by mid-'60s ... ERIC CARMEN LYRICS - (108 LYRICS IN 0 ALBUMS)The Eric Carmen lyrics are brought to you by MetroLyrics. We feature 0 Eric Carmen albums and 108 Eric Carmen lyrics. Click any of the Eric Carmen albums to ... Eric Carmen Photos - Eric Carmen News - Eric Carmen InformationEric Carmen Information - TV.com offers all of the latest Eric Carmen news as well as exclusive Eric Carmen photos. Eric CarmenEric Carmen on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more... Eric Carmen letras - Letras de M�sicasEric Carmen letras de m�sicas - letra de m�sica - letra da m�sica - letras e cifras - letras traduzidas - letra traduzida - lyrics - paroles - lyric ... Eric Carmen Discography and Songs at CD UniverseLow prices on Eric Carmen discography of music at CD Universe, with top rated service, Eric Carmen songs, discography, biography, cover art pictures, ... Eric Carmen - Eric Carmen - at RhinoEric Carmen. $11.98 CD. Add To Cart. The ex-Raspberry�s classic solo debut, featuring the 1976 hit �All By Myself.� Selection # 71141 ... Eric Carmen LYRICSEric Carmen LYRICS,Eric Carmen,Eric Carmen Lyrics, Eric Carmen Song Lyrics. Epinions.com - ALL BY MYSELF ERIC CARMENEpinions has the best comparison shopping information on Epinions.com - ALL BY MYSELF ERIC CARMEN. Compare prices from across the web and read reviews ... MusicMoz - Bands and Artists: C: Carmen, EricEric Carmen. Years. 1949 -. From. United States. Styles ... Top � Bands and Artists � C � Carmen, Eric. Subcategories:. Links (2). Related Categories: ... eBay Express: Eric Carmen LP Change Of Heart 1978 - DescriptioneBay Express Eric Carmen LP Change Of Heart 1978 Music Music on Vinyl. Eric Carmen biography - S9.comUS Musician Born- 1949- Cleveland, Ohio Eric Carmen has amassed an impressive amount of hit singles over his long career, whether it be as a member of the ... Eric Carmen - AOL MusicWatch or listen to Eric Carmen music videos, songs, live performances, concerts and more on AOL Music. Official Ticketmaster site. Eric Carmen tickets, concerts and tour ...Find and buy Eric Carmen tickets at Ticketmaster.com. Eric Carmen LyricsEric Carmen lyrics. ... Eric Carmen lyrics. Sites dedicated to Eric Carmen · View all Eric Carmen songs in alphabetical order ... Eric Carmen on MSN MusicBiography: Eric Carmen has amassed an impressive amount of hit singles over his long career, whether it be as a member of the influential power pop outfit ... Rolling Stone : Eric CarmenRolling Stone gives you total Eric Carmen coverage including free music, videos, photos, music news and exclusive Rolling Stone articles. Eric Carmen Lyrics || Eric Carmen Song LyricsLYRICS: Eric Carmen Lyrics, song, lyric, tabs, tablatures, ringtones. Compare prices for Eric Carmen - Read music reviews and compare ...Yahoo! Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Compare prices for Eric Carmen - Music. Compare products, compare prices, read reviews and merchant ... Eric Carmen - Adult Contemporary - Rock/Pop - Music - www.real.comEric Carmen left his band the Raspberries at the same time he seemed to have lost his Beatles fetish. His power ballad "All By Myself" was a megahit that ... eric carmen better than that, Indbur?" There was a faint whining edge to the third man's voice as he eric carmen "We might have been even more careful. We might have found out first. We might have found out before allowing him to leave. It would have been the truest wisdom." It was the beach guard, with a eric carmen face, and snarling mouth, that approached at a run. He pointed with his low-power stun pistol. The lieutenant kept eric carmen He said, "Are you aware of the identity of the man behind you?" For two months, Captain Pritcher wore leaden aprons and heavy face shields, till all things military had been frictioned off his outer bearing. He was a eric carmen who collected his pay, spent his evenings in town, and never discussed politics. "Yes, eric carmen He's discovered the Mule's mutation. He was here, Doctor, and told us." 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I dont want just some old professors to know me. Its got to be everybody. Related link: aoki devon Preem Palver landed on Terminus at the height of the celebration. He found the furore distracting, but before he left the planet, he had accomplished two things, and received one request. Related link: ashley dawn miriam Our knowledge of these matters is not great enough to warrant the gamble. Related link: bridget moynahan picture Darell, frowning, said: My daughter? Related link: baby doll shoes Pritcher caught a mental breath and tried to think back. How had he been before the Mule had Converted him from the die-hard Democrat that he was. It was hard to remember. He could not place himself mentally. He could not break the clinging wires that bound him emotionally to the Mule. Intellectually, he could remember that he had once tried to assassinate the Mule but not for all the straining he could endure, could he remember his emotions at the time. That might be the self-defense of his own mind, however, for at the intuitive thought of what those emotions might have been ? not realizing the details, but merely comprehending the drift of it ? his stomach grew queasy. Related link: candace dupree Only the one I presented to the general. If I were a traitor and knew the whereabouts of the Second Foundation, you could Convert me and learn the knowledge directly. If you felt it necessary to trace me, then I hadnt the knowledge beforehand and wasnt a traitor. So I answer your paradox with another.
  7. Wind Machine

    Matt, as a part time dj, I am always looking for instrumental stuff...They are wonderful for setting different kind of ambience for different events, i.e., weddings.ceremonies, fashion shows, brunches, etc...Thanks for finding something to add to my collection...
  8. Round Table Discussion In Heaven

    I just copied the old post, plugged in Lisa’s name and created this new post...and James, you are correct(as always)...Sugarbabi’s last post was 13 years ago, not 20, March 2007...
  9. Round Table Discussion In Heaven

    Here is an older post that I just updated...It’s been 20 years, this past June, since Sugarbabi7 passed on and we dedicate this post to her memory and the others that were pivotal in making EC.com the pantheon of musical website forums...This year, we place a permanent seat at the Roundtable to Lisa(Beatle Jay’s wife) who was a vibrant member of our community, who passed away a few months ago... I PRESENT TO YOU....................A ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION IN HEAVEN................... Recently, there was a round table discussion in heaven, orchestrated/moderated by four of our dearly departed posters...Sugarbabi7, Don Krider, wickedgail and Lisa...They gathered some of the top minds in the afterlife to give their reasons why Raspberries were not bigger than they actually were... Here is a transcript of the proceedings: SUGARBABI7-First, I would like to thank you all for coming...Albert Einstein(genius), Johnny Cochran(lawyer), Ludwig Von Beethoven(musician), Isaac Newton(scientist) and Robert Merton(sociologist) ..I am seated with three of my fellow esteemed posters, critic Don Krider, Raspberries/John Waite fan wickedgail and our newest member, Lisa....I have asked you all to prepare your reasons as to one of earth's greatest mysteries...Why were Raspberries not bigger than they actually were... Albert...you are up first... AE-Thank you SB7...I have given the matter some serious thought and it just re-inforces my theory of E=MC2...Eric = mis-calculations( twice.)..It seems, that Eric cultivated a wonderful combination of musical ideology with his unique combination of British Invasion and Beach Boy stylings but it was a gross miscalculation...With all things being relative, and I am big on relativity theories, the time was past for that type of musical fodder...and when he finally had his solo opportunities, he miscalculated tastes again...His first two singles, although superb, All By Myself and Never Gonna Fall In Love Again, were another gross miscalculation on the current trends of the time...He, unfortunately, pigeonholed himself musically into an unappreciative musical genre and no matter how he tried to revamp to a harder edged style, in both cases, initial impressions are too difficult to overcome... SB7-How do you feel about this Johnny Cochrane? JOHNNY COCHRANE-I agree with Al...Your first impression is what sticks...Look, the defense had everything on OJ but a video of him committing the murder, but the jurors saw a football player and not a murderer...Eric...I'll tell you the same thing.that I told the court and I paraphrase..."If you have a hit, you must stick with the same shit"...But to be fair, I never even heard this dudes music...Can I hear something by him...Ludwig, bang out a little EC music...LUDWIG...LUDWIG!!!... SB7-He's deaf, remember... JC-Ok,,,Let me see a lyric sheet to one of his songs...I WANNA HEAR IT FROM YOUR LIPS... I axe you...What kind of jive is this?...He needed to change the words to a more contemporary meaning if he wanted street cred...Something like this... "I'm doin 5 to 10... For takin out some creep... Doin time, for a crime and I'm proud That I listened to my peep... You see,someone robbed my cell phone... From my gin, I took two sips, Then I shot that( n-word) through the lips... SB7-Any comments? Isaac Newton? ISAAC NEWTON-While I find that very entertaining JC, I dont think that's it...It was the whole RASPBERRIES thing itself...The name was all wrong...It should have been The APPLES...APPLES APPLES APPLES...Would I have discovered gravity if a raspberry had fallen from a tree?...NO...It had to be an apple...I wouldnt even had seen a raspberry if it fell...Would Johnny have had the same impact on history if he was Johnny Raspberry instead of Johnny Appleseed?...The Beatles recorded on APPLE records... An apple a day keeps the doctor away...Could you imagine saying to someone..."You're the raspberry of my eye"..And how about that poor bastard?...Would he have survived if William Tell shot a raspberry off his head? ...Just to reinforce my point, why doesnt someone go get Adam...He's in room 222 and ask him if he would have listened to Eve when she flashed some cleavage and said "Try a raspberry...They are delicious"...I could go on and on people...Do they roast a pig with a raspberry in his mouth?... ROBERT MERTON- If I can interject something...Gentlemen and ladies, in 1948, I wrote about a theory I had which is the self-fulfilling prophecy...Raspberries/Eric Carmen were doomed in a self-induced sabatoge state with their song titles alone..."Going Nowhere Tonite, Boats Against The Current, Foolin Myself, etc...They needed some uplifting themes and messages...Why couldnt they come up with some positive re-inforcement titles like, "Ecstacy" or aggressive assertiveness like "Tonight You're Mine"...Titles like that would have given them a strong positive approach... SB7-They did Mr. Merton...And that's what's confounding...Well, that about wraps it up here...As you can see, we dont have any answers, either...So we turn this discussion back to EC.com and see if you guys have any theories... LEW BUNDLES...Bye Gail, Don and Cherie and Lisa...We miss you guys...
  10. Use of the Comma...

    We all know that LC is a writer by trade and since Larry is actively posting here, we all need to be on our grammatical p’s and q’s...Here is a tip to keep our posts grammatically lucid and coherent to assure that LC stays active and is not embarrassed by us...THEEFORE. 8 Comma Rules to Remember Commas are one of the most commonly used punctuation tools, but also one of the most misused in the writer's toolbox. You may come across prose littered with stray commas, or you may encounter writers who simply omit the punctuation, creating wildly confusing sentences with no breaks in sight. You may have been taught to use a comma when the reader would naturally pause, or need to take a breath, but that's just a guideline. Of course, grammar gets more specific. There are, in fact, explicit grammar rules to govern the application of commas. But those rules can vary from style guide to style guide, creating a more confusing mess for even skilled writers. So we're here to clear up some of the most useful rules in an attempt to end the plight of the comma. Comma Rule Number 1: Lists Let’s start with an easy one. Commas are used when writing lists of three or more items. Example 1: I’m going to the store to buy flour, sugar, eggs, and jellybeans so I can make a jellybean cake. Sound simple? It's a bit more complicated than that. That last comma in the series (the one after "eggs") is called the Oxford, or serial, comma, and it's optional, depending on whom you ask. Some style guides, in particular the Chicago Manual of Style, include this comma. But you'll find others, like AP Style, that eschew this rule and leave out that final comma. I’m going to the store to buy flour, sugar, eggs and jellybeans so I can make a jellybean cake. If you're running an independent platform, you can decide for yourself if you want to include the serial comma. However, if you're publishing in a professional setting, do a little research on which style guide your outlet follows. Comma Rule Number 2: Linking Independent Clauses Independent clauses are fully formed ideas that could stand alone as sentences. When they are joined together with a conjunction (and, or, but, etc.), they need a comma. Example 2 (the two independent clauses are bolded): I baked a jellybean cake, and it tasted delicious. In this case, the two independent clauses could each be its own sentence. But because they are combined, and linked by the word "and," they need a comma to separate them. Comma Rule Number 3: Dependent Clauses Dependent clauses feature a subject and a verb, but they aren’t complete sentences on their own. They tend to add a little contextual spice to an otherwise bland statement. If your sentence attaches a dependent clause to its independent counterpart, the two are joined with a comma. Example 3 (the dependent clause is bolded): When I have a bad day, I comfort myself with a slice of jellybean cake. Comma Rule Number 4: Non-Essential Descriptions Captivating writing often includes details to bring a sentence to life. If you can remove the phrase without changing the meaning, it's considered non-essential. These descriptive words or phrases need to be shielded with commas. Example 4 (the non-essential phrase is bolded): The jellybean cake, which tasted sweet, was the perfect dessert. Comma Rule Number 5: Quotations When someone is speaking or being quoted, a comma needs to precede or follow the speech. Depending on the order of the sentence, the comma can be inside or outside of the quotation marks. Example 5: “This jellybean cake is sublime,” gushed the Michelin-starred chef. The waitress agreed, "It was truly delicious." Comma Rule Number 6: Introductory Elements Introducing a sentence with an adverb (unfortunately, interestingly), or joining words and phrases (on the other hand, furthermore), requires a comma. Example 6: Unsurprisingly, jellybean cake is about to take the world by storm. Comma Rule Number 7: Addresses Streets, cities, states, and countries need to be separated with commas when writing addresses. Example 7: The Jellybean Cake Corporation international headquarters is located at 123 Cake Street, Candyland, Florida, USA. Comma Rule Number 8: Dates Like with addresses, the day, month, and year in a date need to be punctuated with commas. Example 8: The concept of the jellybean cake was conceived on Thursday, June 6, 1574, by Spanish explorers.
  11. “Rare and Scratchy” Podcast

    Great podcast giving a detailed audio retrospective from the Choir to Brand New Year... https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/david-milberg/rare-scratchy-rock-n-roll/e/53928651
  12. Podcast featuring EC...

    https://podbay.fm/podcast/1372511062/e/1565355651 Another episode of “Yacht Rock” with spotlight on Eric and Hall and Oates connection starting at the 24:30 mark...These guys love EC...

    What do you see as my contribution to the ticket?...
  14. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 Bonus Quote of the Day (Billboard, on the Raspberries’ Classic Final Album, “Starting Over”) “Eric Carmen must be considered one of the strongest rock vocalists around, and it is a mistake to consider this band for kids only. There are a lot of music fans waiting for the kind of skillful, good rock this band serves up. Probably the strongest overall effort yet from this band, thematically and musically. Best cuts: ‘Overnight Sensation (Hit Record),’ ‘Play On,’ ‘I Don't Know What I Want,’ ‘I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine,’ ‘Starting Over.’” --“Pop Pick,” Billboard Magazine, September 28, 1974, on The Raspberries’ final album, Starting Over (from Eric Carmen’s Web site) All hail The Raspberries! Most of the rock critics of the time wouldn’t give the power pop group of the Seventies a break, and the pressure from the record company just became too great to endure. Two members left, but it still didn’t help. The title Starting Over took on unintended irony when the band collapsed. By the following spring, it was, as Carmen later sang on his eponymous solo album, time for “Ricky and the Tooth” (i.e., producer Jimmy Ienner). All I know is that throughout high school, I wore out Starting Over—and, if I’d been able to get my hands on the Raspberries’ earlier LPs, they probably would have received the same treatment. For true believers, none of what I say is necessary. But for anyone else—well, just think of some of their biggest fans: John Lennon, Keith Moon, Kurt Cobain, Bruce Springsteen. From great, full-out rock ‘n’ roll (“Cruisin’ Music,” a Beach Boys tribute covered in a prior post of mine) to the most hauntingly tender love songs (the title track), this album had it all. But towering over it all was the first song, perhaps the great production masterpiece of Carmen’s entire career: “Overnight Sensation (Hit Record),” a thunderous five-minute extravaganza packed with piano, guitar, all-stops-out lead vocals by Carmen--and one hell of a lot of heart. It shows the struggle to get a creative product out there for fans to appreciate (“Well the program director don’t pull it/Then it’s bound to get back the bullet”), climaxing in the magical moment when the song-within-a-song issues from a transistor radio. That LP has been consigned to history in the CD era, but I played it so often I can hear it still, as much as I can the heartbeat of my youth. In my head I hear The record play, hear it play… POSTED BY MIKET AT 4:33 PM NO COMMENTS: LABELS: " BONUS QUOTE OF THE DAY, "OVERNIGHT SENSATION","STARTING OVER, ERIC CARMEN, THE RASPBERRIES TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 2009 Song Lyric of the Day (The Raspberries, Keepin’ the Summer Alive with “Cruisin’ Music”) “Get up in the morning Check out the weather If it looks like sun I get my things together Throw some cutoffs on Got my tank-top and tennies now And head for the beach.”—The Raspberries, “Cruisin’ Music,” written by Eric Carmen, for the band’s album Starting Over(1974) Some might say that “Hot Fun in the Summertime" is the greatest song that Brian Wilson should have written but didn't. My own nomination is for this one, the last chart entry before lead singer Eric Carmen left The Raspberries. It’s got all the essentials for The Summer Song—sun, sand, cars, and, of course, girls. When he wasn’t channeling F. Scott Fitzgerald (see the song titles “Boats Against the Current” and “Winter Dreams”), Carmen was literally channeling the Beach Boys on his transistor radio. If you don’t believe me, try listening to “She Did It” from his Boats Against the Current solo album, or, in his Raspberries days, his take on the romantic dilemma of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?”, “Let’s Pretend.” (A word of advice: Steer clear of the cover version of the latter by The Bay City Rollers. While Carmen sings the tune with conviction, you’ll probably feel the goo coming off your hands from the overhyped Seventies answer to the Beatles.) A week ago, Carmen turned 60. It’s hard to believe that the composer of “Go All the Way,” “Ecstasy,” “Tonight,” and “I Wanna Be With You” is now a settled-down family man. But the sound of this particular Raspberries single is so fresh that it’s easy to overlook the time-capsule lyrics (“Those suntanned girls/Are lookin' outta sight/A beach-drenched chick/Would never get uptight”). If there were any justice in this world, the Raspberries would have been hailed as the greatest thing to hit pop since—well, The Beach Boys. But life isn’t fair. The hell with it. Find this song on iTunes (or, in my case, a Raspberries CD), and play it loud. Summer’s here—late, it’s true, for the New York area—but not too late to “check out the weather,” hop in the car and catch a wave. POSTED BY MIKET AT 3:44 AM NO COMMENTS: LABELS: ERIC CARMEN, POP MUSIC, SONG LYRIC OF THE DAY, THE RASPBERRIES FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2008
  15. This Day in Pop Music History (Raspberries’ ‘Starting Over’ Becomes Swan Song) September 16, 1974—The title of the fourth studio album by the power pop group The Raspberries not only tried to capitalize on one of the LP’s more commercially viable songs, but also a new direction and new hope in the replacement of two members. But, despite possessing what many fans consider its greatest production masterpiece and winning critical approval for once, Starting Over proved to be the group’s final collection of original material. I have already written posts about what may have been the group’s zenith, its 1973 Carnegie Hall gig; the group’s infectious tip of the hat on Starting Over to one of their influences, the Beach Boys, on “Cruisin’ Music”; even another post on Starting Over. But that hardly exhausts what can be said about the group’s denouement. Hopes were high, as Starting Over was released, that Michael McBride, a former member of lead singer Eric Carmen’s prior band, Cyrus Erie, would fill Jim Bonfanti’s shoes on the drums, and that Nebraska bassist Scott McCarl would not only prove an adequate permanent substitute for Dave Smalley but that he might form a creative songwriting combo with Carmen, much like their heroes, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Expectations were even greater because producer Jimmy Ienner had crafted Carmen’s "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)," into an exhilarating, Spectorian five-minute suite that began to climb the Billboard charts. But “Overnight Sensation” could climb no higher than #18 on the singles chart and the album as a whole only reached #143. By early the following year, after a grinding tour, continuing intra-band tensions and not enough money, The Raspberries split for good. Carmen told his side of the story in the song “No Hard Feelings”from his first, bestselling eponymous solo album: “While we were locked in image prison waiting for that break We were raped, reshaped, and trying to escape Caught in a rock 'n' roll time warp and trying to find a way to get out." With a record company keeping them “in image prison,” it was all a product of circumstances beyond their control, he suggested: “There isn’t anyone to blame.” In truth, the causes of the breakup were small, petty—but, because they were myriad, all that much harder to repair the damage. While the lack of money coming certainly didn’t help, group members also seethed and sometimes fought over songwriting credit, the direction of the band—even the apparel they wore onstage. Carmen was considerably more prosaic about the group’s breakup in an interview with Bullzeye.com seven years ago: “We did the Starting Over album, and Rolling Stone picked it as one of their seven best of the year in their annual writers and critics poll, and they picked 'Overnight Sensation' as the best record of the year, and we subsequently sold the fewest number of copies of any of our records, and played every hole on the east coast for six or seven solid months of demoralizing gigging. And that was pretty much the end of it. We realized at some point that there was no way to climb out. What we had tried to do had been successful on one level, and a complete bust on another level. The rock critics got it, and the 16-year-old girls got it, but FM radio was just not about to play a band that sounded like they were making singles, and so it was kind of like beating your head against the wall at a certain point. It was time to move on and try something else.” The cumulative toll of four years of wayward promoting by Capitol Records—who, seeing the quartet’s lack of facial hair and affinity for The Beatles and The Beach Boys, had promoted them as teenyboppers (even dressing them in matching suits)—had proven too much to overcome. Yet critics from the time who found the band overly derivative would be astonished to find that, four decades later, the Cleveland Fab Four have won a cult following as progenitors of power pop. It might be a stretch to call Starting Over “a loose concept album,” as one online review I read called it. But let’s just say that a strong connecting thread among the songs is the rock ‘n’ roll life, starting with the title track and proceeding through “Play On,” a McCarl tune where the bassist seems to channel John Lennon; "The Party's Over," lead guitarist Wally Bryson’s sayonara to the old incarnation of the group; “All Through the Night,” Carmen’s winking narrative of a close encounter with a groupie; and “Hands on You,” Bryson and McCarl’s louche follow-up to Carmen’s prior quartet on teenage lust: “Go All the Way,” “I Wanna Be With You,” “Ecstasy” and “Tonight.” Fans of The Raspberries are a different breed of animal, showing up in the most unexpected situations. Several years ago, I followed up on a kind note on this blog from a reader who told me he was a church musician. How had he come across my stuff? I asked. I half expected to hear that this person had read a “Quote of the Day” featuring a pope, a spiritual writer, maybe even one of the psalms. But such was not the case. Instead, the church musician responded, he came upon the blog through something I wrote about The Raspberries. It was fans like him—or, to confess my allegiance frankly, like us—who kept the dream of a Raspberries reunion going, even when the peace among its members proved so terribly fragile. In 2005, after 30 years of going solo, Carmen reunited with Bryson, Bonfanti and Smalley in what was originally supposed to be a one-shot gig at Cleveland’s House of Blues but that soon ended up creating a small concert tour. The product of that coming-together, Live on Sunset Strip, gave their rabid cult following what they had awaited all these years. Relations among group members—particularly Carmen and Bryson—have proven so delicate that their sweet moment of the reunion might be all their fans get for their patience. But that might be enough. POSTED BY MIKET AT 10:09 PM LABELS: ERIC CARMEN, OVERNIGHT SENSATION, POP MUSIC, ROCK 'N' ROLL, STARTING OVER, THE RASPBERRIES, THIS DAY IN POP MUSIC HISTORY 1 COMMENT: Unknown said... I saw the Raspberries at Concord College in Athens, West Virginia in late winter or early spring, 1975. No Wally Bryson. I thought they were about done. I enjoyed the concert. I saw Eric Carmen in Charleston, WV in the winter of 76, i think. He opened for the Sweet, and I thought he was a lot better.Of course, I had went to see him. I did have a few Sweet records, but I liked The Raspberries a lot better. I have the DVD of the Sunset strip concert, and Pop Art Live. The only one of their CDs I have is Fresh. I do have the Capitol collectors series CD with 20 songs. Sincerely, A Raspberries fan since 72 SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 AT 4:52 PM