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  1. Neil Peart (RUSH) dies

    Whatever happened to Cubfanmike?
  2. Lew....

    Happy Birthday Cousin Lew!!!
  3. Where's Wendy...

    ...when I need a beautiful photo to look at?
  4. New Avatar

    I get dumped for a has been and a never was has been at that.
  5. Happy Birthday, James!!!! 2019

    Happy belated birthday brother James. Hope it was a good one.
  6. Another Moderator Larry!!!

  7. I Am Bundles...

    ...hear me roar with too much power (and free time) to ignore. Is this Tommy finally posting after years or is this Lew posting under Tommy's name with my new found power? Is it live or is it memorex.
  8. Happy Birthday Lew !..

    I will answer that question over the phone when you finally call me re the umbrella you were getting for me.
  9. Happy Birthday Lew !..

    Happy Birthday Lew Bundles. Aha!!!! After all these many years I have finally figured out how to post under other members names. I'm a genius. You can't close the board now that I have such power. With great power comes no responsibility. -Lew Bundles P.S. Who shall I post as next? I know. Cubfan Mike. With this new power for sure it's going to be a Happy Lew Year
  10. A list of my reasons. Please feel free to add to my list. 1) It's a holiday; No work. 2) It's a holiday that I don't have to observe at church on a weekday. 3) It's a holiday that I don't have to spend any money buying gifts for anyone. 4) It's a holiday that I don't have to go visit and spend the whole day with all my relatives. 5) It's a holiday that ...
  11. I know many of you believe there hasn't been any good new music since 1979. I do not count myself in that crowd, you just have to look harder since most of it is not on the radio. That being said either this year was either a little weaker than recent years or I just didn't get to hear some of the great ones (perhaps I spent too much time enjoying late 2004's classic American Idiot /Green Day. I would appreciate to see your favorite CD(s) from 2005. Here's mine : Cole's Corner / Richard Hawley The Overture & the Underscore / Sarah Blasko Honorable mention : Twin Cinema / The New Pornographers Demon Days / Gorillaz Little Fugitive / Amy Rigby Portrait-Robot / Bertrand Burgalat Make Believe / Weezer From Under the Cork Tree / Fall Out Boy Greetings From Imrie House / the Click Five What's yours?
  12. Where's Lew Bundles?

    It's just not the same around here without Lew's postings. Agreed?
  13. Where's Lew Bundles?

    Let's all speculate as to what Lew's reason(s) for not posting recently.
  14. Happy Birthday LobsterLvr (Dave)

    hAPPY BIRTHDAY LOBSTERLVR. I still remember the lobster rolls you brought to weekend at Bernies. HERE'S WISHING YOU LOTS OF LOBSTER ANDD GOOD TIMES BUT NO Bosox pennant
  15. Happy 56th Birthday, James!

    brother James! Happy Birthday my brother. T TUNES
  16. So What's Wrong With White Castle For Valentine's Day?

    Boy! I guess I'm out of place on this thread as I took the future Mrs. TUNES shopping at the fur store and bought her a mink coat (with chinchilla collar) for a combination Valentines Day/ Birthday gift. We also had dinner at an Italian restaurant with my favorite waitress (my daughter) waiting our table.It was freezing out but she was warm and I was warm to see her look so beautiful in her new coat. It was a wonderful Valentines Day. T TUNES
  17. More new Material, from James

    Better you than me my friend. You should send us some photos (if you haven't already)
  18. More new Material, from James

    Good to be seen James. BTW what are the world would I find you these days?
  19. More new Material, from James

    susie b, Thanks for the heads up. I just followed that thread and found it quite interesting.When does the calendar come out?
  20. More new Material, from James

    James, Me thinks your poem reads better if you change the "ch"s to "d"s. Only screwin' with you old pal. But I do like it better my way. While we're at it we might wanna change the "On James butt" line to "In James butt". Who's got you covered brother Lewie?
  21. Happy Birthday JohnO!

    Happy Birthday buddy. Handsome Dick Manitoba is the handsomest man in rock'n roll
  22. NFL, my boycott..

    I've been boycotting football for years…Why? Because it took over the world from my favorite sport…baseball.
  23. Captivity-Week #1

  24. Happy Birthday Raspbernie!

    Happy birthday buddy. We live in the same state and I haven't seen you in ages. I think we need an EC.com get-together > What do you think? Perhaps in few months when the weather is warmer? Have a great one. TOMMY TUNES