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  1. Joan Jett Ad and interview

    Has she played "I'm A Rocker" before or is that your idea. If it is it's a good idea
  2. Joan Jett Ad and interview

    I saw Joan Jett perform around the time of her first album or 2 at a club in West Orange NJ. I waited around on the dance floor after the show and she came out. the club was closing and almost everyone had left for the night. She had taken my hat from me during the show and wore it for a song so it wasn't too hard for me to talk to her. We started talking and after awhile she said to me "I gotta pee" we both started talking towards the ladies room and the next thing I know we are both in the ladies room together still talking. I didn't even realize . No one else was in the room until a bouncer came in and threw me out of the ladies room. TRUE STORY
  3. “Fresh” Review

    "Fresh" is my favorite Raspberries album even though my the best song on it doesn't match the best song on any of their other 3 LPs. (Go All the Way, Tonight and Overnight Sensation) but every song written by Eric is a gem and the songs work well together, They probably shouldn't have worn the matching suits though.
  4. Gilbert O’Sullivan

    Lew, You need to send me that photo of you, Kyle and I.
  5. Neil Peart (RUSH) dies

    Whatever happened to Cubfanmike?
  6. Lew....

    Happy Birthday Cousin Lew!!!
  7. New Avatar

    I get dumped for a has been and a never was has been at that.
  8. Happy Birthday, James!!!! 2019

    Happy belated birthday brother James. Hope it was a good one.
  9. Another Moderator Larry!!!

  10. I Am Bundles...

    ...hear me roar with too much power (and free time) to ignore. Is this Tommy finally posting after years or is this Lew posting under Tommy's name with my new found power? Is it live or is it memorex.
  11. Happy Birthday Lew !..

    I will answer that question over the phone when you finally call me re the umbrella you were getting for me.
  12. Happy Birthday Lew !..

    Happy Birthday Lew Bundles. Aha!!!! After all these many years I have finally figured out how to post under other members names. I'm a genius. You can't close the board now that I have such power. With great power comes no responsibility. -Lew Bundles P.S. Who shall I post as next? I know. Cubfan Mike. With this new power for sure it's going to be a Happy Lew Year
  13. Where's Lew Bundles?

    Let's all speculate as to what Lew's reason(s) for not posting recently.
  14. Where's Lew Bundles?

    It's just not the same around here without Lew's postings. Agreed?
  15. Happy Birthday LobsterLvr (Dave)

    hAPPY BIRTHDAY LOBSTERLVR. I still remember the lobster rolls you brought to weekend at Bernies. HERE'S WISHING YOU LOTS OF LOBSTER ANDD GOOD TIMES BUT NO Bosox pennant