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  1. The End

    I read in "Ask Eric" that other people took over Disney at the time and decided they didn't want to use Erics song -- if you read "Ask Eric" you will find where this is. Gemini
  2. Raspberries Live Video

    JuliaD, you lucky duck you. How did you get it? Gemini
  3. Abbey Road UPDATE!

    Bernie, that is very disrespectful of the promoters to treat Eric in that fashion. They must be insane to think anyone would want to do that. Eric is a great entertainer. Man, I sure wish I had the money. I would set Eric up with the concert tour he deserves. Gemini
  4. Hello Kazumi

    Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Kazami. I won't get to go but for all who can I hope he gets to put in an appearance at the Abbey road concerts too. Take Care Gemini
  5. Hello Kazumi

    I see you here alot how long have you been a Carmen Fan?? I have been since I was about 15 I believe it was. I am 43 now. Gemini
  6. Speculation on Eric's reasons

    I'm sure if Eric wants us to know his reasons he will inform us. Gemini
  7. Wild Wild Heart

    Thanks Raspbernie I enjoyed listening to that over and over and...etc. Well, you get the picture. Gemini
  8. Best Album 0f 2002

    The jury is out on that right now for me. I haven't bought anything lately (lack of cash) But I am not into the music right now. Foolin myself has a newer CD than I do. I Think my newest one is Tarzan with Phil Collins on it. Hey I like the drums. So I guess that is my newest one. Take care Gemini
  9. Karaoke Songs

    A few years a go I was in a shopping and entertainment area and they had a outside Karoke bar. It was funny to walk by and listen to the good and bad singers. I wasn't about to get up there and scare anyone. I don't know if it is still there or not but I don't see to many bars that have that anymore. Probably went back to the bands so they wouldn't have to listen to some of the people who were tone deaf and love the Karoke machine. I will do it at home but not in public. Has anyone here seen any Karoke bars in your area recently??? Gemini
  10. Eric Carmen not Eric Cartman

    Now I am curious. I will have to get a South Park video they have them at the library here to check out. I want to see this Eric Cartmen and see how they drew him etc. Gemini
  11. To Eric...Get the Message

    Thanks for the info darlene. Now I can get Bernie one too when I get a job. Gemini
  12. Eric's Players

    I wonder if something like Amazon has any of these they had one of the Eric's old singles there. Well, when I am employeed I will look around and see. There are lots of ways to get things. Wait, I can't play a single I don't even own my old Raspberries records anymore or a record player (Gemini really hangs her head in shame now.) But maybe I can find someone here in Ohio who has it and visit them and have a listen. I suppose that will have to do. Gemini
  13. Raspberry Flavored Karaoke

    No Hard Feelings why don't you put it to Eric on the ask Eric forum part of this site. Maybe he will consider it. Gemini
  14. Tongue In Cheek

    Tell her you are going to one of his concerts and not taking her unless she desist. That should take care of it. Gemini
  15. Eric's Players

    I hang my head in shame I didn't even know Eric was in any other Group except the Raspberries till I found this site. Gemini