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  1. Fan Tribute

    Thanks Howard for your patience regarding my posts...dialogue can only spawn a tighter insight to "the project". At very least, if I have scared a few away, you and I will have to step up the writing of music a bit. One benefit that I can see is pleasing Eric by all contributions. I'm sure your experience will also benefit the effort. My obstacles have not always been this coarse, but I think "once burned twice shy" is surfacing over and over in my head. As you know, trust comes with time and experience. It's difficult to regain that trust overnite especially with the record industry. Hopefully that "good ole boy" handshake is still worth it's weight in gold...at least in this forum. I say, lets' go all the way and do it up right. Thanks again. Bye for now: Gary K.
  2. Fan Tribute

    First let me say that all the Klaatu fans are probably thrilled that their material is being re-issued. It was always available up north in CT when I lived there so there's nothing new on that front. I appreciate your loyalty to the band. I know people who have been instrumental in parts of the design and concept work that they have used, like the infamous "Sun"...I get around too. I must also say that the idea of a tribute is very appealing to me in many ways but we are talking about the recording industry here. When I hear you say things like "we got consent through a pipeline to..." and words and phrases like "honor system" "mutual respect" and "friends", the hair on the back my neck would rise if I had any there. Is there a new order of trust and honor in the recording industry that I don't know about? Is the next producer of a gajillion seller going to be Lt. Worf? Pardon my sounding cocky but the "good ole boy" handshake doesn't fare well in this day and age of business is business. It is a shame but the recording industry does not work on the barter system. With all due respect you must realize that you are dealing with a small group of people here on this website who in large part are ignorant of the ins and outs of the biz. The only education is provided by those who have "real" insight to the ongoings behind those closed doors. Bernie has a wealth of information because he knows Eric and those who Eric shares information with can also reap the benefits from it. To throw blanket coverage on a project of this nature is to miss the forest for the trees. We can agree to honor Eric with a tribute CD or whatever but we cannot take the power out of the hands of the powers that be on a whim. I'm sure most people here would agree to "leave other people's music" alone. It's when I hear what sounds like trying to skirt some issues "like royalties" through a mutual admiration society, that I get nervous. I wonder what Ascap and BMI would think of that...after all, that is their job. I'm not worried about my music. I happen to share my own compositions around the world for free but that's my choice. I'm also not worried about wide distribution of any project that gets created. You must remember that some of the most famous artists in music today were discovered in "cheesy nowhere places". The project sounds like a great idea but it needs to be organized to a much higher degree than simply tossing some name dropping out there regarding groups that have seen their glory days come and go. Make certain that you know that I have a great deal of respect for your idea. I'd love nothing more than to be a part of an Eric tribute...what better way to give back to one who has given so much to all of us. But we live in a real world here. The last time I looked outside and saw snow, I wanted to think of it as sand, grass or the Bahamas but it was snow. If I want to live in a fantasy world I can but the birds come home to roost and they always have. If the project ever gets beyond the planning stages, I promise to be very passive and simply submit my song on a CDR, because I have a burning passion for music. Even though I have a lot of contempt for the music business, I have an equal amount respect for others rights. Let's approach this without "dangling the carrot" in front of those who don't know better. Whew...it's good to be back here again. LOL God Bless and take care. Bye for now: Gary K.
  3. Fan Tribute

    I love the idea but if you are in the publishing business you must be aware of the concerns of the writers and performers of this original material. For example the obvious (rights to the music). I'm sure most folks won't take the time or effort to copyright this material and therefore it will be out there (wherever there is) for the taking by anyone (whoever anyone is). Having had songs published before I know of the "pitfalls" and taking precautions against theft of material is always wise. Although I am a proponent of the idea and even have a song in the "can", I think you should honestly address this issue. Many people who have had what they thought were average ordinary songs were shocked to see that through production, arrangements and a pop stars spin, that simple song went places they never expected...actually went big...and they never reaped the rewards of that success. In addition, shady characters have dupped artists out of millions of dollars. Sorry to sound like the naysayer but one has to have an original idea stolen and that could be the heartbreak of a lifetime. I believe your motives are pure but when I read the post, a warning light went off...and if it doesn't "feel" right, it probably isn't. If it walks like a duck and all that jazz. Once again, I think 1 of my songs "Because Of You" would be a great contribution and I understand the risks but others may not. Just ask the Rightous Bros. and so many others who sold their songs for $100, lived to regret it. Bye the way, have you ever heard of Painted Cow Publishing? Just curious. Any way, if you resolve this issue to my satisfaction, I'd love to be a part of a tribute of sorts to one of the greatest composers of many decades...Eric. Thanks again and God Bless all...bye for now: Gary K.
  4. Had to wish you a great father's day Eric. God Bless you and your family always. Bye for now: Gary K.
  5. Boats...with Backing Vocals!

    The problem I have with so called "Remixed" versions is that rarely do they surpass the original. Eric really is in touch with production and being that his voice is so powerful to begin with...well you know the rest. If it works, don't fix it. The only way I can accept alternate versions is when an Anthology is released. Usually they include alternate takes and raw studio recordings. Eric's finished product is the result of lots of thought, skill and work. Technical wizardry should be left to the artist and not to someone fiddling around with knobs in a studio. Bye for now: Gary K.
  6. What EC fans listen to?

    10cc was without a doubt, one of the most inovative bands ever. Although I was brought up with the Beatles...day and night...in many ways 10cc were as creative as the lads were. Problem is they were through in this country almost as soon as they started. Blame that on AR and all the rest of the alphabet soup of the record companies. Their biggest hit, "I'm Not In Love" showed almost none of their talent. In fact the FM classic "Art For Art's Sake" showed more of their hidden resources than any of their few radio hits. Along the commercial lines were "The Things We Do For Love" and "People In Love". But the true talents of this band were contained in the other songs on their albums and the albums that never got heard in this country. The reunion album "...meanwhile" met with mixed reviews as the production was killed by ex Steely Dan producers and the lack of actual active participation by all the members. All 4 of the lads were never in the studio at the same time during the recording process. Tapes were shipped from here to there and the individual members put together their parts, never knowing what the finished procuct would be. The irony is that though the album was recorded in upstate NY, it was never released in this country. Unlike Eric's material that has been reissued to some degree, most of the 10cc catalogue remains out of print...probably forever. I did like "Mirror Mirror" however even though only Stewart was the key to most of the songs. Again, the sessions were recorded on the go so to speak but the album fared better than did "...meanwhile". Though I own the entire collection as well as the solo's, my fav's would have to be: "How Dare You" "Ten Out Of 10" "Windows In The Jungle" and "Look Hear". Graham's soundtrack of "Animalympics" was incredible too. WHEW...long winded as usual. Bye for now: Gary K.
  7. Hello!

    Hey Kazumi, you wouldn't be Kazu who started a 10cc page a while back would you?
  8. What EC fans listen to?

    Cairo is a prog rock type of band whose sound is likened to ELP and YES. A band that does remain unique in style and creativity. If one likes the music of YES, Cairo is the next best thing. Although Anderson's lofty vocals and Squire's hammering treble bass registers aren't present, the band makes up for it with anything but ordinary writing and performing skills. Only 3 albums to their credit, but they are great. For serious listeners only. Bye for now: Gary K.
  9. What EC fans listen to?

    Have to put my 2cents here. Not necessarily in this order but: Beatles, Bee Gees, Badfinger, Yes, Jon Anderson, Cairo, Zappa, 10cc, Alan Parsons, Pink Floyd, Beach Boys and loads of oldies comps and country as well.
  10. Rolling Stone Critics

    I still have a newspaper review of "Boats..." when it came out and the critic praised Eric for the lp but did state although it was more mellow in comparison to the Berries days...it was also very powerful in other ways. Truth of the matter is that if one was in the mood for that type of album when it came out...as I was...it was the best thing that could happen. But those who wanted more of a sustained rock sound didn't think that Take It Or Leave It would carry the whole album...and they were right in a way. If one listens to the entire lp as it is, they will be satisfied. I thought that Take It Or Leave It was a bit out of place on that album at the time...however it fits like a glove today. Only my opinion. Bye for now: Gary K.
  11. File Sharing

    I really don't want to go into the history of FS since the napster days because I know the pros and cons of it all...but I do belong to quite a unique community of people who agree that there is a wealth of music out there that one cannot get anywhere...(bootlegs, unreleased and out of print material). Personally I have bought more music since I joined the Audiognome family than I did before. Bernie, please don't get fire in those eyes...I'm very discreet on what I share but the reality is that for every site that the RIAA targets there are 10 more that pop up. File sharing is here to stay and I do support it. I am a member of ASCAP and I share my own music online. One thrill is to let someone hear something they have never heard before...and 10,000 miles away at that. Thanks for indulging me and God Bless all...bye for now: Gary K.
  12. Eric's Site

    Great to see you too June...taking WD for a ride today...feels like a Top Down Summer here...always hot. Bye for now: Gary
  13. Eric's Site

    Thanks all for your warm welcome back to me. Yes it was me on xoom. I never forgot any of you, but things were bad for awhle. I never lost site of Eric's music and I'm thrilled to see so many of you still here. God Bless all and see you soon. Bye for now; Gary
  14. Eric's Site

    WOW...I can't believe how far this site has come since I last visited here. Nice job Bernie. Miss you all so very much since moving to Tennessee but I have never missed Eric's music. It is as big here in the hills as it was up north. Greetings to Eric, Ron and June as well. I plan to visit here as often as possible. WD is still very close to me as are all the other EC solo lps. God Bless all and see you soon. Bye for now: Gary K.