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  1. Raspberry sound-a-likes

    Not that it matters cuz every song, somewhere was influenced by another, but I always thought the piano intro to "Starting Over" was identical to Elton John's "Tiny dancer,"? Yes? No? John
  2. Looked Forever for "Go All The Way"

    Hey there, I just came across this site and was floored. I have been a Raspberries/Eric fan for years, I was very young when I first heard "Go All The Way" it moved me as a child and now as an adult and fellow musician, it effects me even more. I don't know if Eric reads these or is affiliated with this site (there's a million"official sites") but hopefully you read this Eric and know how much your writing means to me. For years I call in to our local, please forgive me here, oldies station and requested your music, and constantly inquired of music stores and record shops about "the Raspberries" and alot of people, read that really young people, didn't even know who you guys were. Well, I finally got a helpful person and she located a then newly released, best of collection and ordered me a couple copies. I now play your music at all of my bands shows, and tons of people ask, is that one of your originals, or who's song is that go all the way thing?, is it new...just cracks me up! Anyhow, thank you Eric, and thank you Raspberries for all the kick ass music. Hopefully see ya' around. John