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  1. Here is my 2 cents, Everytime I hear "Come To My Window" I say, "Wow, Id love to hear Eric sing this one or sing it with Melissa Etheridge." Sam
  2. Speculation on Eric's reasons

    Bernie, don't listen to the negative talk. You're not to blame for anything. True fans are still behind you and Eric. If the tour does not go on or Eric backs out I'm sure his reasons are legit. Sure I'm gonna feel a bit bad, not about the money on tickets and so forth but on not seeing my favorite singer/songwriter perform. Bernie, keep up the great job your doing for us...and Eric, I hope you liked Maui, too bad I wasn't there to show you around, ha ha, it use to be my home. A fan for life, Sam L.
  3. Thank You, Bernie!

    Bernie, Thx for confirming Eric will be playing all July dates, words can not express the job you do for us, thx once again for everything. Sam..
  4. Thank You, Bernie!

    Bernie, thrilled to death to see Eric is joining that tour, I live in Maryland and one of those 3 city stops listed was July 27th in Virginia. Anyway I purchased several tickets for that show and got 3rd row seats. You mentioned to Kirk to hold on about getting tickets cause it,s not confirmd to which cities and dates Eric will join that tour. I just did not wanna sit back and wait and maybe miss out on getting a chance to see Eric Again, can't wait to find out for sure if he will be at that July 27th show in Va, my only other wish is, you and Kirk, Darlene, Gina and the rest of the entire gang who love E.C. will get to see him, keep us posted.Thx Again, Sam L.
  5. April MP3 Requests?

    Bernie, would love to hear a live version of Overnight Sensation or Lets Pretend, but anything you come up with will be a delight for sure, thx for all your hard work, Sam...