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  1. Ranking of Cleveland’s top 100 celebrities

    Eric had better hands!
  2. Some info on Wally’s Tattoo

    Love the song "Send A Ship"!
  3. Scott McCarl "Play On" (1997)

    I had a fifty mile trip to work every day when this CD came out and it played just about every morning in my car then. GREAT record and i was fortunate enough to see Scott and Wally play a set to promote it here in Chicago.

    Well, I better start saving then!
  5. Who is the biggest jerk in music?

    This past summer, I went to see Mike Love's Beach Boys backing up Ringo Starr. Having seen the "real" (all three Wilsons) Beach Boys many times, this was actually a difficult decision, as I have always been Team Brian, but Brian encouraged fans to attend on his Facebook page, so that was good enough for me. Anyway, they were quite good, although it was kind of like watching a great bar band back up Love. They played an endless opening set and when the show was almost over, Ringo was quite unhappy as he said they were told that there was a curfew at the venue and his set would be cut short! He said "hey how about those Beach Boys? What did they play, seventy maybe eighty songs? Why not a hundred? I had a special guest who was going to join us, but I am now told he fell asleep waiting back at his hotel." (talk was Carlos Santana was in town for a show the next night and was going to join Ringo on this night, which never happened.) Radio Rumors came out that Love was the one extending the opening set and allegedly said backstage "who wants to see a Beatle when you can see the Beach Boys?" Oh........
  6. High Holiday...

    James is still the man after all these years!
  7. What’s wrong with Wally

    Sending love and prayers to the Bryson family.
  8. Eric got slammed on this site

    Things like this really aggravate me. So, so, so easy to hide behind your keyboard when we all know if they ever got the pleasure of meeting him, they would crap their pants. I shake my head when posters bring up the gay talk, too. It's like when they say guys in boy bands are all gay, while those guys have every woman under the sun waiting to meet them. Stop your freaking jealousy and come upstairs out of your parents basement for dinner with mommy! I think Eric has earned the right to do what he wants with his looks, his lifestyle, and his genius musical ability, Let the man alone and learn to appreciate him or shut the hell up!
  9. Frankie Valli

    I bought this album simply because I saw Eric's name on the back in the store. Pretty good album, though.
  10. Frankie Valli

    I enjoy both "Oh What A Night" and obviously, "All BY Myself', but let's be honest, ABM is still getting covered and airplay forty years later and I haven't hear anyone cover "OWAN"
  11. If Wally is up for it, I would definitely consider taking the drive to Ohio for this.
  12. I hear the influences in the songwriting and they definitely should have been the next great thing, but aside from their demos and a handful of later songs like "I Saw The Light" and "Nobody Knows" I don't hear when people say "I thought that was the Beatles". I always thought badfinger tried to sound like the Beatles, while Raspberries tried to write like them.
  13. Roxette Singer Died

    Very sad..."Must've Been Love" has deep significance for me, though I have to admit I was shocked to find out they did "The Look", always thought that was Prince and Sheena Easton.
  14. Crazy thoughts on Berries by Crawdaddy Simon

    Carly Simon>Simon Cowell>Simon Sez>Crawdaddy Simon
  15. Some fans rank Raspberries lps...

    1.Fresh 2.Side 3 3.Starting Over 4.Raspberries This would be my ranking, but I love them all! I have the first album ranked in fourth place yet it features three of my favorite songs.
  16. Double Fantasy

    I always thought Mariah Carey should have done either ABM or "Boats". I believe I once read she considered ABM, but Celine beat her to the punch. I think Mariah's career would have gone a better route in the 90's had she gone with either!
  17. Interesting Topic and Response

    I would say "GATW". Can't tell you how many times I went to bat for the band as a teenager and that song was always the one no one could come back at me with any negatives. You'd think I'd choose a Beatles song, but everybody likes the Beatles in some form (except hipsters who just like saying it along with no tv). I went to war for the Raspberries!
  18. Rip Taylor dies at 84

    Just saw him on a couple of Monkees episodes, including him being "Wizard Glick", a famous Monkee reference.
  19. A Great Piece on “She Loves You”

    Nice find! I would have loved to have seen Paul open with this on one of his tours. I think people would have gone crazy!
  20. Teddy Does Eric

    I have always been a huge fan of the singer Teddy Pendergrass but somehow this version snuck by me. I am in the process of watching the new showtime documentary about him called “if you don’t know me” and in the background I heard the piano Interlude done so I looked it up on YouTube and here you have it!
  21. Good Girls

    https://vimeo.com/video/318198303 My daughter just texted me to let me know that she was watching a show called "Good Girls" on Netflix. There is a scene in tonight‘s episode where a guy is driving and make me lose control comes on!
  22. Good Girls

    James, How many women do you feel have lost control of THEIR cars watching you walking down the street over the years?
  23. Good Girls

    I always said this song was a smash!
  24. HOF Let’s Make This Happen

    No question the boys belong in the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame and nothing angers me more than seeing some of these light weights get put in ahead of them so I think we should start a thread and share ideas about what we can do to make sure this happens no later than 2020. Please help add to this list of people you have read in interviews that have spoken about what an influence the band has been on their careers..... Bruce Springsteen Paul Stanley Jon Bon Jovi Rick Spingfield Joan Jett Courtney Love I feel this is the place where we can formulate a real campaign to make sure this happens.
  25. New Burger King Commercial

    “All By Myself” played for the whole commercial.