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  1. Paul McCartney "Memory Almost Full"

    What a great CD, Paul McCartney's "Memory Almost Full" (from 2007) is a kick butt sounding CD must have which runs in total length of 51:25. I bought the special edition which has 3 more bonus tracks as well as the DVD concert. The song "Ever Present Past" reminds me of The Beatles 1967 song "Baby, You're A Rich Man". The song "Only Mama Knows" reminds me of Wings 1974 song "Junior's Farm". The song "You Tell Me" at the beginning of the song reminds me of The Beatles "Revolution 9"!! There is 20 seconds of silence during the start of the bonus tracks. The bonus track "In Private" is an instrumental song which rocks!! It's too bad that it only shows the 2 lyrics to "Dance Tonight" & "Ever Present Past". Matt
  2. More To Come

    I got 9 more CD's to go (other Raspberries solo material & other stuff) so it could be Monday, June 25 or Monday, July 2 when I get done. Matt
  3. More To Come

    Pushed back to Monday, June 25 instead!! Matt
  4. Songwriters Hall Of Fame?

    So why isn't Eric Carmen NOT in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame??
  5. Good Morning Starshine: The Best Of Oliver

    The song "Buddy" is my # 1 & "Light The Way" is # 2 runner up!! Matt
  6. I finally listened to the late Oliver "Good Morning Starshine: The Best Of Oliver" (compilation from 2005 on Taragon) & all tracks are in stereo & runs 43:10 in CD length. Oliver (born William Oliver Swofford on February 22, 1945 in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina) & died of cancer on February 12, 2000 at 54 years old. The song "Good Morning Starshine" (from the Broadway musical "Hair") went to # 3 (kept from Blood, Sweat & Tears "Spinning Wheel" at # 2 & "In The Year 2525" by Zager & Evans at # 1 in July 12 & 19 of 1969) & # 3 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart. The song "Jean" (from the movie "The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie" starring Dame Maggie Smith) went to # 2 (kept from # 1 by The Archies "Sugar, Sugar" in October 4 & 11 of 1969) but went to # 1 (4 weeks) on Billboard's AC Chart in September 20 till October 11, 1969. The remake of Spanky & Our Gang 1968 song "Sunday Mornin'" (I still prefer the Bobbie Gentry & the late Glen Campbell version from 1969) went to # 35 (Hot 100) & # 14 (AC Chart) in January of 1970. The next song "Angelica" (dramatic song which is 4:40 in length) went to # 97 (Hot 100) in April of 1970 & # 26 (AC Chart) in May of 1970. The song "Young Birds Fly" was an album track. One of my favorites is a song called "Buddy" (also an album track) which should have been a hit in AM radio back in 1970. The remake of The Fleetwoods # 1 song from 1959 "Come Softly To Me" (duet with the late Lesley Gore, known as Billy 'N Sue) is a great remake from 1970 & runs 3:34 in length!! The song "I Can Remember" (Nope, NOT The Raspberries 1972 song) has great drumming & went to # 24 (AC Chart) in August of 1970. The song "Light The Way" (written by Eric Carmen who also plays piano & organ & wrote the string arrangement) is 3:21 in length & a great song that should have been a AM radio hit which did NOT charted in Billboard back in late 1970. The remake of Gordon Lightfoot "Early Mornin' Rain" was his last charted song peaking at # 124 (Billboard's Bubbling Under The Hot 100 Chart) on May 1, 1971 (1 week) & # 38 (AC Chart) in April of 1971. The remake of Bob Dylan "Walkin' Down The Line" is another great remake. The final song "Why You Been Gone So Long?" (written by the late Mickey Newbury) was the final song of his career in December of 1971 which did not chart & good harmonica on the track. Matt
  7. Dave Smalley "Internal Monologue"

    Here is what people said about this CD:
  8. Dave Smalley "Internal Monologue"

    I finally listened to Dave Smalley "Internal Monologue" (from 2003) on my headphones. The CD runs 38:34 in total length. What I like to know when I listened to my headphones, did Legendstar Records used a bad reel to reel tape because some of the songs are damaged. The first song "Sooner Or Later" (NOT The Grass Roots 1971 song) kicks things off & a great song. The remake of The Choir 1967 song "It's Cold Outside" is indeed unplugged!! The song "Bad Blood" (NOT the 1975 duet with Neil Sedaka & Elton John) is another great song & indeed cowbell too!! The song "Born In The Country" is Dave doing country style!! "The song "Something I Could Say" is another great song. The remake of the late Del Shannon song "Restless" (from Del Shannon's final CD "Rock On" in 1990???) (NOT sure) is another great song. The song "Warrior At Rest" is a song about Dave's father (who passed away on May 6, 2002) & all fallen comrades. The final song "Someone Like You" has indeed Wally Bryson & Scott McCarl on backing vocals which closes the CD at the 5:20 mark!! Four stars out of five stars. Matt
  9. Danny Kirwan (Fleetwood Mac) dies

    Guitarist Danny Kirwan (Fleetwood Mac 1968 - 1971) has died at 68 years old.
  10. More To Come

    There is 1 more CD to go & that is The Raspberries "Refreshed" (6 song EP with Dave Smalley, Wally Bryson & Scott McCarl but NO Eric Carmen though). Hopefully by Monday, June 18 & I will report on that CD. Matt
  11. I finally listened to Qwasi Qwa "Shaking Hands With The Governor" (featuring Wally Bryson's son Jesse) which was recorded at Wibert's in Cleveland, Ohio back on July 6, 1999 in front of a live audience & the CD was released in 2000. The total CD runs 37:17 in length. The first song "Dogs Barking In My Ear" kicks things off which is not bad. The song "Cursed With A Good Heart" runs 5:57 & at the end of the song, Jesse says "We'll be back in just a minute". The song "Don't Wanna Talk To You" is a good song. The song "Thinking Your Life Away" is one of my favorites from that CD which runs 3:19 & NO audience clapping though at the end of the song. The song "Little Pawn" is also an great song too. The final song "Sweet Queen" wraps up the CD which runs 6:17 in length. Matt
  12. Anthony Bourdain dead

    CNN's Anthony Bourdain has committed suicide at 61 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Bourdain
  13. David Cassidy dies

    David Cassidy has died at 67 years old. Story on TMZ website: http://www.tmz.com/2017/11/21/david-cassidy-dead-at-67/#disqus_thread
  14. David Cassidy dies

    Cassidy's final days Monday night at 9:00 on A&E. (2 hour show)
  15. Jeff Soukup "Ride" (music project)

    I just heard Jeff Soukup's "Ride" (music project) which has Raspberries drummer Jim Bonfanti. The CD total length is 42:41 which came out in 2013. The first song "Red" (NOT the Sammy Hagar 1976 song) is great!! The song "Mistress" is one of my favorites!! The song "Curtain Call" is another favorite as well as the song "Tailspin". The final song "Believe In Us" reminds me of country singer Chris Stapleton!! 3 stars out of 5 stars & a good CD. By the way, Jim Bonfanti & Jeff Soukup singed the CD for me!! Matt
  16. Janey Clewer "Only Time Will Tell"

    Singer Janey Clewer (duet with Eric Carmen) "Only Time Will Tell" (from 1997 "Call Me Romantic") (also from the 2012 compilation "Love") (audio only) which can be found at the CD Baby website at: www.cdbaby.com :
  17. Boxer "By The Seat Of Our Pants"

    I just heard Boxer "By The Seat Of Our Pants" (with Raspberries drummer Jim Bonfanti) as well as Jeff Soukup, Paul Sidoti & Brian Dossa. Jim Bonfanti signed the booklet for me!! The CD came out in 2004. The CD total length is 38:34. The song "Open Arms" (NOT the Journey 1982 song) in the lyrics booklet says "And hope will always be there to light you up inside" while Jeff says "And hope will always be there standing by your side" on the CD which the song runs 3:13. The song "Everything But Love" is a great Paul Sidoti song which runs 4:07. The song "All That We Need" is also a great song which runs 3:34. The final song "Comin' Home To You" closes out the CD at 4:19. A good CD 3 & 1/2 stars out of 5. Matt
  18. Robert Indiana dies

    Robert Indiana who made the "LOVE" sign in 1970 has died. Singer Jeff Soukup CD "RIDE" inspired the cover of his CD!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Indiana
  19. Janey Clewer "Only Time Will Tell"

    I also believe that is the ONLY duet that Eric Carmen did with Janey Clewer though.
  20. More To Come

    Thanks Kirk!!
  21. More To Come

    I got 4 more CD's to go!!! Matt
  22. Sittin' Ducks CD

    I just heard The Sittin' Ducks self - titled CD featuring Wally Bryson which runs 63:27 in CD total length. The CD came out in 1998. The first song "Your Time Will Come" kicks things off. The next song "Why Can't I Have A Life" & the song "Hold On" are my favorites tracks on the CD!! The song "For You" is also a great song!! Wally's songs "Golden Rule" is also great as well as the song "Has Been Blues"!! The final song "The Rest Will Come" closes out a good CD!! Wally Bryson signed my CD for me!! Matt
  23. Chilliwack "Dreams, Dreams, Dreams"

    I just heard the 1977 (reissued in 2013) CD of Canadian group Chilliwack classic "Dreams, Dreams, Dreams" on the Mushroom label which went to # 142 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts in 1977. The song "Fly At Night" (In The Morning We Land) went to # 75 in May of 1977 which was an edited 45 version. Their next 45 single "Baby Blue" (NOT the Badfinger 1972 song) went to # 110 in December of 1977 which was also an edited version. The final 45 single "California Girl" (NOT The Beach Boys song) did NOT chart in U.S. but did well in their home in Canada (also an edited 45 single). There is also a remake of the song "Rain-O" which was originally on their second self - titled A&M label back in 1971 which is better than the 1971 original. There is also 2 bonus tracks in the 2013 reissue as well. The total CD length is 42:58. Chilliwack does continue touring ONLY in Canada though. Matt
  24. The Bryson Group "Dry"

    I just finished up the CD of The Bryson Group "Dry" (from 2003) which runs 68:50 in total length of the CD. The song "Lady K" kicks off the CD which runs 2:26. The song "Dry" has the voices swirled near the end of the song & runs 4:46. The song "Train" should have more cowbell & runs 4:17. The song "Just Dream With Me" is a great rock ballad which runs 4:59. The song "You Gotta Rock" cuts off at the 3:53 mark with the guitar part. The song "Come Inside" reminds me of The Raspberries song "Making It Easy" & runs 6:25. The song "Stay In" only runs 1:38. The song "Brothers With Blues" is the longest song on the CD running 8:37 & finally the song "Time Alone" runs a short 1:39 that closes the CD. Three & 1/2 stars out of five stars!!
  25. Lynyrd Skynyrd mentions Razzies

    Lynyrd Skynyrd "Crossroads" (remake of the Robert Johnson song, also done by Cream). The late Ronnie Van Zant mentions "a song done by The Raspberries" It is at the 3:51 mark. (from "Collectybles" & also "One More From The Road" (2 disc Deluxe Edition) from 2001.