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  1. Sarah Dash (LaBelle) dies

  2. Sarah Dash (LaBelle) dies

    Singer Sarah Dash (LaBelle "Lady Marmalade") has died at 76 years old.
  3. Rick Springfield..

    Debut episode "The Land Of Backwards":
  4. Rick Springfield..

    The cartoon teacher with the glasses!!
  5. Tim Donnelly ("Emergency!") dies

    Former actor Tim Donnelly (Fireman Chet Kelly on "Emergency!" on NBC from January of 1972 till last week of May 1977) has died at 77 years old over the weekend. Tim was also "Captain America" in a Dragnet episode on NBC that aired in March of 1969 (1st runner up behind "The LSD Story" 1st or 2nd episode in January 1967 among the best "Dragnet" episodes). His final TV appearance was on an episode on "The "A" Team" (also on NBC) in January of 1984 & then quit acting. There is no information on the Wikipedia page BUT on the "IMDB" website. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0232778/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  6. Rick Springfield..

    I heard that Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters mention "Welcome To The Rodeo" (from 1973 "Mission: Magic" TV cartoon Soundtrack) was his favorite!! The show "Mission: Magic" ran on ABC Saturday Mornings from September 1973 till September 1974 produced by Flimation. Got that on DVD box set "The Complete cartoon Series" & the CD. The teacher almost reminded me of Miss Fizzle from The Magic School Bus cartoon series but not quite!!
  7. Rick Springfield..

    The song "Calling All Girls" was his biggest song (peaking at # 4 in May 1982) on Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts & wasn't released on a 45 single!!
  8. Dane Donohue interview

    Also I found this Ohio interview from 2015!! (Runs 16 minutes)
  9. Dane Donohue interview

    From The Yacht Rock Show, interview with former singer Dane Donohue who did not charted in Billboard (including the songs "I'm Easy" in 1976, remake of the Keith Carradine song & "Casablanca" in late 1978 which failed to chart) back in late 1978 with his debut first album on Columbia & then call it quits!! Runs 1 hour & 9 minutes. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-yacht-rock-show-with-eddie-ganz/id1520843815?i=1000518393372 His self - titled debut first album is available on Apple iTunes BUT the song "I'm Easy" is not available.
  10. Jackson Hawke

    Remake of the Van Morrison song from 1970 "Moondance". Also done by Johnny Rivers (Went to # 51 (Hot 100) in July of 1970 from "Slim Slo Slider") (audio only) Here is Jackson Hawke's version from 1976. (Did not charted)
  11. Jackson Hawke

  12. Jackson Hawke

    Canadian group Jackson Hawke "You Can't Dance" (from their 1976 self - titled album) Also done by England Dan & John Ford Coley (from 1978 "Some Things Don't Come Easy") (audio only) Did not charted in U.S.. BUT Dan & Coley did & went to # 49 (Hot 100) in July 1978.
  13. Rolling Stone "Top 500 Songs" & NO Razzies

  14. Rolling Stone "Top 500 Songs" & NO Razzies

    The songs "Go All The Way" as well as "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" might have made the Top 500!! In August of 1988, "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" was # 90 of the Rolling Stone "Top 100 45 Singles Of All Time".
  15. What the blank, The Raspberries OR Eric Carmen solo did NOT make it to the "Top 500 Songs Of All Time" Rolling Stone list. Also Chicago song "25 Or 6 To 4" (from 1970) did NOT made it either.