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  1. From his comeback album "Alive", here is Tommy James with "I Think We're Alone Now" (acoustic) which is the remake of the 1967 TJ & The Shondells (later done by Tiffany in 1987). Peaked at # 27 on Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts.
  2. Hollywood Stars "Sound City" (1976)

    The Hollywood Stars "All The Kids On The Street" went to # 94 (Hot 100) back in June of 1977 on the black Arista record label.
  3. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    The song "I'll Never Get Over You" was the start of the 4th & final season episode opener which debut Ricky Segull as a singer & Ricky sounded awful!!! Danny grew his red hair too!!!
  4. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    By the way, Bobby Sherman went from Metromedia Records to Janus Records & recorded 4 songs in 1974 & 1975 on 2 45 singles including "Our Last Song Together" (written by Neil Sedaka & Howard Greenfield) that went to # 34 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Charts in August of 1975 & his final chart record. The final album on Metromedia "Just For You" (from 1972) which has the song "Together Again" is on itunes only!!
  5. Jim should have played "Overnight Sensation"

    Ain't no doubt about it BUT Jim is the better drummer!!
  6. Hollywood Stars "Sound City" (1976)

    Never heard of this group until NOW!! The Hollywood Stars "Sound City" (from 1976) comes out on Burger Records (reissue) this coming Friday, August 23!! Same time that Taylor Swift "Lover" also comes out (with Target store bonus pictures & booklets)!! Story here: https://www.allmusic.com/blog/post/hollywood-stars-album-premiere
  7. The Outsiders

    I went to itunes & The Outsiders original songs are NOT available on itunes including all 4 Top 40 songs "Time Won't Let Me", "Girl In Love", "Respectable" & "Help Me Girl". It is the REMAKES of those songs. Did someone filed a lawsuit??? The "Capitol Collectors Series" is NOT available on itunes either.
  8. No wonder why Eric let Dave & Jim left The Raspberries in January of 1974. Jim should have played the drums on the song "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" NOT Michael McBride!!!
  9. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    Get "Bulletin Board" by The Partridge Family (their final album from late 1973). The song "Alone Too Long" reminds me of Daryl Hall & John Oates. Speaking of Hall & Oates, they did a song called "Alone Too Long" (from the self - titled RCA album in 1975). Blood, Sweat & Tears also covered "Roller Coaster" (featuring lead singer Jerry Fisher) (from 1973 "No Sweat") which was also done by singer songwriter Mark James also on Bell Records. Also Rod Stewart covered "Oh No, Not My Baby" also in late 1973. Finally, Barry Mann did the original "I Heard You Singing Your Song" (from 1972 "Lay It All Out" album). Problem is that "Bulletin Board" is available on itunes.
  10. Peter Fonda "Easy Rider" dies at 79

    Actor Peter Fonda of the 1969 motorcycle movie "Easy Rider", 1974 "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" & 1997 Oscar nominated movie "Ulee's Gold" (lost to his buddy Jack Nickolson "As Good As It Gets") has died at 79 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Fonda
  11. Sheryl Crow "All By Myself"

    From 1993, Sheryl Crow "All By Myself" (from the 2018 Deluxe Edition of the 1994 debut "Tuesday Night Music Club") (audio only):
  12. It's Eric's Birthday!

    HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY, Eric!!! Matt P.S. Also have written to Eric on Twitter too!!!
  13. Story here: http://www.nightswithalicecooper.com/
  14. Curtis Stigers

    Any fans of Adult Contemporary to crooner Curtis Stigers?? I got all of his CD's!!! I wonder why because I never saw a miracle that I did!! Matt
  15. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    David Cassidy 1975 RCA album "The Higher They Climb....The Harder They Fall" as All Music website calls it his best album of his career. Danny Bonaduce also gave it big during the last days of David TV special on A&E but people did not heard it because it did NOT charted in the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts & a failure!! My opinion, "Rock Me Baby" is my favorite from David from 1972!! Yes, The Partridge Family "Sound Magazine" I think is the best album which I got & heard for the very first time on a sealed Ampex 8 track tape back in February of 1978 back then. The song "One Night Stand" was co written by Paul Anka!!