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  1. Sunday evening

    Watched the Grammys on CBS!!
  2. The other "Hoss"

    Hoss the puppet on the left side. The Saturday morning childrens show in Saginaw, Michigan call it quits in 1974 or 1975.
  3. The return of Lee Michaels

    Lee Michaels, best known for his 1971 song "Do You Know What I Mean?" & the late Marvin Gaye song "Can I Get A Witness?". Lee is back for the first time since 1975. Check it out: https://forum.amcorner.com/threads/the-return-of-lee-michaels.16745/
  4. Linda Ronstadt & Parkinsons

    Interview on CBS Sunday Morning with Linda Ronstadt:
  5. "CMZ" (parody of "TMZ")

    Watch this:
  6. To Hell, Michigan & back

    Watch this story: https://www.wnem.com/hell-has-frozen-over/video_26abe763-c317-52dc-bec3-aa66ca8e74c4.html
  7. Dirty Dancing Medley

    I think it's the "American Music Awards" show.
  8. Polar Vortex

    It was only *2 above in Midland, Michigan!!
  9. James Ingram dies

    R&B soul singer James Ingram ("Just Once", "One Hundred Ways", "Baby Come To Me" & "I Don't Have The Heart") has died of brain cancer at 66 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Ingram
  10. Cinderella Ballroom

    Setlist from April 21, 1972 NOT 1971: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-j-geils-band/1972/cinderella-ballroom-detroit-mi-63c33eb7.html
  11. Cinderella Ballroom

    Yes there was a Cinderella Ballroom also in Detroit where The J. Geils Band played in the early 70's & recorded the live "Full House" during a 1971 concert!!
  12. Jude Cole

    Jude's first album in 17 years "In Plain Sight" (5 song EP) (from 2017) is on Amazon or at itunes website.
  13. Jude Cole

    "Believe In You" (from 1995 "I Don't Know Why I Act This Way") (music video):
  14. Jude Cole

    Unplugged performance of "Baby It's Tonight":
  15. Jude Cole

    Believe it or don't, this is one of my favorite song from Jude, "Start The Car" (title track from his 1992 CD) (music video):