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  1. Boston drummer dies

    Sib Hashian, the drummer for the group Boston has died at 67 years old. Sib played on their 1976 debut & 1978 "Don't Look Back". Sib also played on Boston member Barry Goudreau 1980 solo album. Read the story: Matt
  2. Music video from 1987: Matt
  3. Chuck Barris R.I.P.

    Here is the last episode from late 1978 when Chuck does the late Johnny Paycheck's "Take This Job & Shove It": Matt
  4. Solo Projects

    I also forgot about Scott McCarl other group "Glider" (United Artists Records) (from either 1977 or 1978) & released their self - titled album but it is NOT on CD. The EBay website has only 1 album left & I am planning on picking it up from the manager at Records & Tapes Galore in Saginaw, Michigan. Matt
  5. Chuck Barris R.I.P.

    Former game show host & creator Chuck Barris ("The Dating Game", "The Newlywed Game" & "The Gong Show") has died of natural causes Tuesday at 87 years old. Matt
  6. Jimmy Fallon with Ed Sheeran

    "Shape Of You" Matt
  7. Same title, different song

    "Thank You" - Led Zeppelin (from 1969 "Led Zeppelin II") "Thank You" - Dido (from 2000 debut "No Angel")
  8. Same title, different song

    "A Walk In The Sun" - Bruce Hornsby (from 1995 "Hot House") "Walkin' On The Sun" - Smash Mouth (from 1997 "Fush Yu Mang") (close enough)
  9. Same title, different song

    "Heartbeat" - Gary Wright (from 1981 "The Right Place") "Heartbeat" - Don Johnson (title track to his 1986 album) (former "Miami Vice" & "Nash Bridges" star)
  10. Same title, different song

    "Heaven Tonight" - Cheap Trick (title track from their 1978 album) "Heaven Tonight" - BTO (from 1979 "Rock N Roll Nights")
  11. Same title, different song

    "Heartaches" - The Marcels (1961) "Heartaches" - BTO (from 1979 "Rock N Roll Nights")
  12. Same title, different song

    "Wasted Time" - The Eagles (from 1977 "Hotel California") "Wastin' Time" - BTO (formerly Bachman-Turner Overdrive) (from 1979 "Rock N Roll Nights")
  13. Same title, different song

    "Blow Away" - The late George Harrison (from his self - titled 1979 album) "Blown Away" - Carrie Underwood (title track to her 2013 CD)
  14. Same title, different song

    Forgot to mention "Always" - Bon Jovi (from 1994 "Cross Road") (greatest hits)
  15. Same title, different song

    The song "You Belong To Me" is indeed the same song!!