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    Make Me Lose Control
  1. Kenny Rogers dies

    Produced & arranged by Canadian David Foster, "All My Life" which went to # 37 (Hot 100) & # 2 (2 weeks on Adult Contemporary) in June of 1983 & also did NOT charted on Billboard's Country Charts. (audio only) Heard that song for the first time on CBS "People's Choice Awards" (when Kenny won for "Favorite Country Entertainer") & performed that song in concert (NOT sure which city) & Dick Van Dyke was the host & talked to Kenny via satellite after the song was over & Kenny accepted the award!!!
  2. Kenny Rogers dies

    I also have "She Rides Wild Horses" from 1999 which has Kenny's final Top 40 song "Buy Me A Rose" (with Allison Krauss).
  3. Kenny Rogers dies

    Country singer Kenny Rogers has died at 81 years old. Got his CD's "42 Greatest Hits" (2 CD set), "Share Your Love" (1981) & Kenny & The First Edition "Greatest Hits" (1968 - 1973) (Hip - O). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenny_Rogers
  4. Eric Carmen vs Burton Cummings

    NOT from 1971 BUT from 1972 The Guess Who album "Rockin'".
  5. Eric Carmen vs Burton Cummings

    "God speed mother nature you know i'm prayin' for you never really wanted to say goodbye!!" The Guess Who "Guns, Guns, Guns" (1971)
  6. Al De Lory, producer, arranger...

    Also Donna De Lory is also a singer.
  7. Al De Lory, producer, arranger...

    Al De Lory's sister Donna De Lory was a former dancer during Madonna's "Like A Prayer" & "Vogue" concerts!!!
  8. 1910 Fruitgum Co. "Hard Ride" (1969)

    This song I think is about the virus!!! "Beggar's Epitaph" (audio only & album track):
  9. Shaun Cassidy-Live

    I think that "WASP" is my favorite followed by "Under Wraps" & "Born Late".
  10. Shaun Cassidy-Live

    Got all of the Shaun Cassidy 6 albums on CD except the song from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979) which is on itunes.
  11. Producer Keith Olsen dies

  12. Producer Keith Olsen dies

  13. Producer Keith Olsen dies

    My mistake, Keith was either 74 or 75 years old. Keith was a group member of The Music Machine who did "Talk Talk" in 1966 (one hit wonder) & album "Turn On The Music Machine" & a 1968 album that did not charted & disbanded in May 1969.
  14. Producer Keith Olsen dies

    Keith Olsen was 60 years old.
  15. Producer Keith Olsen dies

    Rock producer Keith Olsen has died (no age given). Story here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Olsen