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  1. Wiiliam Shatner 1974 tour bus tour

    Star Trek was cancelled on NBC in 1969 despite poor ratings. In the Summer of 1971, fans of that show wanted a reunion or some sort which I heard back then. Then in the Summer of 1976, both Leonard Nemoy & Deforest Kelley were talking about a comeback reunion of sorts which I heard on the radio BUT William Shatner declined for comment.
  2. Happy Birthday, Bernie 2020!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RaspBernie!!! Matt
  3. Is This Dissimilar from Wally’s GATW Claim?

    KISS "Firehouse" (from their 1974 debut album) (audio only & album track):
  4. Is This Dissimilar from Wally’s GATW Claim?

    Ohio Express "Sausalito (Is The Place To Go)" (released as MONO 45 single) which went to # 86 (Hot 100) in September 1969. Graham Gouldman (later of 10cc) on lead vocals. (audio only) This song at the beginning reminds me of KISS "Firehouse" (from their 1974 debut album):
  5. Neil Peart (RUSH) dies

    Neil Peart, drummer for Canadian trio RUSH has died of colon cancer at 67 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Peart
  6. Bernie...

    Story on the late producer Paul Leka from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Leka
  7. Buck Henry dies

    Comedian actor & director Buck Henry who hosted "Saturday Night Live" (1976 - 1980) has died of a heart attack at 89 years old. Buck along with Mel Brooks created the TV show comedy "Get Smart" on NBC (1965 - 1969) & CBS (1969 - 1970) starring Barbara Feldon & the late Don Adams. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buck_Henry
  8. Todd Rundgren Great Song Great Babe!

  9. Todd Rundgren Great Song Great Babe!

    Todd's "Hello It's Me & My Friends" has Edgar Winter on sax on the remake of "Hello It's Me".
  10. Paul Mauriat "Almost Paradise"

    Heard this on "Music Choice" (Easy Listening channel)
  11. The voice

    Kenny Loggins song "Forever" went to # 40 (Hot 100) in August 1985.
  12. Todd Rundgren Great Song Great Babe!

    There goes Todd........Yipes!!!!!
  13. Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood.

    Actually it was "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood"!! The movie "Once Upon A Time In America" was in the Summer of 1984 & it starred Jennifer Connelly (at age 13) in her first movie role!!!
  14. Bernie...

    The Lemon Pipers "I Need Someone (The Painter)" (from 1968 "Jungle Marmalade") (their 2nd & final album from late 1968) (audio only)
  15. Bernie...

    Paul Leka also produced the late Harry Chapin.