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  1. Blue Moves, one disc?

    "Bite You Lip (Get Up And Dance)" Went to # 28 (Hot 100) on March 5 & 12, 1977. This is the 45 edited single version which ran 3:37!! (audio only)
  2. Blue Moves, one disc?

    Back to "Blue Moves" (audio only) with "Shoulder Holster":
  3. Blue Moves, one disc?

    Elton John "Ego" Went to # 34 (Hot 100) on May 6 & 13, 1978. (promo music video) Also on "A Single Man" (with bonus tracks) on CD!!
  4. Blue Moves, one disc?

    "Flinstone Boy" also on "A Single Man" CD with bonus tracks:
  5. Blue Moves, one disc?

    The song "Flintstone Boy" (flip B 45 single side of "Ego" from 1978, later on "To Be Continued" 1990 box set) which I thought that the men (backing vocals) were going to say "Yabba Dabba Doo" on that song!!! I think Elton is holding a pie or something on the back 45 sleeve!!
  6. Blue Moves, one disc?

    "Shoulder Holster" was the B 45 single of "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word"!! "Bit Your Lip (Get Up And Dance)" was also a 45 edited single to around 3:40 or so!!
  7. World Party Top 20

    "She's The One" NOT the Bruce Springsteen remake from 1975 "Born To Run" (which I heard on cassette in late 1976 when my older brother Mark had that) & I was 11 &1/2 years old when I heard the whole "Born To Run" songs!!
  8. World Party Top 20

    I only have "Egyptology" on CD!!! The song "She's The One" was played on the speaker while I was working folding towels at the old Elder - Beerman in Midland, Michigan during the late 90's!!!
  9. World Party Top 20

    Shawn Colvin first 2 albums "Steady On" (1989) & "Fat City" (1991) are great albums!!!
  10. Former Toto vocalist not doing well

    Bobby Kimball, the former lead singer of Toto has dementia. Story here:
  11. Bob James (Montrose) dies

  12. Bob James (Montrose) dies

    Rock singer Bob James (who replaced Sammy Hagar in the group Montrose in late 1974) has died. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_James_(rock_singer)
  13. UNI Records story (1970)

    UNI Albums from 1967 till late 1972 & the short lived UNI label 1988 - 1989: http://www.bsnpubs.com/mca/uni/uni.html
  14. UNI Records story (1970)

    Story from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uni_Records
  15. UNI Records story (1970)

    By the way, the group Fever Tree is blocked from the volume sound so it is blank for some reason.