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  1. Wicked weather

    The ice & sleet are now gone!!
  2. Wicked weather

    In my area, there is sleet, freezing rain & a few snow showers!! Cannot wait till it's all said and done with!!!
  3. More To Come

    That means I will have to get the other remaining 7 CD's of material that I am getting from the manager at Records & Tapes Galore in Saginaw, Michigan by then.
  4. More To Come

    So I got 8 more CD's to go!!!
  5. Fotomaker "Vis-A-Vis"

    I just finished up listening to Fotomaker second (album) CD "Vis-A-Vis" on Wounded Bird which came out in 2005. Still the songs "If I Can't Believe In You", "Snowblind" & "Miles Away" are my favorites. Here are the remaining 6 songs. The song "Does She Dance" (3:28 in length) is not bad of a song. The song "Just For You" also reminds me of Badfinger as well as The Hawks 1981 song "Right Away" (3:32 in length). The song "Come Back" is Wally Bryson singing on that song (3:18 in length). The song "Two Way Street" is not that bad (4:32 in length). The song "Sweet Lies" is another Bryson's hard rocker (3:40 in length). Finally, the song "Make It Look Like An Accident" reminds me of REO Speedwagon a little bit (4:30 in length) which closes the CD. The CD total length is 40:47 & also does NOT have a countdown of the next song. I do like this CD over the debut!!
  6. More To Come

    I won't be getting the Dave Smalley CD until I finished up the remaining CD's in Saginaw, MI. That could be around July or early August.
  7. Tattoo CD

    The Tattoo total CD length is 34:32.
  8. More To Come

    Here's is what I am getting: 1. Raspberries - Refreshed (6 song EP) (also autographed by Dave Smalley, Wally Bryson & Scott McCarl)!! 2. The Bryson Group - Dry (Wally & Jesse) 3. Dave Smalley - Internal Monologue 4. Boxer - By The Seat Of Our Pants (with Jim Bonfanti) 5. Sittin' Ducks (with Wally Bryson) 6. Jeff Soukup - Ride (2015) (with Jim Bonfanti) (also autographed by Jeff) 7. Qwasi Qua - Shaking Hands With The Governor (with Wally Bryson's son Jesse Bryson) 8. Fotomaker - Vis - A - Vis (1978) (with Wally Bryson) 9. Oliver - Good Morning Starshine: The Best Of (with the song "Light The Way" written by Eric Carmen from 1971) But that is it!! Matt
  9. More To Come

    I got 9 more CD's to go (other Raspberries solo material & other stuff) so it could be Monday, June 25 or Monday, July 2 when I get done. Matt
  10. Scott McCarl "Play On" (1997)

    I finally listened to Scott McCarl's "Play On" (from 1997) which I thought it came out in 2000 with the bonus material & it is a great CD on Thunderbird!! Also Al Chan (of The Rubinoos), Billy Sullivan & Gary Grimes (of the movies "Summer Of '42" (1971) as well as "Class Of '44" (1973) & the Disney 1976 movie "Gus")?? REALLY is Gary the backing vocalist or a different Gary Grimes?? The songs "Go Down Swingin", "I'll Be On My Way" & "Run For The Sun" are excellent pop tunes!! The song "Fallin' In Lovin"" almost sounds like The Byrds meets The Raspberries "Should I Wait" at the end of that song which runs 3:01 instead of 3:06. The song "In Love Without A Girl" runs 3:11 instead of 2:50 playing time. The song "Surrender" does sound like Badfinger a little bit. Also like The Beatles remake of "Yes It Is" & the remake of The Raspberries "Nobody Knows". The song "Same Ol' Heartache" (with co writer Kyle Vincent) runs 3:06 NOT 3:14 playing time. The bonus material including "Thanks For The Ride" (1976) almost sounds like Green Day 2000 song "Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)". The song "Don't Make Me Sad" (1972) is in true mono sound. The remake of The Monkees 1966 song "I Wanna Be Free" (1970 with Yellow Hair) has the changed lyrics. Finally, the song "Somewhere (beneath the sea and the sand)" (1969 with Yellow Hair) is also in mono sound to close the CD which runs 49:55 in CD length!! Thank you, Raspbernie for a great CD!!!
  11. Sanford, MI

    Pictures from where I live in Sanford, Michigan over the years & there are 52 photos: https://www.ourmidland.com/lifestyles/article/Throwback-Sanford-1950s-1970s-12770009.php#photo-15266056
  12. Van Morrison "Georgia On My Mind"

    Paul Carrack version of "Share Your Love With Me" (from 2016 "Soul Shadows"). This is a great remake though:
  13. Van Morrison "Georgia On My Mind"

    Kenny Rogers (with Gladys Knight & The Pips on backing vocals) "Share Your Love With Me" (from 1981 "Share Your Love"):
  14. Van Morrison "Georgia On My Mind"

    Another WORSE remake of Van Morrison doing Aretha Franklin's 1969 song "Share Your Love With Me" (from 2016 "Keep Me Singing"):