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    Make Me Lose Control
  1. Billy Joel's Best

    Helen Reddy remake of Billy Joel's "You're My Home" (from 1974 "Love Song For Jeffrey") (audio only) (also flip 45 single "Keep On Singing" remake of the Austin Roberts 1973 song) The last 13 seconds were cut from the 45 single!!
  2. Five Satins

    Debbie Gibson also did the remake during the "Electric Youth" tour which I saw in August of 1989!!
  3. Kelly Preston dies

    Actress Kelly Preston (husband of John Travolta) has died of breast cancer at 57 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly_Preston
  4. David Gray

    By the way, singer Dave Matthews signed David Gray to ATO Records in the late 90's!!
  5. David Gray

    David Gray "January Rain" (instrumental) (from "Lost Songs: 1995 - 1998") (audio only) (also from the "Serenpinity" movie soundtrack from October 2001 which starred John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale) Same man who had a big hit song "Babylon" in 2001. (if you want it come and get it for crying out loud)
  6. Ranking Razzies with Pete Pardo

    Pete forgot to mention "Live At Sunset Strip" & "Pop Art: Live" though.
  7. Ranking Razzies with Pete Pardo

    Check it out:
  8. Joe Porcaro dies at 90

    More on Joe: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/joe-porcaro-dies/
  9. Wind Machine

    New Age instrumental group Wind Machine "Song For The Children" (from 1985 "Rain Maiden") (audio only). Heard that song on former Beautiful Music & Smooth Jazz format WCZY "COZY FM 104.3 FM" in Mount Pleasant, Michigan between mid 1991 through June of 1994. That station switched to Adult Contemporary soft rock in July of 1994 but kept the name of the radio station!!
  10. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    The songs "Borderline" & "Forecast" (which are bonus tracks from 1990 "Armchair Theatre") are indeed missing from the iTunes website!! The iTunes album is remastered though!! That album was originally on Reprise Records in 1990. The remaster version is on Frontier Records.
  11. Sirius Top 700 of the 70's

    That was Britt Ekland who was Rod Stewart's girlfriend at the time!!!
  12. Joe Porcaro dies at 90

    Drummer Joe Porcaro, father of Jeff, Steve & Mike Porcaro has died at 90 years old. Joe was on Eric Carmen late 1978 album "Change Of Heart". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Porcaro
  13. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    The late George Harrison song "When We Was Fab" has Jeff Lynne on backing vocals!! The late Roy Orbison's "You Got It" also sang backing vocals!!
  14. Charlie Daniels dies

    Charlie Daniels ("Uneasy Rider" in 1973 & "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" in 1979) has died at 83 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Daniels
  15. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    First time that I heard The Electric Light Orchestra was the 1976 "Ole ELO" (greatest hits) on cassette that my older brother Mark bought back then in December of 1976!!