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  1. Barbershop song

    King Crimson "Barbershop" (from "Three Of A Perfect Pair" CD bonus tracks reissue):
  2. Now on itunes

    I have decided to go to the itunes website & download my music!! Since the first week of April, my brother Mike fixed the website & now I will be paying $ 9.99 for the complete CD. All you need to do is go to a store which has gift cards & will cost $ 15, $ 50 or $ 100 & there is a secret code (just have to write down your password) & on the right corner shows how much you have & there you have it. The artwork however when you copy from the printer only has the front cover of the album or CD & on the back side are song titles & total time of the song. It does NOT have extra pictures, lyrics, musicians who are on the album & liner notes on itunes whatsoever. I just bought on itunes King Crimson's "Discipline" (1981) "Beat" (1982) & "Three Of A Perfect Pair" (1984) (all remastered) BUT it does contain the complete booklets on all 3 CD's!! The next Sting album "My Songs" (new recuts of The Police & solo material) (out in late May) also contains a booklet which you can download!!
  3. Dateline NBC: Timeline

    I don't watch Dateline NBC anymore since Stone Phillips left the first week of July of 2007.
  4. Dateline NBC: Timeline

    Back around the late 90's, Jane Pauley did a segment called "Dateline Timeline". Now the Dateline Timeline, all of the following events happened the third week of January, do you know what year it was? Forgot the headlines (but I am not sure if Jane Pauley said this though, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl) & the top movie at the box office BUT Pauley said on TV, "Rhoda" starring Valerie Harper was big & Eric Carmen had a song on the charts "All by myself, don't wanna be all by myself anymore" All right what year was it 1975, 1976 or 1977, the answer when Dateline continues after these messages from your local station. So what year was it (blank), "Rhoda" hits big & "All By Myself" hits the charts, it all happened the third week of January 1976!! From our studios in New York, here again is Stone Phillips. But that is all that I can think of back then. Matt
  5. Kurt Cobain 25 years ago

    On this date back on April 5, 1994, Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide at 27 years old. From April 14, 1994, former MTV News anchor Kurt Loder reports on the story:
  6. Wally/Jim/Kyle Vincent

    I think that Kyle Vincent is working on a brand new album with help from Wally & Jim!!!
  7. The Hawks (itunes) don't buy

    The Hawks "Right Away" (audio only):
  8. The Hawks (itunes) don't buy

    The Hawks "I Want You, I Need You" (audio only) Did not charted in radio airplay.
  9. The Hawks (itunes) don't buy

    The Hawks "It's All Right, It's O.K." (audio only):
  10. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    His last song in the U.S. was "What's In A Kiss" in April of 1981 (from "Off Centre")!!
  11. The Hawks (itunes) don't buy

    I just downloaded on itunes The Hawks debut (1981 which has the songs "It's All Right, It's O.K." which went to # 32 in May of 1981 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts & the song "Right Away" which went to # 63 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts in May of 1981) on a blank CD for $ 7.99 Problem is, it is NOT remastered because it is on a scratched record on a cassette tape!!! Their second & final album "30 Seconds Over Otho" (from the Summer of 1982) is NOT available on itunes yet. Both albums did NOT charted on Billboard Top 200 Album Charts. I listened to it on headphones so do NOT buy that on itunes but even though 4 people enjoyed that recorded CD do NOT buy it!!! Wait until Real Gone Music or Beat Goes On (BGO from England) gets the remasters on a future date someday!!! Matt
  12. Jean-Luc Ponty

    Smooth jazz violinist Jean-Luc Ponty "As" (remake of the Stevie Wonder 1976 song from "Songs In The Key Of Life") which Stevie's version went to # 36 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts back in August of 1977 & his final hit from that album. Ponty's version went to # 108 (Billboard's Bubbling Under The Hot 100 Charts & his only charted song in Billboard) back in April of 1982 from the "Mystical Adventures" album. You might want to pick up 1977 "Emiginatic Ocean" which is a classic!!
  13. Neil Diamond

    I just downloaded on itunes into a blank CD on my computer, Neil Diamond "On The Way To The Sky" (late 1981) on Capitol Records NOT Columbia Records. The song "Yesterday's Songs" was my late mom's favorite!!! The title track reminds me of Neil singing "Ol' Man River" as he sings "We are two & two of us are one". If you don't know that song, here is is (audio only):
  14. Scott Walker (Walker Bros.) dies

    The first four solo Scott Walker albums (1967 - 1969) are worth hearing!!! I just heard samples on itunes!!!
  15. Scott Walker (Walker Bros.) dies

    Singer Scott Walker of The Walker Brothers ("Make It Easy On Yourself" & "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore") has died at 76 years old. Got The Walker Brothers "Anthology" (One Way) on CD. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Walker_(singer)