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  1. Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

    This is my favorite post that l ever wrote here. Eight years later, l still agree with it. Eric Carmen will always be my favorite singer/songwriter because of BATC. Boats will always be my favorite song. Time stood still the first time l heard it... l'll never be able to describe it better than that. If this is really the end of this site...and if Bernie shuts down the boards, it will be the end of the site to me...l'm so glad l got to spend time with you people. Thanks for the memories!
  2. The End Of An Era

    Not sure if this is the proper place, but if this is the end I wanted to explain why I left the board. I wasn't an original member but I was here pretty early. I think I was member #23 when it used to list that under your name. I had actually found ericcarmen.com before the message boards but didn't join...just read all of the information that I didn't know about EC. I had a question answered in the old "Ask Eric" feature. Anyway...I dearly loved this place and so many of the members here. After spending most of my adult life alone in my appreciation of Eric Carmen's music, it was great to get to talk to some like minded people...people that "got" Eric Carmen. That EC posted his insights from time to time made it even more special. My time here was always inconsistent...I posted heavy at times and then would disappear from time to time. This was mostly due to my wife's health. Hospital stays, surgeries, etc. would take me away. Some here knew about that but I didn't usually mention it on the boards. Spring of 2014 was an exciting time here. The Essential Eric Carmen was being released in April of 2014. EC was posting about it and very active on the boards then. We were all excited about the collection and the hopes of it relaunching EC's solo career. There was also talk of possible concerts! My wife became very ill on the evening of May 19th. They did emergency surgery (due to an abdominal blood clot) in the very early morning of May 20th. We said our goodbyes before the surgery because they told us there was a very high chance that she wouldn't survive the surgery. She did survive the surgery but never recovered. She spent the next two weeks in ICU, most of it sedated, and died suddenly on the morning of June 4th, 2014. We knew she wouldn't have a long life, but we thought she had a few years left. I should have been better prepared, but I wasn't. I was in a fog for over three months. I didn't listen to anything in the car. I didn't get on the computer or watch TV. I went to work and spent time with my family, but I was mostly sleep walking through life. As much as music had meant to me my entire life, I lost all interest in it...even EC music! It was a long time before I could listen to music again. By the time I came back here, it was a ghost town. I never dreamed my absence would kill this place!!! It might have had something to do with EC's absence, along with everybody's move to facebook, but the place seemed to be a shell of it's former self. I checked back from time to time but never really came back. That's what happened to me. If this is the end, I just wanted to share that. I will say that I'm doing well now. You never "get over' the loss of a spouse, especially since we had been together for almost 35 years. I spent almost 4 years telling everybody that I would never date or remarry. That truly was my plan. I was content being alone and I was going to focus my remaining time on being the best son, father, brother, uncle, friend, etc. that I could be. As you know, life doesn't always go as planned! Last January, I unexpectly crossed paths with a lady that I went to high school with. I was a year ahead of her in school. She graduated with my younger brother. I was shy in school and afraid of girls, especially the pretty ones. She was very pretty and popular...I never spoke to her in school and hadn't seen her since, even though we both live in the same town. She had recently retired from teaching middle school. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard someone say that she was their favorite teacher, I could probably retire! She had never married. She said she was too picky in her early years and when she decided that she was too old for kids, she knew that she wasn't going to get married just to get married. If the right man came along...then fine. If he didn't...that was fine, too. She was content on her own...she had her plan, too! It definitely wasn't love at first sight. Neither one of us was looking. I was definitely not looking. We met when they started a trivia night at a local restaurant. We were both invited by a mutual friend...there were 12 of us there that first night. That was the first time that we had ever spoke to each other. She was so impressed that she didn't come back the next week! We saw each other from time to time but it was a couple of months before we really started talking. It was May before we ever went out on a first date and we have just grown from there. We are now engaged and will marry in 2019. My wife had told me several times that she wanted me to remarry. She thought I would be too young to be alone. I always told her that I would never remarry. I know that I didn't lie to her, but it took quite a while to allow myself to "move on", even though I had her permission. You have to be able to live with yourself, and now I can. Happy New Year to you all!!! You have no idea what you and this place has meant to me. Hopefully, 2019 includes this great little community!
  3. This thread alone...with all of EC's comments and insights...should be evidence that this board should be preserved!
  4. Boats Against The Current has always been my favorite...and it isn't even close. It's the reason I was here. That song touched my soul the very first time I heard it. Now...if you asked me what my second favorite EC song was, I would be in trouble. I love so many of them that it would be impossible to choose...
  5. It Hurts Too Much TopPop

    I always loved It Hurts Too Much. Another song that should have been a hit for EC. Since it wasn't, I always thought it would have been perfect for Bruce Springsteen. Just think if it had been on his Born in the USA album in 1984...
  6. The End Of An Era

    What sad news if this really is the end. I can't thank Bernie enough for this place but I really hope he changes his mind. I've been trying to read all of the "best of" threads that LC has been posting. It seems a shame to delete all of this history. Not just EC's posts, but the great writings of so many board members about so many things. I would hope at the very least, that what is here could be preserved but it looks like this community is not ready to be written off. Maybe this scare was what we needed for a revival of this board. Bernie...is there any way we can pay what it will take to keep this board going for 2019? I know I would be willing to chip in and it sounds like many here would also. Can you give us a one year reprieve and we see where it goes from there?
  7. Happy Birthday Raspbernie!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Bernie!!! Thanks for everything you do here for us!
  8. Misheard Lyrics

    Anne...maybe you heard the Waylon Jennings version and he was talking about Jessi Colter "making music with my friends"...
  9. Hear Eric on RETRO RADIO 4/12!

    Reminds me of a story my father in law used to tell...hope I don't offend anybody... Bubba and Cletus were two good ole Georgia boys. One beautiful autumn Saturday afternoon they finally go to their first Georgia football game. The weather was perfect...the stands were full...they were in heaven. They were enjoying the pre-game ceremonies when UGA, the Georgia Bulldogs mascot, was lead onto the field. Now UGA is a big deal to Georgia fans so his entrance is always shown on the Stadium Jumbotron for everybody to see. Bubba and Cletus were watching UGA's entrance on the big video board when...almost on cue...UGA stops, drops, rolls over and begins licking himself! Bubba leans over, gives Cletus a little nudge and whispers, "Man...I wish I could do that". Cletus shakes his head in disbelief at what his friend just said....."Bubba......you know he'd bite you" Sorry...I couldn't help it. I'll delete if asked. I did enjoy writing it though. It reminded me of my FIL telling it (he's been gone almost 5 years). He was from Alabama...big Crimson Tide fan...thought Bear Bryant invented football. My MIL is from Tennessee, her family is full of Volunteer fans. SEC football is always a topic of conversation when we get together in AL or TN (family reunions, weddings, funerals, etc.) during football season. (I have to wait till basketball season to talk about UK) It was OK to pick on Georgia at either place, so he would usually get that story in at some point. It was always fun to watch somebody that hadn't heard it...he told it so serious that they usually weren't expecting the punchline. He was a good joke teller...he was a good storyteller...he was a good man...I really miss him...
  10. Eric...words can't describe how much I love this collection. Thanks again to you, Tim Smith, Mark Wilder and everybody else responsible for making this happen. I figure with 4 Raspberries albums, 6 solo albums and all the songs that aren't on those 10 albums (Hungry Eyes, MMLC, pre-Raspberries, demos, etc.) that there are well over 100 songs that you have performed and/or written. Cutting that total down to 29 (leaving room for Brand New Year) had to be near impossible. No matter what you picked, there were going to be some GREAT songs not make the cut. I truly understand that. I don't guess we'll be completely satisfied until that complete box set comes out...but this is quite an impressive playlist. With that said, I can't help wondering about the one glaring omission. Your career is covered from pre-Raspberries to the Raspberries Reunion...but there's nothing from the Winter Dreams/I Was Born To Love You album. Shouldn't that album be represented? Was there a contractual problem? Were none of those songs good enough to make the cut? Was the album made recent enough that those songs didn't need to be remastered? I'm not complaining about the 30 songs that did make it...I'm just curious...
  11. A Message From Tim Smith

    Eric Carmen, on 06 September 2013 - 01:43 AM God bless Tim Smith at Sony. None of this would have ever happened without his enthusiasm and dedication. He just might be the guy that, after 40 years in the music biz, is so into my music, that he might just breathe new life into my roller coaster career. Send your thanks and fan letters to him. He is the angel sitting on my shoulder, right next to Bernie and Ken Sharp, and all of you who have believed in me from the beginning. I thank you all for your continued, undying support. You have no idea how much it means to me. xoxoxoxo e timothy.smith@sonymusic.com Thought I'd repost Tim Smith's e-mail address for anybody that wants to thank him (again) for making The Essential Eric Carmen happen. Eric hinted that they're thinking about a complete box set...couldn't hurt to let him know how badly we want this to happen also.
  12. Ira...I don't know about a perfect world, but "Let's Pretend" was a number one smash hit on Wendy World!
  13. EC.com "Essential" CD Release Event!

    I might have mentioned before that I'm more of a ballad fan...but I love It Hurts Too Much! Great song...another shoulda, coulda, woulda been a hit. It should've been a hit for Eric and I'll never say that anybody else could do an EC song better than EC, but... I always thought that song would have been perfect for Bruce Springsteen...it just seemed to be written for him. The structure of the song, his voice, his attitude...right down to the sax solo for Clarence Clemons. I could just see and hear them performing It Hurts Too Much. After I found out later that Springsteen was such a fan of Eric's, it seemed even more perfect. I could see Springsteen doing this song even now...but back then I think he would have had a monster hit with It Hurts Too Much: A lot of empty words that I've already heard Ain't gonna work tonight Don't wanna talk about it anymore 'Cause that ain't gonna make things right So now you're back again, you say it's not too late To give it one more try Well, I don't want to hear your lies No, I don't want to hear your lies no more I've got to find a way, I know, to let you go 'Cause it hurts too much You say you'll never leave And then, you're gone again Oh, it hurts too much It hurts too much, my love I've heard it all before I've got to tell you no, no, no It hurts too much You know I tried so hard I spend so many nights Waitin' for the phone to ring But it's over now and I'm afraid I don't feel much of anything You say you want my love You've played around enough But now I can't forget Well, honey there's nothing left I ain't got nothin' left at all I've got to find a way, I know, to let you go 'Cause it hurts too much You say you'll never leave And then, you're gone again Oh, it hurts too much It hurts too much, my love I've heard it all before I've got to tell you no, no, no It hurts too much Just when I thought I'd gotten over you I hear you knockin' at my door After everything you've put me through, you know I just can't take it anymore You say you want my love You've played around enough But now I can't forget Well, honey there's nothing left I ain't got nothin' left at all I've got to find a To find a way, I know, to let you go 'Cause it hurts too much You say you'll never leave And then, you're gone again Oh, it hurts too much It hurts too much, my love I've heard it all before I've got to tell you no, no, no It hurts too much Oh, it hurts too much It hurts too much Oh, it hurts too much Listen when I tell you it hurts Oh, it hurts too much Oh mama it hurts Oh, you hurt me so much
  14. Eric's Most Ironic Song (IMHO)

    My first Eric Carmen purchase was the "She Did It" 45. I really liked She Did It, but I LOVED the B side song "Someday". I'm pretty good at math but I doubt I could count the times I listened to Someday. I was 16 at the time...that song captured my "right then" teenage frustrations. I loved everything about that song...the intro...the anger and the "I'll show you / you'll be sorry" gist of the song...the way it starts as a simple, driven song and then explodes into that wall of sound...everything. 36 years later and I still love that song as much (or more) as I did then. I guess because I indentified with the song so much, I never thought of it as "over the top" or "humorous". I almost didn't buy the Boats album (8-track) because Someday wasn't on it. I remember debating between Boats and another 8-track (for the life of me I can't remember who it was)...I'm guessing I couldn't afford both that day. She Did It was the only song I knew on Boats...had Someday been on it, it would have been a no-brainer for me. I remember debating quite a while before I made the best music buying decision of my life. I was hooked on first listen. That "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" intro sucked me right in...hasn't let go of me since. I often wonder if I hadn't picked Boats that day...would I have ever heard it. Nobody I know (in real life) has ever recommended it to me. It's sad the amount of people that have never heard that masterpiece. Also, I hate...OK...strongly dislike...Clive Davis for a number of reasons, but I've got to give credit where credit is due. I like that Boats Against The Current leads off the album, even though I found out years later that EC wanted it to close the album. I'd have found it and loved it wherever it was placed, but my Boats experience was unforgettable because of BATC leading off. I put that 8-track in knowing absolutely nothing about the album (except She Did It). I had read no reviews...no word of mouth...nothing. The Boats intro stopped me dead in my tracks. Those first few minutes made me an Eric Carmen fan for life. I now understand that Someday didn't "fit" on the Boats album, but at the time I couldn't understand why you would put out the first single of an album with a B side that wasn't on the album. Maybe that was common practice back then but I would have used the B side to get more exposure for my album. I'd have put a song on it that wasn't going to be released as a single...but that's just me. I thought Someday was too good to be the B side of anything. I agree with Eric holding it for Change Of Heart (Desperate Fools)...but I would have released that bad boy as a single. Eric...why was Someday the B side of She Did It instead of using an album cut from Boats? (It feels wrong to call any song on that album an "album cut") One more thing...and this is just me. I agree Someday didn't "fit" on Boats, but I never thought She Did It and Take It Or Leave It "fit" the album either. Both are great songs, but more times than not, I usually skip them while listening to the album. I know it was the first single and a perfect radio single, but other than the nautical theme, She Did It doesn't really seem to "fit" the album...too lightweight (sorry, Les R). It "feels" more like the COH album. I like Take It Or Leave It, but it seems too coarse...too much of a rocker...for that beautiful album. Marathon Man, on the other hand, always seemed like it belonged on the Boats album (??). I realize that on most albums you want a nice mix of ballads, pop and rockers...but Boats was such a theme album that those two songs always felt out of place to me. Again, that's just me.
  15. Not Really Hearing..

    Today I Learned (TIL)...."muddiness" is a musical term that must mean perfection.