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  1. DAY 10: Hope everyone had fun!

    Bernie that is a picture I didn't need in my head. WOWW!!! June
  2. American Bandstand

    Steve I thought I was the biggest fan. I did the same thing, I check out the music bins to look for any new music from Eric or the Raspberries. I had high hopes. Eric you look great and your hair looks super. Steve I thought you were the second bigest fan. This has been such a hoot but I wish I could download something, anything. I'm enjoying them though. June
  3. I'll never forget the thrill of finding this website over 9 years ago. I didn't even know how to use the computer but I learned so I could make my way here daily. Eric your voice got to me the very first time I heard it, you have a true gift. I enjoy listening to your songs many times over and over. Thank you so much you really helped me out of some pretty tough jams. Congratulations on this wonderful milestone. I am very optimistic that good things will happen next year. I am looking forward to seeing Raspberries and all of my friends again. Bernie I could never say enough to you, you're awesome! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. June
  4. NEW Brian Wilson song!

    Cood Luck Rick....June
  5. YAHOOOO I can't wait1! This is going to be better than chocolate chip cookie. YUM June
  6. May 11, 1997

    Bernie I have to say it was never boring around here. You always had something up your sleve and we ate it up. Of course our love for Eric helped too. I'm sure glad I was here from the beginning to see this bloom. I admire your integrity Bernie throughout all the 10 years. This has been fun for me. Thank you so much. Eric your participation here really made this place thrilling..Thank you so much too. June
  7. Honestly

    Oh Boy, we are going to have so much fun this year, I can't wait!! Bernie I am sure glad you are an Eric Carmen Fan like me. Are we ever lucky here to have you, thanks again and again. June

    I enjoyed watching them dance too. Boy they make it look so easy. June
  9. Eric, when will you come to Seattle?

    Hi Sherri. we would all love Eric to have a show. We came close last year but it was canceled for Barbara Stristrand when she wanted the same date. She later decided not to preform at that theatre and we lost out but we keep hoping for another show. Hopfully the Raspberries will preform this year and you will be able to see a show. I wouldn't miss it, they are awesome. June
  10. DVD mentioned on the radio

    You are one special lady Gina and now not only do we know how sweet you are but everyone knows. You truly are a joy and I'm glad you are a devoted and suportive fan of Eric and Raspberries. I hope I get a chance to meet you again Gina, you are indeed special.
  11. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter/passover my friends. Enjoy life, your family your friends and some good music. June
  12. Thanks

    Hey Eric, how are you doing these days? My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family always. You have many people here who love you Eric, and consider you their friend or part of their extended family, I know I do. When your ready let your friends help, we're good intertainment at least. Love June
  13. Raspberries--a fantasy tour

    LC I vote for the Wang Center too. It is a beautiful there and will hold plenty of fans. It does have great acoustics and I think would meet with Eric's approval. But I would be more than happy to go to Bernie and Kathy’s back yard with friends. June
  14. Raspberries--a fantasy tour

    Marlene do you know if Red Rocks is the place John Denver did a concert and video or DVD at? I seem to remember something on that idea. June
  15. Interesting Guitar work

    While I never can say that I know anything about guitars, I came across this guy and found him very interesting and different. See what you think. http://www.break.com/index/andy_mckee_amazing_guitar_player.html You will see that there is many different video's there and I think the one right above or below his, is a guy who plays a really cool violin(?). I say violin but it doesn't sound like one. June
  16. Bay City Rollers Sue For Royalties

    I hope they get every penny owed from Arista. June
  17. American Idol

    Take care Aussietime, I wish you well. June
  18. Nice going Guys, but then we already knew how great you guys are!! June
  19. Fan Appreciation Day

    Bernie if you didn't have you, and Kathy’s prodding you on, we wouldn't have this wonderful site for all of us to mingle. Be very proud Bernie of what you have accomplished, I am. Back when I thought I was the only person out there looking for other fans I found your web site and it has been the only one out there, because why make another one when this one has it all. I have to admire you for all your integrity you have shown thoughout the years. This was your calling Mr. Bernie Hogya weather you knew it or not. Thank you so much. You have Done Eric Proud!! Love June
  20. Thanks

    Eric my heart goes out to you. Have faith that so much love is pouring your way. Please take care of yourself and your family and know that many prayers are coming your way. Love June
  21. Got Milk

    Bernie your Got Milk campaign was on the Oprah Show today, showing how to make a glass of milk that will leave a mustache. She talked about how successful it's been having so many STARS come on to do the mustaches. Maybe you already know this I don’t know. I was wondering, if you can say if they get paid? June
  22. Eric ABM on Superbowl Commercial!!!

    Congratulations Bernie on your comercial too. What a thrill for you! What a thrill to hear those piano bars coming accross the TV on the Super Bowl. Eric, I couldn't be happier for you. I'm so glad they used your original version. What a wonderful surprise. If my heart stopped I'm wondering if your heart skipped a beat! It must have been so exciting for you to hear. Eric any snow in Cleveland yet? Love June
  23. Eric ABM on Superbowl Commercial!!!

    Congratulations Eric on the Superbowl commerical! Three notes & we just knew it was you!
  24. Eric song with Olympic figure skater

    Could you be talking aboout the Olympic sountrack Eric was on? June
  25. Wow! BIG ETV Update!

    Bernie these are awesome. Thanks so much for being the best administrator ever. There is one video I have aways wanted to see, not that I even know that one exist, is Sleep With Me. Now wouldn't that melt a few hearts. June