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  1. Shea Stadium/Raspberries!!

    It good to see your really enjoying the kids. Are you teaching them the piano or guitar? Please say hi to them for me. Go Sox! Love June
  2. 'Berries in '08?

    Gene I with you, I keep hoping we'll get some news soon. It sure would be nice! Love June
  3. Mega RARE Video File!

    I am so frustrated I have not been able to get any of the download lately since we put on this new virus protection program and we haven't been able to figure it out, WHY!! I am not very HAPPY!! Love June
  4. Mega RARE Video File!

    I was unable to get it, am I doing something wrong? June
  5. Aunt Muriel

    I agree, that is way too cool! 100 years old, good for him! Imagine the history he has seen. Love June
  6. Lefsetz Gets It Right...Again!

    It will probally make you crazy since I can't write a song to save my life. I have high standard and I would never cut it. Eric has got me really spoiled as far as songs goes, who can compete?? Alright so there are a few others who have written a few songs and made a few bucks but my number 1 song writer is Eric. You wouldn't have much hair left after trying to listen to a song of mine that is if I only had such a song. I need all my hair too!! June
  7. Lefsetz Gets It Right...Again!

    Nice job Bernie, I enjoyed the read. I have this song I wanted you to listen to but I guess that's not a good idea right now HUH??? June
  8. Cleveland Photos

    Thanks Gene, that's the next best thing to being there. You got some great shots!! Congtatulations, I agree with everyone here you are Outstanding. Thank You!! June
  9. Rolling Stone's "From The Vault"

    I was so excited when I first heard this song. I knew I knew this voice and I was so happy to hear this song in the movie. Imagine not having a hit for a few years and not being able to find any music by Eric for so long and then I go to the movies and there it was, that wonderful voice I have loved. How exciting!! Yes I love this song, It put Eric on the charts, in the movies, on tour and on the map again. YEAH!! We got another song and a new album Best of and for someone who have not been able to find any music this was a gold mine. Yes I love this song. It's a fun song and everytime I hear it on the radio I am happy for Eric. June
  10. Your Favorite Lines in Raspberries/Eric Songs

    To me the words to Run Away are very haunting. What an awesome song!! One of my top 3 favorites. Written by a very gifted person. Thank you Eric. June
  11. "Go All the Way" on Super Bowl Pre-Game Show

    I couldn't get over the red carpet!! Come on at a foot ball game?? That just not right somehow! June
  12. Sounds Like...

    Now that's the best news I've heard in a long time. June
  13. Your Most Prized Raspberries Possession

    I guess it would have to be my 8x10 photo of me and Eric. I have so many things it is hard to choose but I sure enjoy that picture. Thanks Eric, you're a good sport. June
  14. Soundcheck Fun

    Me too Bernie, Pretty Please! June
  15. Are the Presents gone already??

    I missed them too. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas.
  16. All By Myself in new movie

    Ya got to love it! May this song never die for you Eric. Congratulations. Love June
  17. Permanent Song on the Multimedia section:

    I'll second that Tony, that's one awesome song. June
  18. Happy Holidays!

    Happy holidays Eric and Happy New Year. Thank you for all the joy you have given me the last couple of years at the concerts. Happy holidays to all your fans too, you have to have the best fans. I'm proud to be one of them. May next year be your best ever. Happy holidays to Dave, Jim, and Wally too. Have a super New Year. Love June
  19. Friday at the State Theater

    I don't know if this has been mentioned any place else but was this concert video taped? I sure hope so if not for professional reasons at least for your personal use. I am so glad that this concert was such a success!! I'm sorry I missed it. With all these wonderful reports I hope things don't end here. They shouldn't, there is too much talent. I love all of you guys, thanks so much for making the time and effort to takes to make these concerts a huge success. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Love June
  20. Huge Disappointment

    I have been looking forward to this concert so much for months now and because of my life right now I have to pass. I am stay with my daughter and granddaughter in Pa. right now, to help her, because she broke both ankles. I also have health problems myself and I'm having a bad time right now. To go I would have to take a 12 hr. train ride. I had tickets but them the snow came and my body doesn't move well in cold, damp weather. I just had to give in, and boy do I hate to give in. I just had another disappointment, my Mother just away passed suddenly. At least I believe she never felt any pain. I hope you all enjoy the show. (I know you will!) Love June
  21. Huge Disappointment

    Thank you everyone, I feel better already. You guys are the best. Love June
  22. Thank You!

    Kumiko it was so nice to meet you and your friend. I'm so glad you enjoyed the show and got to meet the band. You must be flying high. That's how I am after a show anyways. How did your friend like the show? June
  23. Palace Theatre on Wolfgang's Vault

    I love Be My Baby too!! June
  24. wedding pics

    You both look so happy and beautiful. Congratulations. I wish you all the happiness, health and much love forever. I so glad you included your 4 legged friends, they hate being left out. I'm very happy for you Dave. Love June
  25. Regis & Kelly or Lettermen?

    I've got my letters in. Good luck guys. June