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  1. Hey, Let's Pretend...

    I've always dreamed of Eric doing Badfinger's 'Day After Day'. Only in this version he'd turn the piano parts into long sweeping explorations of the keyboard kind. The entire song would rival 'ABM' and 'Runaway' for its length, beauty and emotion. But please, Eric, if you ever do a version of this song live, no matter what my Cranbury neighbor says, please leave the tight leather pants at home. Luv ya man! Dave
  2. What EC fans listen to?

    If I had a radio station it would play: Eric Carmen, John Miles, Alan Parsons Project, OMD, Moody Blues, Jann Arden (canadian singer with biting lyrics and incredible hooks), Three Dog Night, Burton Cummings & The Guess Who, Abba (plus about a thousand one hit wonders, like Sugar Baby Love, The Promise (by When In Rome), NaNaHeyHey, etc). Wanna tune in? Dave
  3. New Message Board

    Bernie, Wow, you've been busy! I just spent three weeks in meetings accomplishing absolutely nothing. Look what you've done! This is the first chance I've had to check out the new and improved ec.com. Very impressive! Thanks for keeping us updated. Dave